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So you want to go Rockhunting! (or rockhounding or pebble-picking or whatever. You want your pockets to be heavy and full of treasures and to have sand and grass seeds in your shoes! This is cause for celebration.)

What do you need??!?

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Any.Do (to-do list app) is perfect

I started using Any.do To do list app. It’s brilliant for adhd. I set up a list yesterday and today it vibrated and prompted me to go through the day, item by item, what time I wanted a reminder set for each one, if I wanted to postpone for tomorrow or in 2 days etc. It’s extremely user-friendly, and voice activated so you can add stuff right when you think of it, and not have to remind yourself to write it down. And when you finish something, just cross it out with your finger and shake it.

Racing Through the Streets: Tadashi x Reader

I got this as a request a while ago, but my inbox deleted the message before I could reply to it.  Here you go!

Tadashi walks into the main lab area with a frown on his face.  One glance around the room and his frown only deepens further.  He sees his friends hanging around Fred’s corner of the room.  Well, at least most of his friends.  He walks up to them, still looking around the room behind other people’s projects.

“Have any of you seen (Name)?” he asks as he approaches them.

“Not since this morning,” Wasabi shakes his head.

“Nope,” Fred replies popping the last syllable.

“I think I saw her head out about an hour ago,” Honey Lemon pipes up.

GoGo doesn’t say anything. In fact, she’s deliberately trying to avoid Tadashi’s gaze.

That doesn’t sit well with him, “GoGo…” Tadashi states in a firm tone.

She lets out an aggravated sigh and lifts up her hands, “I’m staying out of it, this time.”

Tadashi crosses his arms, “Where is it?”

“Tadashi, you know that I got out of the circuit when I got into SFIT.  What makes you think I would know anything?”

He isn’t convinced, “Where’s the race GoGo?”

She crosses her arms as well, and lets out another sigh, “Lombard Street,” she begrudgingly tells him.

Tadashi’s eyes widen in shock. “Lombard Street, is she insane?!”  He immediately turns and heads for the door.

“She’s done it before!” GoGo calls after him.

“Well, she’s not doing it again!”  He yells back just before the doors shuts behind him.  He rushes to his lab to get his helmet and keys before he runs out of the building and toward his moped.  On the way, he pulls out his cell phone and opens the app he has that links to the two tracking chips he has.  One has been placed under the hood of your racing car; the other has been sewn into the hood of Hiro’s jacket.  Tadashi stops short when he realizes that Hiro’s tracker isn’t located at the café.  In fact, it’s nowhere near the café.

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This app might be helpful for those of us who have trouble cleaning etc — it’s called the Real Simple Checklist and it comes preloaded with a bunch of lists. the one I submitted will probably be the most useful but theres lists for everything from “get out of debt” to “moving” to “new cat owners”. its more or less woman-oriented — well, think of the general readership of real simple magazine, haha. a few checklists are free & the rest are $3. it’s just nice to have big overarching tasks broken up for me instead of having to do it myself, you know?

That’s great. Thank you so, so much, jlr7245! I wish there were an Android version. Could you get on that, realsimplepromotions? My brother and I would buy, like, all the lists.


422ndquidditchworldcup  asked:

Hello! I'm here to make a recommendation: the app 30/30 is GREAT for ADHDers who need to get stuff done, but have trouble with time management and staying on task! Basically, you make a list of tasks (I strongly suggest adding in breaks), set an amount of time for each of them, and press go. It runs through your list, giving you notifications when your time for each is up; but if you find you need more/less time, no need to panic, there's a button to adjust your allotted time in (1/2)

(2/2) increments! Everything is also color-coded according to your preference, making it fun to use and more engaging, and it’s very user friendly! I’m enrolled in an online high school, and I used to use it all the time to organize my day. I highly recommend it! 

Although this app looks amazing, it’s only available for Apple devices. Do any of you know of a similar app available for android, followers?

anonymous asked:

Really close to being terminated from my job for breaching the tardy limit. Always like 1 minute late. But! I just downloaded this app a few days ago called "Swiftime", you set 1 alarm for when you wake up (you can choose the ringtone, snooze, etc.) and then a -2nd- alarm for when you have to get -out the door-. AND you can set it to announce how many minutes you have left to get ready, at as many increments as you want. Been early to work 4 days in a row! I thought this might help some people.

