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I wanted to add a commentary on these two panels (Source unknown -if someone has the link, feel free to give it to me-) that I translated myself with my basic Japanese.

Aside from the dialogue, it seems Eren is connecting the dots between his dreams, potentially the glimpse he got under the Reiss chapel and the logs Grisha left behind. Now that the truth makes sense you can see how strange the dialogue became and how suspicious some panels are:

Eren’s change in pronouns and familiarity: as pointed in the dialogue, he started using “私 (watashi)” instead of “俺 (ore)” as a first person pronoun, on top of him getting awfully familiar with the titan that ate his mother, as well as his father’s first wife, despite the two of them having never interacted before.

Mikasa, Armin and the cell’s bars: notice how awfully different Mikasa looks here? Not only that but she shares the same hairstyle as Eren’s grandmother, on top of her having the same expression of concern. On the other hand, Armin wears exactly the same clothes than the ones he had before departing to Wall Maria. That’s one of the most blatant details than the one that really bothered me when I saw the two pages: the crossing bars. Eren, Mikasa and Armin have been crossed by these bars and I hardly doubt that’s an effect to highlight their faces since several instances clearly depicted a demarcation between the cell and its’ exterior (Sannes and Hange). The bars are almost… merging with their faces.

These two details lead me to believe that Eren was thrown in a cell, alone, piecing the information in his mind. While doing that, the coordinate slowly began to take effect on him, almost as if he was possessed by Grisha. In fact, I think his memories are becoming so jumbled he pieces his information with Grisha’s.

He’s good for a coordinate delirium during his imprisonment.

P.S.: I’ve seen some people comparing Armin’s look to Faye and I wouldn’t be surprised if portions of Faye were reflected in the Armin we’re seeing. That would explain why he’d notice Eren’s sudden change in pronouns, since Grisha also used  “俺 (ore)” when he was a kid.

Ted Bundy was quite the escape artist, having successfully escaped from prison twice. The first escape took place on 7 June, 1977, when Bundy had access to the courthouse law library - he was serving as his own attorney. When in the library, Bundy jumped from a second story window and fled into the Aspen Mountain. He was a fugitive for six days. His second escape occurred on 30 December, 1977. Over the course of a few months, Bundy lost 35lbs so that he could fit through a hole in the ceiling of his cell. He fled to Florida where he resumed his murder spree, killing three more.

Bundy had attempted one final escape before his execution. In July of 1984, prison officials discovered that a bar in his Florida State Prison cell had been cut and was being held together with soap. He and another inmate, Manuelle Vale, had planned to escape together. Death Row inmates at Florida State Prison each have their own cell; the bar in his cell had also been cut in the same place. Inside Bundy’s cell, they also discovered hacksaw blades and gloves. He was sent to solitary confinement. Who knows how many more women Bundy could have killed had he successfully escaped once more.

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Belle Reve

Request: (anon) Hi pumpkin! I love yours imagines and I would love that you do one about that the Joker’s daughter is arrested in Belle Reve, so Harley and Joker go to rescue her. I would really appreciate it. Thanks love


You sat on the floor of your cell staring at the bars. You twirled a piece of glass in your hand from the broken mirror you stole the first time you had taken a shower here. Every day you were gone from you you chiseled a mark in one of the bars. Today was the fourteenth day, two weeks away from your family but it felt like years. You missed your purple satin sheets, you missed getting up to sneak into your parents bed, the warmth and the safety of their touch. You couldn’t get your fathers words out of your head he’d whisper to you before he tucked you in when you were a little girl. ‘I will always protect you.’ Your fingers clenched into a fist thinking about it, how could he let this happen to you? The blood starting dripping between your fingers and you released the glass from your grip. As mad as you were, all you wanted was for him to come and make it all better.

You ripped some of your shirt off and covered your hand. Then you took the sheets off your bed and started to make a swing, your mother told you she used to do it to pass the time when she was captured. They could keep you in a cell but they couldn’t stop you from having fun. You climbed up and stared out at the guards. They all knew who you were, and they wouldn’t dare mistreat the clown princess out of fear the Joker might find out. You just swung and smiled and tried to day dream about when you would get out.

Frost and Joker sat in the back of the van outside of the the prison. The words Belle Reve on the side haunted him. Memories of all the days Harley sat in there alone without him caused a heavy pain in his chest. The failure of not being able to keep his queen safe and now it had happened to his princess too. He tried to block out the moment as much as possible.

You were dancing in the club, he had his eye on you from his booth to make sure no one was giving you trouble. He laughed to himself thinking about how much you resembled your mother. Harley placed a drink in front of him and sat down next to him. 

“She’s fine Puddin! We need to get to business now.” She said rubbing his shoulder. He felt something in the pit of his stomach that looking back, he wished he had listened to. But he took his eyes off you anyway to concentrate The man across from them laid out a briefcase filled with gold that caught both their eyes. 

That’s when the man made the mistake of checking out Harley. If he had just kept his mouth shut…. Joker knew how beautiful his queen was he didn’t need to hear it from other men. Within an instant the man was dead and Batman came crashing down through the roof. Joker grabbed Harley’s hand and they darted out of the VIP section. The room quickly filled with smoke and people ran everywhere. He felt Batman’s hand grab him and rip him to the floor. He pulled out his knife and fought with all he had. His only motivation was to get his girls. Batman had gotten the best of him, of all the nights, so Harley cracked him in the back of the head with the but of her gun. They collected themselves and searched the floor for their baby.

That’s when the Joker saw the image he’ll never forget. Nightwing was on top of his princess handcuffing her and picking her up before disappearing into the smoke. Joker ran over and extended his hands calling your name trying to find you. But it was too late.

The memory made his head ache and he massaged it and tried to focus on the plan before him in the van. Frost’s voice struck him out of the memory as he pointed to where they would head first. The one weekness Belle Reve had was the east wing. Low on security, drop off, and easy access to the tunnels. 

“Boss if we drive the van over there, say we have a weapons delivery, they’ll let us drive up to the drop off station and we make sure the silencers are on our guns to take out the guards and get their outfits. There should be no more than five.” Frost was just as eager to get you back home as Joker was.

Joker turned to the goons in the front seat of the car. “You assholes better have those bombs ready. If you fail it’s your life.” His voice was cold and they quickly nodded to make him happy.

They drove up and made it it through the entrance. He saw the guards standing chatting outside the loading station. He gave Frost a stern look and Frost shook his head letting his boss knew he understood. Joker kicked the door open and the siege began.

Before the guards even knew what hit them they were dead on the ground. Frost and Joker dragged the bodies inside while the goons kept a lookout, once they were changed they all headed through the east wing shooting anyone they saw that stood in their way. 

“Boss this guys suit doesn’t really fit me, why couldn’t we get our custom ones again?” Frost said trying to adjust his pants that weren’t going past his ankles.

“And keep my princess waiting? You better be fucking joking johnny.” Joker growled at him. Frost knew when the boss used his real name it was serious. He covered his face with his helmet and put his gun up ready to continue. 

Once they got to the control room Joker blasted an entire round through the window and climbed in. He motioned for one of the goons who knew how to work computers to come in and start his work.

“Search for (y/n) and find out what cell she’s in.” He ordered surprisingly patiently that it took everyone by surprise. The Joker now just had tunnel vision wanting to find you.

The search results didn’t find anything on the computer. Joker immediately lost all the patience he had. He slammed his fist down on the desk denting it.

“Figure something out!” he screamed and the goon shook in his boots and his fingers were shaking so badly he could barely type. Frost knew acting like this they would run out of time.

“Just type in Joker kid, they might just file her under his name.” Joker looked up at Frost with frustration and reassurance. “You know how stubborn your girl is boss, she probably refused to give her real name.” Joker smiled thinking about you, he knew Frost was right and loved that about your personality. Frost took a sigh of relief when he saw his boss relax. The computer lit up “Section 4 Cell7B” making the Joker cringe. That was Harley’s cell. 

You jumped down from the sheets, you couldn’t pretend it was okay anymore. You walked over to your bed to sit down and put your hands up to your face so the guards wouldn’t see you crying. It was no use though, in seconds you were breathing heavily and full on sobbing. You could hear the guards whispering and laughing. You thought about what your father would do to them if he was here. You stood up and marched over to the bars ready to fight. The guard smiled and waved at you from across the room. You opened your mouth to shout at him when suddenly you felt it. 

