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“I like you. whether you’re a man or an alien. I don’t care anymore.”

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(Page5) As Newt disappeared from sight of the hall Selene gave one last cry of her own before she was taken as well to their fates. “Let us go! Why won't you believe him?! We have to save that child! Please let us go!” But they heard none of it & she was lead away along with the others to the chilled depths of MACUSA.

Newt sat quietly against the jail cell, picking at his nails to keep himself distracted. He could only think of his creatures, his heart heavy with sadness at the thought of losing them. All his work, all his time had gone into those beasts, and if anyone laid a hand on them, well…he couldn’t promise what would happen next.

“Will someone tell me what this obscurial, obscurius thing is?”

Tina tried to explain it to Jacob, and he seemed thoroughly surprised that a child could’ve killed the senator. But, as Newt explained his experience with the Sudanese girl, he looked over at the baker.

“She died. She was only 8.”

The cell grew quiet, and the sound of foot steps nearing made you all stand up. The executioners had arrived, and Newt looked back at Jacob, trying to offer some comfort.

“I hope you get your bakery, Jacob.”

The tissue-thin layers of a croissant,
the yolks of eggs, the membrane
skins of pomegranates, all
more delicious when displayed.

In class she dissected pigs,
loved cracking the jaw,
the incision from the corner
of the mouth to neckline,
the beautiful tongue laid out.

In med school she sliced
through cartilage of cadavers,
then struggled to break open
the rib cage to observe
the heart within, how each is molded.

She scratches at your shoulder
the way she scratches a lime’s skin,
to burst the cells beneath her nails.
She bites an earlobe or the blunt tips
of fingers, your lower lip and thigh.
She splinters ice in her teeth between kisses.
—  Jeannine Hall Gailey, “She Likes To Pull Things Apart,” from She Returns to the Floating World
4/4 Sneaking Out

Requested: Of courseeee

Author: Brit


  • I tried to make them all different, but if I didn’t do a good job then I’m very sorry
  • I based Michael’s off this video if you wanna watch it

4/4 Sneaking Out


“Come out with me tonight,” Your boyfriend ordered over the phone. You laughed and rolled your eyes. “I’m not taking no for an answer,” Ashton persisted.

“Ash,” You moaned and threw yourself on the bed, nailing your cell to your ear, “You know I can’t. I’m grounded thanks to you, remember?”

Ashton recounted the incident that occurred a week before. He had thrown a huge party that you got completely wasted at. He brought you home unharmed, but let’s just say your parents were less than pleased. “Oh yeah,” Ashton smacked him lips, “That happened. Did your parents really forbid you from seeing me?”

You sighed into the microphone. “Yep,” You said, popping the p, “Now you know I’m gonna keep seeing you, but for now can we just keep things on the DL so that my parents don’t ground me for life? Please?”

“Anything for you, babe,” Your boyfriend charmed, “Get some rest, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, ok? Love you.”

“Love you too,” You smiled, “Night, Ash.” You hung up the phone and slithered under the blankets. You closed your eyes and managed to fall asleep with ease. About an hour later, your eyes fluttered open at the sounds of tapping at your window. You got up, yawned, and went to the window. You opened it and grinned. There, standing in your front yard, holding a hand full of pebbles was your stupid boyfriend, Ashton. “What are you doing here?” You whispered.

He motioned you to come down and you couldn’t resist. You threw on a sweatshirt and laced up a pair of sneakers. You scaled the side of your house and Ash grabbed your waist and spun you around. “I can’t believe you’re doing this,” He chuckled.

“I can’t believe it either!” You squealed and gave him a kiss, “So, where are we going? Some wild party? A late night bonfire with the gang?”

Ashton shook his head and grabbed your hand. “Shall we?” His dimples exaggerated. You nodded and squeezed his hand tighter. “Then let’s go!” He laughed and started running.

He took you down an old dirt road with trees overarching the path. The moonlight shone through the leaves. Ashton had never taken you here and you were bewildered. The road opened up into a grassy field where there was a picnic set up. “Ash,” You breathed, “What is this?”

