cell block 13

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Can I have a matchup? I'm a bi guy kinda chubby and squishy. I'm pretty strong and am good at lifting weights. I'm 5'8 with messy brown hair with white tips. I have brown eyes and darkish skin. I'm very loyal and am like a big teddy bear. I love cuddles and love! I'm also a bit of a troublemaker often enjoying breaking the rules with friends as long as it's not too dangerous. I cry easy but try to act positive despite having a bad past. I also have tons of freckles.

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For prisoners… Nico! You join them in cell 13 and their escape attempts. Nico is always glomping you and saying how you are like victor and yuri. He came from a bad past as well but is glad to have made it through to meet you. 

Guards… Seitarou! You would be the only person Seitarou could stick up for. Cell block 13 could mess with him all they like, if they mess with you the gloves come off. He is always there to comfort you and reassure you.