The ground started to rumble and then it exploded up into the air. You dropped down to the floor of your cell to cover your head. You peaked your eye out between the floor and your arm and saw more guards marching out of the fresh hole in the ground. 

“No not more of them… what the fuck is this a squad mission?” you whispered to yourself when one rushed to your cell and started sawing away at the bars. Part of you wanted to leap to protect them as you saw the carvings of the days you’d been here start to fall to the ground. You sat up and curled into a ball. You just wanted it to be over. Once the cell was open another guard marched in and stared at you.

You looked up at him with wet eyes and nothing left in you. You put your head back down into your knees when he didn’t say anything. You tried to picture home.

“Princess….” a familiar voice said that sent warm shivers down your spine. You glanced up slightly and saw him.

You leaped to your feet and it was like you flew directly into his arms. He spun you around and held you tightly breathing in your scent. He couldn’t handle the bliss his body was feeling and fell to his knees holding you. You pulled away from his chest to make sure that it was real. You both traced your finger tips over each others faces cementing the moment as reality. 

“I.. I…” you could barely speak as the tears fell, now tears of joy. “I thought you weren’t coming anymore.” 

Joker breathed in heavily and leaned in to kiss your forehead. “I will always come for you.”

As happy as you were, you couldn’t deny how angry you were that you were taken from him in the first place. “You said you would protect me but I was taken from you. How do I believe you now?”

“Oh baby…” Joker said knowing full well he had a lot to make up for. “because this time I’ll follow my gut and never take my eyes off you again.”

The Joker x Reader “Frenemy”

Brace yourselves, you’re not in Arkham anymore. What the hell is this place anyway? And why didn’t your men find you yet? Unless…they can’t.

You and J were at Arkham for 3 weeks. At least you assume he was there because after the two of you got caught you were separated. About four nights ago they came into your cell, covered your head with a hood and after you felt the sting from the injection in your arm you passed out and woke up…here.

It’s a strange place, different than any other prison you’ve been incarcerated before. You have chains on your arms and legs, bolted to the floor but long enough so you can move around. The cell’s bars are not electrified, but heated. It gets so hot that you have to stay in the corner of your room and you still feel like you’re melting. From time to time they turn off that accursed heat and you can actually come closer towards the hallway and look around, just like now.

Your eyes move left and right, trying to see if you can spot anything at all. Suddenly, you hear steps approaching. Your heart stops and you let out a deep sigh of relief when you notice two guards walking alongside the Joker. He has a straitjacket on and seems deep in thought, intensely staring at the floor.

“J !!!! J!!!” you shout, reaching out your left hand through the bars. His eyes widen with surprise and that smirk you missed so much creeps up on his face.

“Princess, you’re here!”

Out of the blue, he pushes himself into the guards, making them fall on their knees and rushes to kiss your hand.

“Muah, hi baby doll,” he grins, purring when you stroke his cheek. “Where’s your ring?”

“They took it back at Arkham,” you pout, upset you don’t have it anymore. In the meantime, the wards picked themselves up, cussing up a storm and are already pulling the Joker away, kicking him a few times while he just laughs.

“You insane son of a bitch, you’ll pay for this!” one of them threatens, annoyed.

“Byyyyee Princess! Don’t worry, I’ll get you another ring,” it’s the last thing you hear before he’s gone.

For the first time in so long you sleep through the night. If he’s here with you, nothing else truly matters.


They turned on the heat in your bars again. It’s so hot but you stay close to the corridor for hours anyway, wanting to see the Joker again. You’re starting to lose hope when you observe he’s coming towards your confinement, this time guarded by four men, probably to make sure that what he did yesterday won’t happen again.

You feel your body on fire from the warmth you were so near by all day, but you don’t care. J sees you and winks, abruptly stopping in front of your cell:

“I want to talk to my wife!” he demands, cracking his neck.

“Move it, you bastard!!!” one of the guards violently pushes him so he will start walking again. “You don’t get to make any demands, this is not Arkham. Move it I said!”

The Joker struggles in his jacket and tries to step back towards you again.

“I said I want to talk to my wife!” For his rebellion he gets punched in the face so hard you hear the bone crack. You gasp.

“Auch, that hurt,” he snickers, moving his jaw sideways so he can readjust it.

“Baby, are you ok?” you ask, concerned, even if you know he had so much worse before. He doesn’t get to answer; the guy that hit him yells at you, irritated:

“Shut up, you bitch!”

You see the Joker’s expression changing from smug to blind rage and he charges at the ward, knocking him down and stumping on his chest a few times before the others stop him.

“Don’t talk to my woman like that!” he growls, still trying to fight. The damage he inflicted is not too severe because the guards wear heavy gear, but the guy is pissed beyond limits now.

“Hold him still!” he grunts. “You psychotic freak, I’m gonna…”

“Darren, stop it! What the hell are you doing?” the guy that seems to be in charge inquires.

“But Jo, we can’t let him…”

“You mean to call me sir? We really don’t go by ranks here but I am still your superior. Let’s stop this nonsense and get back to our business.”

“Yes, Sir! “ he mutters, grinding his teeth, unhappy he can’t get revenge for the moment. “Let’s go, you God damn crazy lunatic!” Darren yells and they drag J away while he squirms, trying to look back at you.

You fall asleep on your mattress, thinking about the Joker, wondering what they might do to him for that transgression.


The sound of the heavy gate of your cell sliding to the side wakes you up.

“Don’t try anything funny, I‘m not in the mood today,” one of the three guards hisses at you while unlocking your chains, wanting to place you in the straitjacket. Like you care he’s not in the mood. You try to claw their faces and slap them, not wanting to let them do what they want. They forcefully push you back and pin you to the wall, finally managing to strap you inside the garment. You keep on screaming and struggling like a caged animal, which prompts the tallest guy to squeeze you against the wall with all his strength. He grabs your chin and makes you look at him:

“Hey, hey, listen to me: you’ll be able to see him where I take you, so calm the fuck down, ok?”

“You’re wasting your time Jo, she doesn’t know how to play nice.”

“Shut up, I’m talking to her! And you guys better get used to call me Sir!!” His attention turns towards you again. “What do you, say, hmm? Be good and you’ll see him…yes?”

You take a few deep breaths and you shake your head in approval.

“Good girl,” he smiles, satisfied of his little victory, releasing you from his hold. “I got her, boys; you can go back to your stations. Shall we, Misses J?”


You are taken to a place that resembles a medical ward. You enter a small room full of medical equipment and gulp when you realize the Joker’s unconscious body is lying on a stretcher behind the glass panel separating the two chambers.

“What did you do to him?!!!” you shout, rushing at the large window. “J !!! J !!” Of course he can’t hear you.

“What the hell happened, Darren? He was fine when I left,” the tall guy inquires, exasperated.

“Well, Jo -sorry, I meant Sir-” he sarcastically replies, “we are here to punish them, not to try and cure them. We are not Arkham. You know that we are sent all the hopeless cases, the worse of the worse out there. Nobody cares what happens to them after they get to us. This is their last stop and we are Gods here. NO RULES! And let me tell you, sweetheart,” he suddenly comes and whispers in your ear,” that crazy nutjob of yours can take a loooottttt of voltage. Jeez Louise, I had to turn it really high to mess him up.” Your vision blackens with indignation.

Before you attempt to rip his throat with your teeth, Jo grabs Darren and smashes him to the floor, panting.

“You have no clearance to do such things, we are not Gods and this is not your playground!!! You guys are really getting out of hand and I’m sick of it! I didn’t go through hell and back in the army just to end up dealing with the likes of you. We DO have rules even if we are off the grid. Stop your shit!”

You watch the commotion with big eyes, not really knowing what to make out of it. Since they are not paying attention to you for the moment, you take advantage of the situation and fastly lean over the table to your left, grabbing the small razor blade on top of it with your lips. You hide it under your tongue and you feel the nip of its edge cutting your gum. So sharp.

“Fine, fine, got it! Jeez, Jo, you are no fun!” Darren complains and Jo gets off him. “We were just messing around, all right?” Jo rolls his eyes and helps the jerk up.