“Look,” Ashton explained while sitting you down on the blanket, “I know it’s not a party or anything crazy, but I wanted to show you that I can be innocent and cute. I’m very dynamic, ya know?” He said with a wink. You laughed and took a seat. “So here we have some midnight sandwiches, sparkling cider, and cupcakes. I brought my laptop so we can watch your favorite Disney movie too. Do you like it?” He asked with pleading eyes.

You nuzzled into him and whispered, “I love it.”


Your reflection in the mirror was not a pleasant one. Your nose was red and you had bags under your eyes. You sneezed for the billionth time. “I just can’t shake this cold,” You muttered to yourself. You had been sick for about a week with no hope of recovering anytime soon. A bunch of family was staying over at your house for a couple of days, which meant it was ridden with chaos.

All the constant noise flooding your already congested head made it impossible for you to get better. It was only 6:00 pm, but you were ready to collapse. You waddled into your room, wrapped in three blankets, and blew your nose again. Your pounding headache sent you straight to bed. You were asleep within what seemed like seconds.

When you woke up, it was 2:37 am. You weren’t feeling much better and just wanted to recover somewhere other than this house. You groaned and sat up, trying to clear your nose. You couldn’t go back to sleep so you grabbed a book and started reading. A chapter and a half in, a stone was thrown at your window. You jumped rushed to the window. A tall, dark haired, boy lurked in the yard with a little red wagon at his side.

“Wow, Y/N!” He called, “You look awful!”

You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help the smile. “Thanks, Cal,” You mumbled, “What do you want?”

Your best friend, Calum, grabbed a latter and held it up to your window. “Come on down,” He helped you down the latter and gestured towards the wagon, “Your chariot awaits you, my dear.”

“What’s going on, Calum?” You asked skeptically, getting into the wagon, “You know I’m on my deathbed,” Exaggerating your point with a harsh cough.

Calum pulled you down the street to his house. “We both know you’re not getting any better in that house, so I’m bringing you to mine. I’ve set up the ultimate get better scene. My room is all decked out for you. I’ve got six blankets, two boxes of tissues, all of your favorite movies, and a little spot on the couch for your best friend to sleep on and watch over you.”

You walked into his house and couldn’t believe it. Everything he said was true, except it was better than he explained it. In his room was everything he said, but he had your favorite song already playing, a plush of your favorite animal sitting on the pillow, and twinkly lights dangling from the ceiling.

“Wow,” You purred and turned to face Calum, “You did this all for me?” He nodded. “Why?”

Calum sat you down on the bed and blushed, “I’d do anything for you.” He tucked you into bed, gave you a kiss on the forehead, and sat down on the couch. “I love you, Y/N,” But you were already asleep again.

Michael (His POV):

She’s a ticking time bomb. Every emotion that isn’t joy she keeps bottled up inside. She used to be so happy; I don’t know what’s changed. It’s so hard seeing her shut down. It’s like she’s going to self-destruct and I don’t know how to stop it.

Y/N isn’t the same cheery girl I fell in love with. I still love her to death and would do anything for her, but it physically hurts me to see her so numb all the time. Whenever we’re alone together, she stares off into space and whispers, “Run, baby, run, and don’t ever look back,” over and over again. I need to find a way to make her smile again. I would do anything. I have a plan…

It’s only 9:30 pm, but Y/N has been going to bed early. Her light in her room is off and I know she’s asleep. I pick up a little pebble and toss it at her window. Nothing. I then pick up a larger rock and chuck it as hard as I can. It goes right through the window and shatters it to pieces. Y/N screams and comes to the window. “Michael!” She growls, “What the fuck?”

“Just get down here!” I whisper-yell. Her figure disappears from my line of vision and I lose some hope. Just when I was about to give up on my amazing plan, her front door opens and Y/N steps out, hair in front of her face. “You came!” I cheer.

“Let’s get out of here,” She mutters and gets into the passenger seat of my car. I start to drive, but then the engine makes suspicious noises. “Why’s it doing that?” Y/N asks as we both get out and take a look. I bend down over the hood of the car and get grease on my face. The beautiful girl next to me starts to chuckle and I take to opportunity to wipe some on her nose. She laughs even harder and my heart fills with joy.

“We can continue on foot from here,” I smile as I take her hand. She follows me very willingly and we run down the streets. From about a block away, I can already here the loud music. It’s my friend, Ashton’s, house. Our band is playing in his garage for a shit ton of people tonight, and I wanted her to be there.