25 Things Kids These Days Will Never Experience


2. Ace Of Base

3. Smoking really bad weed

4. Bradley Nowell - *pours out a little liquor*

5. Waiting for a single pornographic image to load on 56k dial-up internet

6. Napster/Limewire/Kazaa - The days before Bit-Torrent

7. GG Allin - what it means to actually be hardcore

8. Fist-fights over the house phone, because - no cell phones, no call waiting

9. Pagers

10. Stealing newspapers from the machine, because you don’t have 50 cents and the internet isn’t in your pocket

11. Those old men who used to give candy to all the neighborhood kids every day, and never molested anybody - he’d be burned at the stake for doing that nowadays

12. Voting by phone for the new M&M’s color

13. The hilarity of George W. Bush

14. How confusing Dubstep is

15. How 9/11 felt - regardless of who did it

16. How it felt waiting for Tupac to come back

17. Personal checks

18. When texting was new and we cost our parents thousands of dollars: “No u cute” - “no u” - “no u!” for seven hours

19. Running home to delete voice-mails about all of the trouble you got in at school - and completely avoiding all repercussions

20. Forging report cards - nowadays parents are alerted via text-message the moment your grades fall below a custom-defined range, thanks to an app costing three dollars

21. Being home by dinner, without your parents knowing exactly where you’ve been - thanks to another app, and an implanted tracking device

22. Neighborhood-wide games of hide-and-seek

23. The crack-cocaine epidemic

24. Hate (one can hope)

25. Trusting the government

God help me, I miss the 90′s.

anonymous asked:

how do i improve my self control? even when i take my meds and set schedules and write to do lists for myself, i still find it difficult to actually make myself do the work. i started "doing homework" at like 12-1pm today but all i've done for the last 3 hours is play phone games. i tell myself "just one more game and then i'll start" or "i'll start at 3:30" but then i don't. how do i fix this???

Don’t even start playing the phone games until you’re finished the work. The meds will help you focus, but if you’re not doing the thing you need to focus on, they’ll just make you focus on the thing you’re doing; they can’t magically make you do the thing you’re supposed to do.

This is part of executive dysfunction, by the way. Inertia is where you’re doing something and you can’t stop doing the thing even though you want to stop, unless something happens that makes you stop. Alarms can help with this as reminders that you’re supposed to be doing something, but only if you aren’t good at ignoring such things and are willing to just close the game if you’re playing, even in the middle of a round.


There’s this really cool app I use when I just can’t keep my hands off my phone -  It’s called Forest: Stay Focused. It’s available on Apple, Android and Windows phones, and also Chrome and Firefox web browsers. You plan a tree (a digital one) and it takes a certain amount of time to grow. If you leave the app, the tree dies. Your aim is not to kill the tree.

- Prue

tatteredwingsangelsings-blo-blog  asked:

Hi Charlie! I'm in a weird Destiel spot right now. I've shipped them for seven years and am beginning to question the ship. I see clear as day that Castiel loves Dean more than anyone or anything in the whole universe. What I'm having trouble seeing is whether this is one sided or if Dean feels the same way. I've gone back and tried to examine the evidence, but I keep coming up short-handed on Dean's side of the equation. Can you help me balance out the scales here? Or is it truly unrequited?

Hello, dear tatteredwingsangelsings! About a month ago, I was asked to analyze Dean and Castiel’s relationship over the course of the seasons. I wrote a sort of long post where I tried to explain how I see their relationship evolving from reluctant allies to this point in the story. The post is here if you’d like to read it. ;)

Despite everything negative that’s been said about season 10, there’s something I liked about it regarding Destiel: WE FINALLY GOT CONFIRMATION FROM BOTH DEAN AND CAS THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND THAT THEY BOTH KNOW IT. (Not explicitly, but it’s there). Dean knows and states that Cas is one of the people who love him (10x07), and Cas knows and states that he’s one of the people Dean loves (10x22). However, nothing has been said about the nature of their affection. What kind of love is it? That’s not explicit yet. And it won’t unless season 11 is the last one for Supernatural. (x)

Now I feel the need to point out some things:

In 10x22, Cas basically said in front of Dean that he KNOWS Dean loves him. In 10x23 we learned that Cas can see who a person loves just by touching them. But can he also know what kind of love it is? Familial? Romantic? Platonic? What I get from this is that even though Dean has never expressed his feelings toward him, Castiel knows Dean loves him. But does he know what kind of love Dean feels?