“Just stop your shit you guys, that’s all I ask. I am responsible for your actions, don’t forget that!”

“Yes, sir!” Darren grins. “What about his woman? Can we have some fun with her at least? I’ll let you go first.”

Jo puckers his lips, feeling he hates his job more with every second that passes:

“We are not rapists! Did you flippin’ hear anything I said so far?!”

“Who said anything about rape? She’s gonna like it, won’t you Misses J? I mean, come on, sweetheart, you didn’t have any since you got captured and it’s been a while. The green haired bastard won’t mind, he’s out cold. Lemme see that Property of J  tattoo above your…” he pulls down on your sweatpants and you kick him in the balls, snarling, taking him by surprise. But with his gear on, he doesn’t feel a thing.

“You stupid slut, how dare you?!”

He wants to punch you but Jo’s gun clicking to his temple stops him.


Darren raises his hands in surrender, sulking.

“I was just joking; don’t you know a joke when you hear it?! Come on, man, I was just messing around.”

“Take her back to her cell,” the tall guy commands, lowering his gun. “I have some things to take care of in block H, will you people behave while I’m gone?”

“Of course, sir!” Darren salutes, suddenly very serious.

Jo leaves and Darren knocks you out unconscious as soon as he’s alone with you.


“Y/N, hey, Princess, wake up! Wake up!” you hear J’s familiar voice as you struggle to come back to your senses. You blink a few times before you open your eyes and realize you are back in your jail, the Joker chained up in his jacket on the opposite wall from yours.

“Hi, Doll,” he smirks, “I was afraid you won’t wake up. Can you get over here? My neck is chained to the wall.”

“Oh my God, baby, are you ok?” you ask him, whimpering, and you shakily get up on your feet to walk towards him. Dammit, you still have the jacket on also.

“I have such a splitting headache, Kitten,” he groans, scrunching up his face in a grimace. It must be really bad because he never complains about pain. He realizes you’re upset because of what he said. Your chains rattle as you softly  kick his ankles so he can move them aside and make room for you. You drop on your knees between his legs and cuddle to his chest. How you wish you could hug him.

“Say, Y/N, what do you say we get some of these chains for ourselves when we get out of here? You’re such a turn on, they look…ravishing on you.”

“Shut up, J, I know what you’re trying to do,” you sniffle, lifting your head to kiss his neck above the chain. You feel him really tense. “I was really worried about you, my…beautiful fallen angel,” you gently peck his cheek now, trying to lighten the mood.

“U-hummm,” he agrees, smiling.

“My handsome Prince of Crime,” you giggle, kissing his cheek again.

“Go on,” he squirms in his jacket, shoving himself more into you.

“My sexy daddy,” you whisper in his ear, “I missed you so much…” Your tone changed and he knows why.

“Don’t cry on me, Princess, you know I freak out when you do it,” he mutters, hating to know you’re distressed. “Hey, I have an itch, help me scratch it.”

“Where?” you back out for a few moments to look at him, not being able to stop a few tears.

“I have an itch that only you can scratch,” he winks at you and you start laughing through tears.

“Stop it, J ” you elbow him and then you reach for his face, resting your cheek on his. “Baby, you’re burning up!” You touch his other cheek with your face and it feels so hot.

“I’m good, don’t worry, it will go away, hmm? Stop crying? Please?” he begs when he notices the tears in your eyes again.

You take a deep breath and try to shake away the heavy feeling that overcomes you. You hate it yourself; you’re usually not like this. But it’s all because he’s your only weakness and if he’s not safe, you feel defeated.

“I have something for you,” you tell him, kissing him roughly.

“That’s a good something,” he purrs, savoring the kiss. You use your tongue to push the blade in his mouth and his eyes widen as he realizes what you’re giving him.

“Baby doll, don’t you need it? Keep it for yourself,” he breaths on your mouth, panting.

“No, you might need it more,” you bite his upper lip, staring in his blue eyes.

You are being watched from the control room.

Some of the guards gathered there after Darren put the two of you in your cell. He thinks it should be fun because nothing ever happens and it’s boring.

“We’re going to get in trouble for this, under no circumstances are there supposed to be two prisoners in the same room.”

“Yeah, whatever, who cares? I wanted to see what these freaks will do. I am so tempted to go and take them out of their jackets just to see if they get it on. I bet they are into some kinky shit, am I right?” Darren smacks his lips, excited.

A few guys snort, some burst out laughing.

“Man, that’s bad idea. I wouldn’t set those lunatics free,” a guard sighs, instinctively touching his gun.  

“We can get in trouble for this, Darren,” another one snickers. “Our Boss…,” he whines in a high pitch voice, making the others laugh again, “…wants to have rules where there are really none. What the hell is wrong with him, guys? He’s been here 6 months and still wants to play by the book.”

“We don’t though so fuck him,” Darren hums. “Since he’s going to be in block H for a while, why don’t we have some more fun and implement the sterilization procedure on these two?”

“Darren, don’t push it, you need level 70 authorization level to perform the procedure. Even if you’re a surgeon, you’re only level 58,” someone reminds him.

“Close enough,” he lifts his shoulders, amused. “I am just performing an act here for the greater good. If they by some miracle ever get out of here, (which they won’t), we don’t want them to reproduce. We don’t need more crazy assholes around, am I right? I’m gonna start with her, ladies first. Who wants to help out?”


Jo was messing around with his paperwork in block H, keeping an eye on the surveillance cameras all around the prison. That’s when he noticed Darren and 8 more guards rushing in your cell and dragging you and the Joker out of there.

“Wha…what the hell is he doing in her cell?” his first thought is, then as you are being taken to the medical unit, he starts to get restless.

“What in the name of the Almighty are they doing now? They have no authorization to do anything like that,” he growls to himself, rushing out of the office and starting to run back to block A where you are kept.


You are tight up to the hospital bed and J is restrained in a chair, still spitting up blood after he bit a ward’s neck with his teeth on your way there, using the blade you gave him for sure. You don’t know if that’s his blood also. He wouldn’t care if he cut himself in the process anyway.

Darren is fumbling around with a bunch of medical supplies, grunting with annoyance.
“You two think you are still in control? Like you were in Gotham? You’re not! Your henchmen will never find you. Ever! After I’m done with you you’ll beg for mercy, you crazy sons of bitches. Hey, Mister J” he ironically smiles, “your woman will never be able to bear a child. And you’ll get to watch. Fun, ha? And then she’ll get to watch while I make sure you never get a chance to…Boys, why are you still here?” he snaps at the other wards. “I wanna be alone with them now, I don’t need help anymore. Chop-chop, back to your business, let’s not waste time.”

“Are you sure, Darren? I’m not completely certain we should be involved in this. Jo will get us all in trouble, mark my words.”

“Just go, I got it! I’ll take full responsibility if needed, ok? Pussies! Nobody will do anything because these are not prisoners in a normal prison. This is our kingdom.”

You and the Joker don’t make a sound; you just look at each other, breathing erratically. J is fighting to lose his chains, but there’s no point: he can’t escape. And you can’t move at all, they made sure of it. You don’t want to say anything, but the frustration and fear building inside of you makes you cry out:

“J, don’t let him!! Please!!! Don’t let him!”

Not being able to help you drives him insane. He starts to see red spots in front of his eyes and that only happens when he’s pushed to the limit.

The door being kicked makes you jump and you see the tall guy they call Jo rushing in with his pistol pointed towards Darren.

“Step aside, Darren! Get away from that bed! What are you doing now, hm? Sterilization? On whose authority? You need level 70 clearance for it!”

Darren just bites the inside of his cheek, not answering.

“I really hate this job, you know that? I’m starting to think you guys are worse than all of them. I didn’t sign up for this kind of crap.” Jo takes the safety off his gun.

“You wouldn’t dare, sir,” Darren mocks, tilting his head to the side. “You always play by the rules.”

Jo’s eyes brighten with content:

“There are no rules here, right? We don’t exist. WE ARE GODS! And here is my resignation!” the gun shut and the body thudding to the ground makes you exhale deeply and you feel your muscles relaxing a little bit. Jo looks at you and the Joker, debating on what to do. The weird silence and exchange of looks between the three of you lasts for a few good seconds until Jo pulls out his knife and cuts your ropes, then he gets the keys from Darren’s dead body and frees the Joker.

