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“church you need to stop wearing my clothes, i don’t own that many and you always steal my favourites”

“sorry, but uh, as the smaller boyfriend it is my god-given right to steal all the clothes i want? like. it’s the law, buddy”


Hi everyone! Ginger here to tell you I finished my latest painting of Kara Zor-El. This is CYBORG SUPERGIRL! I thought it would be really cool if there was a Cyborg Kara. And yes.. it’s created by L Corp. ;) Can we imagine what Lena would do with these?? Feel free to come up with some ideas. Maybe control RoboKara through an app she designed for her cell phone? LoL oh the possibilities. Well, enjoy the work! Please don’t steal and claim as yours. It’s copyright by Ginger Anne London. 
Feel free to use for your cell phone backgrounds or computer backgrounds. 


Is CAMREN real? I am not part of their inner circle to give a definitive yes or no on that question. What I can say is, even though their words of denial are telling me no, their actions are telling me a completely different story. In my world, actions speak way louder than words. It is quite clear, through their actions over the past couple weeks alone, something is happening with them.

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Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Pt 2

Pt 1 - Pt 3

Genre: Angst, college AU, future Smut

Pairing: Bff Hoseok x reader x Tattoo artist Yoongi

Warnings: Explicit sexual content.

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  One was like the sun, abrasive, warm, as if you had just been kissed by morning light.

The other was like the moon, dancing carelessly, breathlessly with the stars in the darkness of the night.

Two sides of the same coin you needed both, but in which side would the coin fall?

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

The great thing about the next few days was the feeling of experiencing for once in your life new things, things as simple as meeting new people, people approaching you to speak to you because they really wanted to talk to you, perhaps for others this was something rather common and normal but for you it was something completely new, something that you weren’t used to but with the passing days the discomfort and the foreign feeling went away allowing you to walk freely through campus.

Jimin and Tae bombarded you with texts almost every day, you could say they were your friends by now, at first it had surprised you how well you got along with both of them, with only two weeks the awkwardness completely vanished as if you had been friends for a long time.

In these last two weeks you had met with them more times than you had left your apartment in a whole semester. Taehyung and Jimin were like two children inside the bodies of two handsome young adults, you couldn’t fully understand that duality they had, at home they were two fools who played all day and made jokes, out of house they were these handsome men that practically all women- and even some guys- wanted to conquer. It was funny to know their other side and to think what the others would think if they had the luck to witness the nonsense that you had seen.

Both told you anecdotes practically all the time, memories of their childhood, their teenange years; in almost all of them was Hoseok.

Hoseok, your best friend, with whom you hadn’t talked for 15 days in fact you had never stopped talking for so long before,  you couldn’t remember how much you both had lasted without talking, only one time when he went camping and had no phone signal but that didn’t count. To say that you only missed his presence was an understatement, you missed not only his presence, you missed his voice, his eyes, his laughter, his touch, the chats, the small jokes, the way he frowned and his mouth made a pout every time you denied something that he wanted just to end up accepting his request.

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Bravat’s Theme for your Cellphone!

Bravat || Kuroshitsuji

pls if you use it take a screenshot and send it to me i would love to see it