Y/N looks up at me as we walk into the party. “You want me to see your band play?” She asks with hopeful eyes.

I nod and get onstage, leaving her in the front row. “This goes out to the most beautiful girl in the world, I love you, Y/N,” I say into the mic. I start to play a couple of chords and sing, “Check yes Juliet, are you with me?” When I get to the chorus, I notice Y/N start to tear up. “Run, baby, run,” I sing, “Don’t ever look back.” I tell Luke to take over for me so I can go to her.

“Did you just recreate the music video for me?” Y/N asks with tears in her eyes. I nod and hug her tight. “Why?”

“I need you to be happy.”

“I am when I’m with you, Michael Clifford, I love you so much.”


“Can you get off your phone for like a second, Luke?” You said with more irritation than you could comprehend. He grumbled and completely dismissed you. You rolled your eyes and slumped back in your chair. “We’re supposed to be on a date,” You spat, “But for some reason, it feels like you’re on a date with your phone.” Still no audible response from him. “I’m done,” You said, standing up.

Your boyfriend looked up from his cell for the first time. “What?” Luke asked with wide eyes.

You threw your napkin down. “We’re over, Luke,” You raised your voice, “I can’t do it anymore. You’re always on your phone. You’re so fucking boring, dude! I like spontaneity and even though you don’t have a single bit of that in your blood, I thought I could still be with you. I can’t. I need more than this.”

You left the café, leaving Luke dumbfounded. You stomped all the way home, with tears running down your face. “Hey, sweetie,” Your mom was on the couch, reading a book when you got home, “How’s Luke?”

“It’s over, Mom,” You broke down crying, head in her shoulder. She held while you sobbed and made you a cup of tea. You spent the rest of the day watching movies and trashy TV shows with your mom, trying to forget about what happened.

Eventually, you got tired and went to bed a little early. You heard your mom talking to someone on the phone, but blocked out her voice so you could sleep. Once you started slumbering, you were awoken by little knocks on your bedroom window. When you didn’t answer right away, the knocks got louder and louder until you went to the window.

You opened the window to see Luke, sitting on the sill with bloodshot eyes. “Hi,” He said with the slightest smile.

“Luke,” You whispered, “I thought I told you, it’s done.”

“Just come with me,” He extended his hand, “Please?” You reluctantly slid your dainty hand into his firm one and he pulled you out onto the windowsill. He held you close as he carefully walked you further up the roof.

At the highest point of your house, you saw the glow from a lantern. You looked up at Luke who was smiling down at you. As you got to the tippy top of the roof, you saw what Luke had done for you. There were countless blankets and pillows surrounded by little candles and lanterns. There was a telescope and a little note that said, “I’m sorry.”

“Why did you do this?” You asked amazed with all the effort he put in. You sat down on the pile of blankets and snuggled into the pillows.

Luke sat next to you and kissed your cheek. “You were right, as usual,” He said and wrapped a blanket around the both of you, “I need to get disconnected. The real beauty is all around us, not on a tiny computer screen. The real beauty is sitting right next to me.”

You placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “I forgive you,” You whispered and buried your head in his neck. He rested his chin on your head and rubbed your back.

“Thank you,” Luke’s voice cracked, “I need you, Y/N.” He kissed you again and you both lay down and stared at the stars. You fell asleep in your boyfriend’s arms and he couldn’t have been happier. He looked down at you sleeping peacefully and stroked your hair. “Perfect,” He breathed and rested his eyes, knowing that everything was gonna be ok.   

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The last thing Luna remember is falling a sleep on a bench under some trees. She now woken up in room with bars on the window and large metal door with slit in it. Luna felt like she was in prison the room only had the basic in it there was a single bed a small, arm chair and a wind up radio on the side table. Luna moved to the door and started kicking and scream "LET ME OUT OF HERE, I AM NOT GOING BACK YOU CAN'T MAKE ME"


Victoria didn’t often do this. Hell, she didn’t like it either. But when you owe a debt, sometimes you have no choice. She sat outside the girl’s cell, picking at her nails when she heard her finally wake up. Silently, she counted down from five. Once she hit zero, the screaming began. Standing with a huff, she walked over to the door, looking into the cell. “I think it’s quite clear that I can.”