You run into J’s arms and hug him tight; you sure thought you’ll never get to touch him again. He growls and kisses your forehead, barely realizing his mouth is still bleeding. He swallows with difficulty, it sure hurts like hell.

“Follow me,” Jo signals you with his hand and the Joker grabs your arm, pulling you as you try to walk as fast as you can.

“Can we trust him?” you whisper so J can hear you.

“I don’t know, but what do we have to loose Princess?” the Joker whispers back, not really wanting to talk because of the pain.

You walk a lot of dark, lonely corridors and go up and down so many stairs; it’s a real maze in here.

“Hey,” you shout at the soldier.

“Stttt, keep your voice down and walk faster,” he advices, signaling you to come closer as you wait at a corner to see if anybody’s coming. “I think it’s clear but let’s wait a few more seconds,” he demands.

“Your name is Jo, right?” you ask in low voice while J is protectively hugging you from behind, waiting for the signal to start moving again.

“Yes, I go by Jo, but my name is Jonny, Jonny Frost.

You barely can contain your giggle.

“Frost, Frost, Frost… Frosty!” you repeat, “what a cool name, isn’t baby?” you address the Joker and he just smiles,pleased something made you happy so fast after your ordeal.

Jonny is absent minded, watching the pathway and signals you again to follow him. He gets you in an elevator that keeps on going up and up. No words are spoken. You just hold on really tight to the Joker’s hand, analyzing Jonny. After about 30 minutes the ascension stops and you get off on a small ramp.
“Help me with this!” he grunts, trying to open the hatch in front of him and you and J aid. The hissing sound lets you know you’re almost out of there. A strong hit wave washes all over you as you step outside in the sand.

“Welcome to Sahara,” Frost finally utters, stopping in his tracks, trying to adjust to the debilitating temperature. ”We are almost out of this place, let’s go!” he encourages you to follow him yet one more time.

As you walk behind him shielding your eyes from the scorching sun with one hand and holding J with the other, you pull him close and mumble:

“Can we keep him?”

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Originally posted by wrong-kong

Artist/Person : Kim Jiwon

Group/Crew : iKon

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 2170

Requested : No

A/N: I’m sorry it’s short and that it took so long, but I was extremely busy. I hope you enjoy~~

He stared at me, eyeing me through the jail cell bars with that goddamn smirk on his face. His hair was messy, nose bridge cut and the corner of his mouth had a little smeared blood from his lip being busted. His eyes were dark as he looked at me, waiting for me to say the words he was waiting for. “This is him, Officer.”

As we walked out of the police station, side by side, I thought about my situation. Stuck living with the campuses main bad boy, who just so happens to be my big fat crush and friend with benefits, that just keeps pulling me into all his mess. Not only does he always bring his troublemaker friends over, but whenever something goes down, like he gets arrested or in a serious fight, I end up taking care of his mess. The smell if cigarettes pulled me from my thoughts. Looking over, I roll my eyes, watching as he smoked. “Hey, Y/N?” A sigh rolled from between my lips at his voice. “Yes, Bobby?” “You look cute.” My eyebrows furrowed as I looked to him. His eyes were looking straight ahead, but a smirk played on his lips. “Thanks.”

Getting into our shared apartment, I went straight to the bathroom to get the first aid before going back into the living where he was seated. I immediately started cleaning his cuts, focusing solely on making sure that the wounds didn’t get infected. “Y/N…” I glanced up to his eyes, our faces a couple of inches apart. “Look…I’ve been thinking…about that night.” I stood, shaking my head before smiling softly. “Done. I’m going to bed.” I turned to start walking away, only for his hand to wrap around my wrist to stop me. “Y/N- “, I shook my head as I stared straight ahead. “I don’t want to talk about it, Jiwon.” “We have to. You’ve been distancing yourself more than usual.” I sighed, easily pulling my wrist from his loose grasp before turning and looking to him with soft eyes. “You were right. I shouldn’t get involved with you. It was just some fun.” I smiled gently before making my way to my room, holding the tears just until I got inside and closed the door. Then I broke down. Silently sobbing until the wee hours of the morning when I finally fell asleep. Little did I know, Jiwon was still awake too. Thinking of what he had done.

Days of not talking to each other turned into weeks, then months, until it somehow ended up being nearly six months of no communication between us. We’d leave out without telling the other, and come back without telling the other. It was a bit sad, though. Every time we ran into each other, whether it be on campus, in the apartment, in a store, it’d be awkward. But then, we’d act like it never happened. Go back to being nonexistent to each other. That was until one Friday night at exactly 3am. The knocking on my bedroom door was just loud enough for me to notice if I was awake, but not even hear if I was asleep. But, I was awake. Doing homework that due the upcoming Monday. I stood from my desk and slowly made my way over to the door, opening it just enough for me look up at the male that I shared an apartment with. “Jiwon… what’s up?” I asked, eyebrow raised in confusion as he stared down at his feet. He’d just gotten back from the party he’d went to during the evening. His cap was facing forward and his head was hanging low, but he didn’t speak. “Jiwon…I don’t have to for your games. I have homework that I need to get do-What the hell happened to you?!” I gasped, taking his bloody face in my small hands. Inspecting his face, I could already tell that what every wounds were under all the blood, were going to bruise and swell up. “Come in, come in.” I ushered him in, sitting him on my bed before pulling a small first aid kit from my bedside drawer.

As I cleaned him up, we both stayed quiet. He let my clean him up, and I focused on his wounds. Wiping away blood, dabbing ointment, and bandaging up the cuts. When I was done, I pulled away from his body. Not even realizing that I ended up straddling his thighs as I cleaned his face. “I’m done now.” He merely nodded and went to get up and leave. “No. Tell me what happened. I haven’t seen you that beaten up since we first moved in together.” “Y/N, it doesn’t matter. Just get back to work. Thanks for your help, really, but I don’t want you involved.” Shaking my head, I forced him back onto my bed by pushing his stomach. At his hiss of pain, my eyes widened in worry before realization set in. “Pull off your shirt.” “Y/N I really don’t think that that’s a goo- “. “Take off the goddamn shirt, Jiwon!” At that, he silently pulled off his hoodie and t-shirt that hid underneath. And that’s when I saw all the bruises. Some were purple and blue, while others were red. I held my hand to my mouth as I scanned his body. “Jiwon…what the hell happened?” I look up, finding him with his head low. His jaw was set in a tight clench, his hands gripping my bed. I stood in front of him, placing my hand on his cheek before lifting his face to look up at me. As we made eye contact, my face softened. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me between his parted legs as he rested his cheek against my bare stomach. His hold was tight, fingers digging into my sides. My fingers automatically went to his hair, playing in the soft, blond strands.

We were like that for a while, sitting in silence as he held me in a steady grip and I played with his hair. That was, until he moved his head. At first I ignored it, thinking that he was just adjusting for his neck. Then, he started placing soft kisses on my exposed stomach. “Jiwon… what are you doing?” I asked softly, looking down at him. “I’m showing you sorry I am. I hurt my princess and I didn’t mean to…” He muttered, his hands moving down to my thighs and pulling me onto his lap. Attaching his lips to my neck, he rubbed his hands up and down my sides. I couldn’t help the way that my head fell back and moans slipped from my lips so effortlessly. My hips started moving on their own, grinding against him and pulling moans from him. “Princess…fuck…I missed you…so much…” He groaned, nipping at my neck as he pushed me against him harder. I nodded, eyes shut as I moaned out softly, gripping his shoulders. “Baby…” I whimpered, clenching in need around nothing. “I need you.” And then, everything stopped. A whine left my parted lips as I opened my eyes and looked to him. His eyes were set on me, dark with lust, as he bit his bottom lip. Then, my back was on the bed and he was kneeling on the floor between my legs, yanking down my cotton shorts and panties. We stared into each other’s eyes as he leaned forward and gave my lower lips a small peck. Slowly he slipped his tongue from between his lips and licked a small strip up my womanhood, causing a small moan to slip from me. At that, he found some encouragement and dove in. He ate me out like it was the first time he’d eaten for months. Twisting and turning his tongue in different ways, nipping and sucking at anything he could. I was a squirming, moaning mess. Head moving back and forth in pleasure as I called his name repeatedly, hands buried in his hair as I tugged on it. I clenched around his tongue, subconsciously pushing his face closer to my core. “I’m close…so close.” I whimpered, only for the feeling of him humming into me. “Cum for me, princess.” He muttered, making my eyes go crossed as the familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach snapped. My back arched off the bed, mouth open in a silent moan, and my toes curled. He held my hips down, lapping at my core. When my orgasm passed, he pulled away and stood, looking down at me with a smirk playing on his lips.

