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How to Preserve Your Phone's Battery

My dad is a mobile software engineer who has worked for Motorola, Blackberry and other companies and this is what he told me:

★ Charging your phone overnight is OKAY. The rumor that doing that damages your phone is a myth.

★Letting your phone die is what permanently ruins your battery.

★Having to fully charge from a very low state ruins your battery.

★When your phone reaches 20% charge it or turn it off until you can charge it.

★ Between 80%-50% battery is the best place for your phone to be daily to ensure good battery life.


PowerTrekk Charger - Fuel Cell Charger

It is small, completely portable and it runs on water charging any USB chargeable device such as a phone, GPS or a camera through the use of advanced fuel cell technology that helps convert hydrogen into electricity.

Tesla will also make Model 3 motors at its Nevada Gigafactory
The production of lithium-ion battery cells began at Tesla’s massive Nevada Gigafactory earlier this month, but in the future, the factory will make more than just batteries. As announced by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval last night, and reported by Fortune and the Reno Gazette-Journal, Tesla is adding production for electric motors and gearbox components for its mass-market Model 3 sedan to the factory. Read more

if you buy thor a cup of coffee (and ask him nicely), he’ll recharge your cell phone for you.

Tesla will power its Gigafactory with a 70-megawatt solar farm
Tesla plans to power its Gigafactory in Nevada with a 70-megawatt solar farm, according to a company investor relations document obtained by Electrek. At the same time, Tesla announced that it had started production of battery cells at the facility. The 70-megawatt solar array installation planned for the roof is the biggest news, and Tesla claims it will be seven times larger than the world’s next biggest rooftop solar installation. Read more