Dean, however, has NEVER said in front of Castiel that he knows Cas loves him. He knows it and has said it, but he probably doesn’t know what kind of love Cas feels either. So they both know they love each other, and they both probably think they’re family for the other. They’re a couple of emotionally constipated idjits!

In fact, after I watched 10x16, (Isabella’s story about unrequited love), I can’t get one specific line out of my mind. At one point she said this about Piero, “…he cared for me, but beyond that he could offer me nothing but friendship.” What if that’s exactly what Dean and Cas think?

Dean has been set for a romantic interest since AT LEAST the very first start of season 9, but the romantic interest hasn’t shown up (at least not a female one). This romantic setup has been in everything: the music choices, Dean’s bedroom, his cell phone app, and his confession about wanting to experience people, feelings, differently or even for the first time in the same episode that was about unrequited love.

On the other hand, Cas’ mission was blatantly questioned by Metatron in season 10. He was told he no longer belongs in Heaven. Besides, his weakness was revealed in season 9. Everything was ‘ultimately about saving one human’: Dean Winchester. Poor Cas! He’s in love… with humanity. Ha!

If I were you, I wouldn’t question Dean’s feelings for Cas at all. Since he stayed in Purgatory and wouldn’t leave without his angel, it’s been pretty clear that whatever Cas feels for Dean is NOT one-sided. They’re unfortunately, star-crossed lovers. There’s always something that separates them. For season 11, I can picture the Dean/Cas C plot in an unrequited love sort of way just because that’s what both of them think at the moment. Don’t forget Naomi was the first to suggest that in 8x19: “You’re hoping Castiel will return to you. I admire your loyalty. I only wish he felt the same way.”

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to what’s in store for Dean and Cas next season now that they both know they love/care about each other and none of them is dying (Cas has his grace back and Dean got rid of the Mark). The only problem is that they gotta save the world first. Ahhh and that Cas ended season 10 with a spell cast on him. Ooops! Star-crossed lovers they are!

Can they offer each other anything beyond friendship? Let’s keep our fingers crossed. BUT… let’s also remember that if Supernatural gets renewed for season 12, the Dean/Cas relationship will remain unresolved by the end of season 11. Why? Because Dean and Cas are endgame! (Even if they end up together only as a team and we are never textually told they’re romantically involved).

birbwin  asked:

can i have more erwin headcanons? <3

1. Erwin rarely carries a wallet, because he tends to set them down and lose them. Instead, he holds everything together with a rubberband or a paperclip. 

2. Erwin has a massive selection of shorts, very short, which he breaks out the moment the weather is nice.

3. Erwin has several tattoos. They are all done in black ink.

4. He loves things that are aesthetically sensible. Everything he owns, from his clothes, to his apartment, to his hair, to his cell phone apps, are organized in a way that he finds beautiful to look at. 

5. Erwin is good at most things he tries, which often leads him to feel like he’s not excellent at anything in particular. He envies people who he perceives are exceptional at one thing, like drawing, or playing guitar. 

6. He loves to read. Russian and French literature, as well as homoerotic postmodern works, are his favorites. 

7. Erwin falls asleep during every movie he tries to watch, but he’s always the first to suggest someone puts one on.

8. He never leaves the house without deodorant or cologne. Smelling good is a priority for him.

9. He owns a lot of clothes and shoes, and tends to dominate space in the closet. Much to Levi’s chagrin. 

10. Erwin isn’t afraid to spend money on things he perceives as being of beautiful or high quality, and would rather have a few nice things over a plethora of things he feels indifferent about.

Look Yukine! I got us a Christmas wreath! :D

It’s called DIY Recycle Crafting Yukine! I found it on Pinterest! …and I couldn’t afford a real one TT____TT
you spent all our money on candy and cell phone apps again didn’t you?
NO!! ……*sigh* i love candy and Angry Birds, ok?!

whatever, as long as you have some money left over for Christmas shopping!
ummmmm…… *digs in pockets* what can we buy with 5円?
several sorry excuses  >____<