Our clothes were shed in a matter of a few minutes, a condom slipped onto his length. He was hovering over me, both his arms resting on either side of my head, his lips brushing against mine gently. “I’m sorry for hurting you.” He muttered, pecking my lips softly and looking into my eyes. “Show me how sorry you are…” I breathed, my hand making its way from where it rested on his shoulder to his neck as I pulled him down for a kiss. As our lips moved together slowly, I felt him slip into me. I pulled away, my lips parting in a silent moan. He pushed into me until our hips connected, using all of his self-control and staying still. “Move.” I spoke in a hushed voice after a few seconds, pushing my hips towards his a little. He slowly started to thrust in and out of me, his forehead resting on mine. “Jiwon…” I whimpered, gripping his biceps. “Don’t hold back.” I breathed, looking him in the eyes. His eyes darkened at my words, his pupils getting slightly bigger as he gave a stiff nod. I felt him pull out until only his tip was left, then he snapped his hips back roughly. I let out a squeak, feeling him do it over and over again. Then he gripped my thigh with one of his hands and pulled it onto his hip. His thrusts were fast and hard, grunts coming from his as he gripped the sheets. Feeling myself clench around him, I didn’t even have time to warn him, before I came. “Fuck!” I cried out, my nails dragging down his back. His face scrunched at the pain that shot through his body, but that only made him thrust harder. Then, he pulled out completely. “Get on all fours.” He growled, his eyes almost animalistic. I nodded, scurrying on my hands and knees, ass facing him as I arched my back.

The sound reached my ears before I felt the sharp sting from him slapping my ass. I whimpered, my head dropping at the pain. The bed dipped behind me, then his hands gripped my ass and parted it as he slipped into me. My eyes rolled back at the angle, my arms almost giving out. His hand tangled itself into my hair before he tugged my head back, making my back arch more, before he started thrusting into me mercilessly. Our moans and groans were bouncing off the walls, adding to the loud sound of the headboard hitting the wall. I was clenching around him tightly, pushing myself back onto him. “Are you close, princess?” He grunted, rolling his hips into me harder. I nodded, letting out a soft ‘yes’, that sound more like a squeak. He nodded before slipping his hand to my front, pressing quick figure eights onto my clit roughly. I let out a low moan, my arms giving out just as he let go of my hair to grab my hips. My face fell into the mattress, as another orgasm ripped through me. He stilled, his grip on my hips tightening as his orgasm hit him. Waves of pleasure coursed through him, before it all slowly came to a stop. Pulling away from me, he rolled off the condom and disposed of it. Laying down next to me, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my sweaty body to his.

When I woke up the next morning, he was still next to me. His face buried in my chest and his arms wrapped around my waist tightly as he slept peacefully. Soft snores leaving him, and anytime I moved even the slightest his hold would tighten before loosening back up slightly after a few moments. When he finally did wake up, two hours after me, he looked up at me with a smile. “Good morning, princess.” Looking away from the small screen of my phone, I made eye contact with him and smiled back. “Good morning, baby.” That only made his smile bigger as he held me closer, if that was possible. Placing a small kiss on my collarbone, he rested his head back on my chest and let out soft sigh. “Y/N…I think I love you.” He muttered softly. My eyes snapped to him and I smiled before giggling softly at his reddened ears. “I think I love you, too, Jiwon.”

Mind Games pt.4

Requested by me: Your decision between Batman or J and harl has been made but can you live with the choice?

Pairing: The Joker x Reader x Harley (poly)

A/N - Am I making another post in the same week? oh my god, that’s so unlike me. I’m sorry this is so cliche but sometimes cliche is good, keep that in mind. Don’t hate me!! I also apologise if this sucks, i’m trying here. As always feedback is appreciated, I never know what you guys like or don’t.

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ - Sexual references, guns, daddy kink…I think that’s it?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

I stared through the wire fence that surrounded her barred cell. She hung delicately from the clothe, that was attached to the top bars of her cell. Her arms out stretched. Legs split in mid air. The white fabric twisted around her limbs to keep her up. She looked elegant, graceful even despite her location. I watched her. A sinking feeling deep in my gut.

“Come on, it was for the best.”

I let out a sigh. Was it? Was this really where she belonged. The masked figure lead me out and as we reached the door, I heard her voice.

“I thought you loved me.”

I backed up, returning to the fence. The girl below had now dropped to her feet. Her eyes on me. I gave her a smile, one she didn’t return.

“I did…” I started. “I do.”

“Is that why you got me thrown in here? Nice to know.” The blonde chucked, reminded me a lot of J. “You chose him over us Y/N, that doesn’t scream love.”

My gaze dropped, unable to face her. She was right and I had no excuse to argue.

“She’s just tryna get in your head. Ignore her.”

That deep voice belonged to Batman. The man chosen over the two I loved apparently. My morals where messed up. I still wasn’t convinced I made the right decision. As I stood in Belle Reve’s staring at my ex girlfriend I felt bad. I wanted to help her, I wanted her to be free like me. But she wasn’t allowed nor J. They’re considered insane. Criminally insane and while I technically should now come under that bracket too. I was let off. Why? Because I chose the path of good. I sided with Batman in that room. We had him in our grasp but I couldn’t go through with it.

“I’m sorry Harley.” I mumbled quietly. “I had to do what was right.”

“And did you do that? The right thing?” She asked.

Before I had a chance to reply, batman yanked me away from the fence. “You did the right thing, trust me.”

He led me back down a corridor. Passing by murderers and thieves. In simple terms criminals. “Do you ever regret your decisions?” I asked walking behind.

“Of course. Everyone does.”

“I think I’m regretting mine.” I sighed.

“Is that who I think it is?” A voice interrupted. One I knew all too well. I abruptly stopped. Almost scared of what else was to come.

“Y/N don’t.” The caped crusader stated. I kept my eyes on him but I was almost drawn to the sound. I flashed Bruce a sympathetic look before walking in the direction of the voice.

“I thought so, Y/N. long time no speak, how you doing today?”

I stood face to face with the door and pulled open the slot. There he stood. In all his madenning glory. The Joker. His lips in a smile as they always tended to be. I didn’t answer him.

“Heard you regret your decision. Good. I worked so hard to make you forget that bat and the minute you remember him you go running back into his arms. I didn’t let you join the gang so you could ditch.”

“J…”  I mumbled but he continued ranting.

“I would say I’m angry but frankly I don’t care. All I care about is that you got me locked up in this place while you run around free as a fairy.”

I glanced back towards batman. Who stepped forward pushing me to the side.

“I got you thrown in here Joker. Not her.”

“Oh look batsy come to defend your honour. You always were weak.” My hands were balled in fists but he wasn’t wrong. I was angry that he was right. I’d always been the weak one. Too scared to pull the trigger. Too scared of getting caught. Harley had to hold my hand half the time just to encourage me to get things done. I need constant reassurance. Now, even going back to Bruce, I looked for help like a lost puppy. Waiting for someone else to take the lead. I’d always be a follower.

“She isn’t weak, it took a lot of guts to leave you two psychos.”

“On the contrary my dear bat. She had the option to leave any time. I made sure to implant the idea. It’s like a test of loyalty, one she clearly couldn’t quite pass.”

I remained stood to the side. Scared to say anything that would upset him.

“I’ll be out soon enough and, well, let’s just say Karma’s a bitch.”

Well at least he isn’t angry. A soft sigh left my lips as I followed behind Batman. Leaving behind two admittedly dangerous people behind. Besides that, I still loved them. And it hurt my heart to see them in there but what could I do now? Go running back to them? They were locked up and I would be too. I’m not sure they would even want me back at this point. If only I hadn’t remembered working with the bat. Maybe everything would have been okay. Maybe I wouldn’t feel physically sick because I miss two people.

