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If you could make it work with his character at all, could you fuck me up and write something post mj about haymitch being completely heartbroken over losing Effie

It’s chapter 600! And since it’s crazy, let’s have something equally crazy to go with :p [X}

Heart Beats Still

Medics were running around in the corridors, their resources stretched thin, and Haymitch was vaguely aware of orders being shouted left and right, of statics coming on and off the radios, of celebratory smiles that clashed with grim looks as if people couldn’t decide what they were feeling.

Haymitch hadn’t smiled at all since news of Snow’s surrender had arrived.

His ears were still ringing from the bombing of the City Circle. He had been too far to do anything but too close not to see. Even if hadn’t been in Command… It had been broadcasted live on every screen still working in Panem. The children

He kept on walking, following the dark bulletproof jacket of the soldiers in front of him. Plutarch was talking, going on and on about the assets the soldiers had found in the recess of the prison. Agents of his or influent contacts that might help the rebels secure power more quickly. He wasn’t sure. He didn’t care. He wasn’t hearing a word of what the Head Gamemaker had to say. He hadn’t been hearing a word since he had realized who had really dropped the bombs on the kids.

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since I didn’t get good photos of my breads and reindeer pastries, here’s the sweet stuff I made for a work exam: glutein and milk free marzipan cake filled with raspberry jam and vanille buttercream, and chocolate-ginger-lime cakes with glisée and self-made chocolate decorations!

the dragon is called smöög and he’s smaug’s little bro. :-)