As time passed I slowly grew used to the ache. The pain became unnoticeable even. But there were still times I’d think about them. Every chuckle reminded me of the Joker. Every giggle or diamond of Harley. I was pretty sure I was nothing more than a bad memory to those two by now but I still longed for chaos. A certain kind of chaos. I was still helping out B-man and his life isn’t exactly controlled. There were other villains. Penguin, Two Face, Killer Croc. But it just wasn’t the kind I was after. I leaned back in the plush chair of the Batcave, overlooking his main computer. It was so eerie being in here alone, the place was just so big. I spun around on the chair until I was interrupted.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself Miss Y/L/N.”

I abruptly came to a stop, taking a moment to recover from the dizziness.

“Hey Alfred.”

“Are you okay?”

“Nothing to concern your self with Alfred, where’s Bruce?” I replied.

“Master Bruce will be down soon, would you like me to get you anything while you wait?”

I gave a solemn sigh. “No thanks.”

“Alright, I shall go check on Master Bruce then.”

“No need, I’m right here.” A voice interrupted and the broad man was making his way over.

“About time.” The man rolled his eyes. Throwing a newspaper onto my lap.

“What’s this for?”

“Just read it.”

I groaned but looked down at the document on my lap. What was so interesting about a newspaper? Probably just some crappy little bank heist or something. I flipped it over to read the front page, my eyes widening.

Joker and girlfriend on the loose again.’

I stared at it in shock. And what did this mean to me exactly? A hand appeared on my shoulder and I looked up to see Bruce. He was never the reassuring type, he still looked cold. But he was trying and I guess that was all that mattered.

“We’ll catch ‘em Y/N, don’t worry. I won’t let them hurt you again.”

I smiled softly knowing if I spoke my voice would betray me. Was that what I wanted? For them to be locked up again? I had to admit my life had been calmer without them and I wasn’t hiding from the law anymore so I guess that was nice. But they were still in the back of my mind so maybe I was just waiting for this moment. With them on the loose, maybe they’d come find me. But was that really a good thing? J seemed angry last time we spoke.

“How?” I asked, pretending to perk up.

“We just need to figure out what they’ve got planned and I assume they’ll be coming for you soon enough.”

I hesitated.

“The Joker never forgets.” He added at the end and I knew he was serious. Serious about stopping J as well as the clown not forgetting. It made me sorta happy thinking he wouldn’t forget about me. I’d always be in the back of his mind but then again he wanted revenge more than he wanted me. Made me wonder what he’d actually do? Would he just torture me again? Or actually kill me this time? I shuddered at the very thought.

“Maybe he won’t do anything bad? Maybe he’ll just lay low.”

“Doubtful.” Bruce stated plainly beginning to walk away.

“But-” I started spinning on the chair but he was gone. Hate when he does that. I was once again left alone in this dark cave, waiting for an order. Days. Weeks. Bruce found himself on the hunt for the joker. Following each and every lead but they all led to dead ends. I was right about him lying low for a while. But he was determined. He wanted the Joker locked up again for the sake of everyone. I spent a lot of time with him looking for J. And one day we finally found something. And by something I mean we found him. Him and Harley….and frost. Nobody else. I thought it was an odd tactic considering Batman had taken on more. I stood behind batman, looking them all over. They each had a smile on their face except frost whose expression remained blank. I locked eyes with Harley. Her smile grew with a tilt of her head. She waved at me and I slowly waved back. Why did she seems so happy and calm about this. Why was she waving at me? The Joker and Batman seemed to be doing their typical banter thing.

“Hey Y/N, you’re looking as cute as ever.”

I felt heat rush to my cheeks. She still had the same effect on me. Made me giddy. I couldn’t help it.

“Same goes for you.” I mumbled back, stepping out from behind Batman.

“Thanks, prison was good to me.” She chuckled and I felt a twinge of guilt.

“I’m glad.” I teased, knowing she was probably joking.

“Is the princess scared to come out from behind her knight in a shining bat costume?” My head turned to J who was now smiling at me. A smile with malicious intentions. I was scared to be honest.

“No.” I shouted back. I stepped out more. My hands in fists.

“Come closer or are you suddenly terrified of daddy. I won’t hurt you.”

I looked toward Batman who shook his head but I wanted to prove I wasn’t scared - even if I was. I began walking over to him, slowly. “Well you’re not exactly the friendliest of people.”

“Oh the girls got jokes, glad to see she learnt something from me.”

He kept his eyes on me and I stopped in front of him. I glanced over his pale face, I knew every detail like the back of my hand. He’s not exactly easy to forget. We locked eyes and I could almost feel myself getting lost in them again. The clown chuckled.

“I can almost smell your fear it’s that obvious and with all due respect-” he grabbed my arm, yanking me to his lap. I felt a metal tip at my temple. “You should be.”

“Y/N, what was the number one rule of being around the Joker?” Batman yelled.

“Always be on guard.”

“Oh lookie here, the b-mans got you trained like a dog. Do you speak on command too?”

I remained silent, although my breathing was as heavy as could be in this situation.

“Speak, tell me what you want.” J mumbled calmly but I remained silent.

“I said speak!” He growled this time, pressing the gun harder into my temple. Did he want me to bark like a dog or actually talk? I was confused by the whole situation.

“Let me go J.” I squirmed and his arm tightened around my neck.

“That’s the joker to you.”

I struggled to take deep breathes but I was still holding up. I’d been in these situations a lot sadly.

“Let me go, Joker!” I yelled

“You’ve got her well trained Batman. I wonder what tricks she does.”

“You heard the lady Joker, let. Her. Go.” Batman responded, starring daggers at the clown.

“Why? She likes to be choked a little, don’t ya Y/N?” he chuckled. Harley’s giggle drifted to my ears too. I got the reference, I chose to ignore it. My airway was blocked off suddenly and my chest began to heave for oxygen. I felt tears well up my eyes but Batman seemed to just stand and watch. He didn’t even attempt to save me. I was confused. Didn’t he promise to never let the clown hurt me again, well what was this? The arm around my neck loosened. A rush of oxygen filled my lungs.

“Don’t you Y/N.”

“Y-yes.” I mumbled out.

“See, she’s happy as a clam so you can go now bat.” Frost ran up behind. Holding a gun to the man’s back.

“I’m gonna give this girl everything she deserves. Don’t worry Batman, I won’t hurt her after all she promised to live for me.”

I narrowed my eyes in on Bruce. He looked like he’d given up, that there was nothing he could do. Why was he being…well…useless. Frost pushed him out the room. Leaving me alone with two clowns. The arm suddenly vacated my neck and I was shoved off his lap. I stumbled forward looking back at my exes. Each had a smile but I wasn’t smiling. I was dying to back up and run away but I was frozen in place. Harley skipped over to me. Her arm draping over my shoulder, she planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You scared Y/N?” She whispered in my ear. A shiver ran down my spine. The girl moved around to face me. A smile on her lips. I glanced at the joker who was just watching us. I shook my head, knowing they knew I was.

“Do you miss us?” She didn’t give me time to answer before planting her lips on mine. I lost myself in that kiss, my hands reaching up to pull her closer but she protested, pulling back. “Miss this?”

A soft whimper left my throat. I did miss this. All of it. I wanted it back but I also knew it was wrong. It was toxic.

“Aww she does. That’s so cute.”

Harley patted my cheek before spinning and running off back to the clown prince of crime.

“Weird. She misses us but she left us to rot in prison.”

“What did you want me to do?” I asked, my brows furrowing.

“I don’t know? How about not stab us in the back so you could run off into the sunset with the bat-”

“Harley calm down.” J interrupted.

“No! She abandoned us for Batman. A guy who left her to be tortured for months on ended without coming to look for her. A guy who practically couldn’t care less, does he even have feelings? I loved her.”

“It’s okay my pet.” J patted her head, rather like a dog but I guess she was used to that. “We’re gonna deal with her.”

“You were the ones who tortured me in the first place. I still have scars from you.”

The joker laughed and Harley followed. “Think of them as gifts from us to you.”

“Well can I return them.” I snarled back. He was getting annoyed with my attitude, I could tell even past that smile.

“You left us to rot in prison. After I so generously let you join us. We treated you as one of us and you went to join the bat. That wasn’t part of daddy’s plan, now was it?” He asked, rising to his feet. With each word he stepped closer until we were face to face. His hand reached up, placing it under my chin. He lifted my head. “I don’t like traitors.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh you’re sorry. Look Harley she’s sorry, I guess that makes everything okay then.” He shrugged.

“I never meant to hurt you guys but it was the right thing to do. I really am sorry J.”

A laugh slipped through his lips as he let go. “You think I care that you’re sorry. I don’t even care that you left us. What I care about is the fact you know stuff about me that could help the bat and the whole locking me up thing too. You pledged yourself to me, do you remember?”

I nodded.

“You said you’d live for me-”

“I know what I said.”

“Don’t interrupt me!” He shouted as his foot connected to my stomach and I fell backwards to the floor. Coughing violently.

“You said you’d die for me so let’s see if that’s true.”

I guess I got my answer, he was gonna kill me this time. My mouth was agape and I was lost for words. What does one even say. The man brought out his gun once more. Pointing it sharply between my eyes.

“Wait puddin” Harley shouted jumping on the mans arm. A low growl left his throat. A sigh of relief slipped through my lips. Thank god for Harley.

“I wanna do it.”

Scratch that. She just wanted to do it herself. She went for the gun but the Joker pushed her away.

“Don’t be silly, I want this kill.”

He walked closer, crouching in front of me. Then suddenly his lips were against mine but only for a moment.

“This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it’ll hurt me.” He whispered. A long, maniacal laugh filled my ears and Harley jumped down to kiss my cheek as the gun was placed on my forehead.

“Love you Y/N.” Harley called.


I shot up. Sweat on my forehead. My heart racing. I looked either side of me. J on the right, Harley to my left. I wasn’t dead? The girl stretched before rubbing her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Harley asked groggily.

Tears slipped down my cheeks but I nodded. “Yeah.”

“What’s wrong?” The tears feel harder and I shrugged, falling back against the bed. Her arms slipped around me pulling me to her. “Don’t cry puddin”


Her hand slipped through my hair. Comforting me. Why was I crying? And why was Harley being so nice? I’d never actually cried in front of them. Every time a tear fell, I thought J would shout. He hadn’t done that but still. I snuggled up to Harley.

“Do you wanna tell me why you’re crying? Still having nightmares?” She asked. I immediately felt like an idiot. I was crying over a damn dream. It never happened. I hadn’t left J and Harley. They weren’t trying to kill me. Batman hadn’t left me to die, well, not again. I was okay.

“I guess. J shot me. You wanted to do it but he wouldn’t let you do it.”

“We shot you? Why?” She asked.

“I left you both to rot in prison to go rejoin Batman. Then you escaped and hunted me down. Then you were really mean to me and shot me.”

Harley giggled. “We were mean to you?”

“Don’t laugh.” I whined.

“Sorry baby.” She kissed the top of my head. The joker shuffled beside us and I froze, not wanting him to see me like this. He didn’t handle vulnerability well. He’d use it against me with no regrets.

“You know I would never shoot you in the head right?”

I nodded.

“Not without reason or unless mistah J told me.”

“Good to know Harley. I wouldn’t shoot you either.” I sighed.

“Not without reason or unless told to right?”

I shook my head. There was no way I could ever hurt her or J for that matter. I’d rather they shoot me because it’d probably hurt less.

“No, not at all. I’d miss you too much.”

“Well aren’t you just the-the sweetest.” Harley yawned.


“Hmm.” She murmured quietly. I assumed she was falling back asleep again. We hadn’t really talked about anything but that’s just how it was. I closed my eyes, trying to get back to sleep. I knew the dreams weren’t going to stop. They kept repeating. Each time J would ultimately kill me in a different way. I shuffled out from Harley’s grips and turned to face J. He was less scary when he was sleeping. Made me feel calm all the same. I moved closer to him. Wanting to feel his strong arms wrapped around me. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his gentle breathing. And to my surprise his arm wrapped around me and I wiped away my tears. He may not be a superhero. He may not always show it. But I sensed he cared and it made me feel better. I didn’t regret my decision. Not at all. I loved him. I loved her. And I was happy being the one in between.

JokerXReader ..You can read this as Harley or as the reader

Hi everyone one I just wanted to contribute something for JokerXHarley week. LUST

I have been working long hours. Sorry if the story is short and sorry if the story doesn’t make sense. 

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Warning:  Like away with me Sex

You were so tired of staring at the same damn cell bars all day long. Day in, day out it was always the same view. Cold and gray. You have been at Arkham Asylum for 20 days now. Most of the wings have padded cells for the extra crazy. Lucky you, you had a prison cell all to yourself. Looking at the empty cell next to yours only made you feel more alone. The section you are in is not big. Only a hand full of empty prison cells surrounds you.  You would give anything to have someone to talk to. You tried talking to the guards but they only cut you off. It was late now and most of the guards have gone home for the night.


You were almost asleep when you hear the sound of boots coming down the hall. Four guards are dragging a man down the hall towards your cell. One of the guards shuffles through his key ring. He finds the right key and opens the cell door next to yours. “Put him in here for now”. Griggs orders. The guards throw him inside the cell locking the door as they leave. Curious to know who it was next to you, you get up from your cot and walk over to the adjacent bars. The green haired man gets up and runs to the door “Aughhraa” he growls angry shaking the cell door. Every curse word known to man fly’s out of his mouth he is so pissed off. He’s magnificent like a caged loin. He walks back and  in front of his cell door.

After a few more minutes of hot anger he finally sits down on his cot. Taking a few deep breaths he calms down some. He finally notices you.

He saunters over to you like he owns the place. “What ‘a we have here” “Well hello pretty you come here often"he asks you and throws back his head in laughter. You can’t help but smile at his laugh. "O very pretty” “I’m joker or you can call me Mr.J ” he states looking you up and down. He comes closer “You wanna play” he asks “Yes” your heart starts to pound with excitement.  He’s gorgeous only wearing a pair of dark blue sweat pants. His tattooed perfect chest turns you on. His blue eyes are intense on you. You walk closer to the bars opening your orange jump suit. He smiles. “You’re going to have to come a lot closure than that baby”. His voice is low. You get as close as you can to the bars. Mr. J reaches forward and touches your breast it feels good you start to purr. “O Kitten likes that” he says. He growls deep in his chest.  All of a sudden he reaches forward with both hands and  pulls you hard against the bars. His hand slides down you,  inside your panties. Your already so hot he moves is fingers over your sweet spot. Over and Over. Your head is turned so his hot breath is in your ear and on your neck as his fingers move deeper inside you. You start to moan it feels so good. You’re so close to your orgasm. You can feel it building. You hear boots coming down the hallway. Not now! you think to yourself. You forgot about the cameras in this place. You were afraid Mr. J would stop what he was doing to you. He didn’t. Your orgasm hits you start to moan loud. Mr. J cuts it off with a kiss. His cell door opens “Ok break it up” Griggs orders at you angry. “Take him back to his cell”. “it’s secure enough now” Griggs tells the other guards. It literally took two guards three tries to pull him away from you. You quickly closed your jump suit. Your body still throbbing from the orgasm. Mr. J growls and fights back as the pull him out of the cell. before he’s gone from sight. Your eyes meet “I’ll be back for you pretty” he promised you.


Ingest the sword of God’s Word. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Snack on it between meals. Swallow it whole because it cuts through the web of lies, the chains of bondage, and the cell bars of our own sinful choices.
—  Running From A Crazy Man
Capturing Success


Think of a Polaroid,
with its thick, white border around my
snapshot of Kadeem,
little boy with shiny onyx skin
squatting behind white bars
on my uncle’s porch
by himself.
Face pressed hard to the wood,
he reminds me of the near half a million*
black men sitting
in cold cement cells
barred in isolation by oppression
idleness and self-defeat,
wasting potential
under those same bars The World wants him
to stand behind later in his life.


“SMILE!”… quick click, burst of light.
I turn it around to view
10 megapixels of family
gathered before a turquoise horizon.
Same little black boy with the shiny onyx skin,
all grown up, stands in front.
The pearl white cap and gown set
is the perfect contrast against
his complexion.
Reminiscent, I
picture an old Polaroid
and smile.
For the photo just taken,
displays a black man
in his fight to slay historical lies.
And he won.
As my grandmother shouts,
“It’s time to celebrate!”
I wonder:
Damn, Polaroids. Do they even still make those?

*This poem is dedicated to all the Black men I know conquering their dreams by their own terms.

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black feathers, the way she fell for the wrong boy, bone against skin, quoting shakespeare, static cling, cold bedsheets, gravel on palms, light filtering through cell bars, tasting blood in his mouth, whispering prayers in the dark, inky fingers, white T-shirts, blond hair in the bathtub, the sound of silence before an explosion. at least she fell.
—  juliette & warner, aesthetics
B01 - At Your Own Risk | Open

The cells weren’t so bad. Other than the fact they were obviously cells, what with the barred door and all, they were reminiscent of a small college door or a cheap room on a cruise ship. Not that he’d ever been, but, he’d seen pictures. Dad and Uncle Gordy, Dad’s friend from all the way back in college, had entertained the idea before Bubbe started getting worse.

Dhani hauled his suitcase onto what he assumed was the bunk under his. No one was around and he just needed a place to lay out his stuff while unpacking. The last cubby was empty, drawers and a place to hang clothes. He unpacked. He still was walking around in a bit of a haze. He expected to be smacked awake by his father. Maybe Uncle Gordy had finally made that Acid Koolaid he always threatened Dad with. Dhani never took him seriously, but it always got a scowl of annoyance out of Dad. Not they they were dope-heads or anything, really… Maybe when they’d been Dhani’s age… Dhani thought about this as he pulled a few Polaroids and a mysterious small tin box from the middle of his suitcase. It was something he had definitely not packed. It was some silly discount store tin the size of his palm he had bought with his allowance when he was in grade school. He hadn’t touched it in years, shoving it in the back of his desk drawer at home, letting it hold whatever non-US coins he would come across. Those coins were gone, replaced with a folded up note in his father’s nearly illegible handwriting and under that, four neatly rolled joints and a cheap lighter.

Dhani glanced at the locked cell door, just in case, and took one out, and the lighter, tucking them in his pocket. He shut the box, hiding it in the top drawer under his socks and underwear. He shoved the note and small collection of photos in his pocket, finishing his unpacking. He thanked his dad (and Uncle Gordy, he knew them both too well to think he had nothing to do with it) every second until was through, before sitting down on the bottom bunk he was fairy sure was not his (he suspected it was the top bunk furthest from the door) to read his father’s note.


You’re a smart kid, so use these at your own risk! College is hard. Being away from home is hard. You have been dealt some of the worse bullshit I have ever seen life throw at someone your age and you have remained kind and open to the Universe and so aware and untouched by bitterness. I will never have the right words to tell you how damn proud I am of you, my darling boy. Every day, I am more proud of you than the day before. I know it sounds hokey, but I am a Hokey Dad ™. You will understand if you become a Hokey Dad ™, too, someday.

Enjoy yourself, but not too much. Study hard, but not too hard. If you have sex, Dear God, use protection. (Not provided, I will refrain you from that embarrassment.) And use some common sense. You have that, I believe in you. I love you, son. Have fun. And remember, Life is what We make of it. If things start to suck, stick it out. Tomorrow’s gonna be another day.

Oh, Gordy assured me this was mellow stuff, so hopefully no headaches. I figured four was a good amount. Ration out. I’m not sending you any more. Call home when you can.

Love you, Dhani-ray,


Hetalia RusAme HC

Based on a dream i had..

Alfred (America) and Ivan (Russia) are in prison together (for whatever reason You can decide)

Ivan is the silent one. Refuses to give any guards the time of day. moves very little, mostly glaring at people and mumbling to Alfred in Russian.
anyone who wants to talk to him has to speak to Alfred which can be extremely difficult.

Alfred decided to be the loud, smart-ass prisoner who challenges police and gards within earshot of them to stupid bets. Who does things like singing loudly on purpose (and very terribly) just to piss everyone around him off.
Constantly reminding them of his strength when they put his cuffs on to transport him and Ivan somewhere and he breaks them with no effort saying something along the lines of
“when i was like 3 i swung around a buffalo like it was a baby doll”
And messing with the newer guards by betting on if he could bend the cell bars out of the way or not.
The prison where the two boys are contained at has fully realized that there is very little they can do to stop them if they decide to break out.

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Nygmobblepot and 4 for the hurt/comfort meme?

s“How long has it been since you’ve slept?”

Oswald looked up when he heard Ed’s voice. He’d been trying to build a rig to escape this holding cell. 

“That’s what you’re focusing on? Whether I’m getting enough sleep in here?” he asked. 

Ed laughed and smiled at Oswald affectionately through the cell bars. “I just don’t think you’ll ever solve it if you don’t get any sleep. You’ll just drive yourself mad.” 

“Will you stop acting so concerned for me when you’re the one who locked me in a cell?” Oswald asked angrily.

“You mean like how you acted like you were my friend after you killed Isabella?”

Oswald groaned and said, “Could you please just leave me to rot so I don’t have to hear about that woman anymore?” 

Ed glared and started to walk away.

“Wait, wait!” Oswald called. “I’m sorry. Look, just… I need a clue. If I’m going to solve this, I need a clue. Nothing you’ve given me seems like it would help me get out of here.” 

Ed gave him a smug smile and said, “Oswald, you should really get some sleep or you’ll never solve it.” 

Oswald sighed. He watched Oswald go, thinking about how annoying his smile was. 

He realized he understood what that smile meant. 

He rushed over to the bed and stretched out. He squirmed, shifting positions until he felt something poke him. He sat up and found a hole in the mattress. He pulled on it to expand it until he revealed what had poked him: a key. He stared with disbelief. 

Oswald found Ed waiting for him back at his mansion. 

He smiled and said, “Finally! Would you like something to eat? What am I saying? Of course you would.” 

Ed set some finger sandwiches on a plate and poured out some tea for Oswald.

Oswald sat down. “Don’t ever take me prisoner again,” he said.

“Don’t ever kill someone I love again,” Ed retorted.

Oswald took a bite of one of the sandwiches, then asked, “Why did you make it so easy for me?” 

“You call it easy now, but it took you over twenty hours to think to check the mattress,” Ed said with a laugh.

“I mean, why put a key in there? Why give me a hint?” Oswald asked. 

Ed smiled at him and said, “Oswald, I had to punish you for what you did to Isabella.”

Oswald let out a long exasperated sigh and said, “I know. I know. I know that part.”

“But, do you know why I put the key in the mattress?” Ed asked.

Oswald glared. “I’m not in the mood for any more riddles, Edward!”

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” Ed said. “I want to put all this conflict between us… to rest.” He laughed. 

Oswald stared at him, feeling a strange mix of horror and second-hand embarrassment as he thought about Ed’s actions. But, as he looked at Ed, he realized that he still loved him. 

“Get me some scotch,” he said grumpily.

“Right away,” Ed said, before heading off to the kitchen. 

Mattie in jail. S2E2.

I love the way Charlie and Mattie meet. It’s fun seeing Mattie a bit out of her depth, and Charlie not realising this is going to back fire on him terribly later.

And the follow up scene, when Charlie calls round to the house to see Blake with the knife, is great too. Mattie’s tight lipped greeting says it all - he’s not forgiven yet!

Anyway, back to the jail.

How much of the DBM action takes place in these cells? And how many characters seem to get locked up. Blake (twice), Mei Lin, and now Mattie, plus loads of minor characters. Perhaps people tell their secrets more freely through cell bars.

Although Jean does a lot of jail visiting, she hasn’t been the wrong side of the bars yet. Maybe in S5? 

With the weather changing to colder temperatures outside, the Undercroft was getting colder too. Edan was beginning to freeze quite a bit, even under the skimpy blanket that had been provided. He was tired of being down there, of being alone and overlooked, especially since it was holiday season. And so he sat on the foor in front of the cell bars, wrapped in the blanket and journal in his lap, looking and trying to catch the eyes of the men walking by. Hoping that perhaps one of them would stop in their tracks and talk to him.

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