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Thank you for the follows everyone! I honestly can’t believe I even got this far. To show you my appreciation, I’m starting an art raffle~

How To Participate:

- Must be following me
- 1 like & 1 reblog (do both for 2 entries)


-You can only reblog once. Additional reblogs will not be counted.
-No NSFW. Depending on the drawing, we can talk about it.
-If you win, be sure to DM me to claim your prize


1st Prize: Max 2 characters for full drawing with background, 1 character for icon
2nd Prize: Max 2 characters for cell drawing with background, 1 character for icon
3rd Prize: Max 2 characters for cell drawing


I’ll accept any fanart involving my OCs & characters.

I need to make more OC’s XD


- You must tag me in the fanart for an entry & hashtag it as #shinyartraffle
- Limited to one entry for fanart
- Fanart can range from anything (sketch, voice, full drawing, etc.)
- Don’t be afraid to include any other characters you want
- Entering for the Grand Prize gets you a nadditional entry for the other 3 prizes

Deadline: June 20th

Good luck to everyone & thank you for all the support :D

Remember to DM me to claim your prize if you win


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“sorry, but uh, as the smaller boyfriend it is my god-given right to steal all the clothes i want? like. it’s the law, buddy”

Name Your Price + Polished Commissions Available!

Here’s how it works:

Send an email to jitterbugcommissions@gmail.com

Offer whatever price you want within the price limits below.

Include a reference of up to two characters and a small bit of info on them. (Simple meaning like their basic personality, occupation, etc. I have a hard time reading long bios, so summarize them if you can, I would appreciate that)

I can also design or create characters if you do not have a reference or want to just let me create a mystery adopt for you.

Ask about character reference sheets if you want one, minimum $15

I will take any species but might reject anything too complex like detailed robots.

DO NOT PAY until I respond to you with payment info!

I will then draw a single image with a quality reflecting on the price, and you agree to allow me to draw what I want with the provided info. (I will draw your character in whatever way I feel matches their info)

Minimum price: $3

What you get at minimum- A simple sketched headshot

Max Price: $50

What you get: Inked and cell shaded image (Basic background can be discussed)

Polished Commission: (Pony only)

$25 minimum, $50 maximum. PLEASE SPECIFY if you want a polished commission.

What’s a polished commission? Basically, I’ll take your pony and give them a Spinel style makeover. 25 will get you a flat color, 50 will give you a pinup.


Limit: 3 (Yes, you can order more than one, so you can split up an offered price however you want!)

Updated Commission File


  • Paypal only.
  • Payment in advance.
  • I might raise the price depending on complexity.
  • It’s forbiden to erase my signature.

Sketch Commissions: [ No background - Flat color/shadows ]
-Bust: 15 EUR / 17 USD
-Full Body: 20 EUR / 22 USD

 +Extra character: Bust: 7 EUR / 8 USD Full Body: 15 EUR / 17 USD

Black & White commissions: [ No background - White border ]
-Bust: 28 EUR / 31 USD
-Full Body: 40 EUR / 45 USD

 +Extra character: Bust: 23 EUR / 26 USD Full Body: 30 EUR / 35 USD
 +Background: ask.

Color Commissions: [ No background - Cell-shading ]
-Bust: 30 EUR / 34 USD
-Full Body: 45 EUR / 50 USD

 +Extra character: Bust: 25 EUR / 28 USD Full Body: 35 EUR / 40 USD
 +Background: ask.

Icon Commissions: [ Headshot - Simple background included ]
-B/W +1 color optional: 10 EUR / 12 USD
-Color: 12 EUR / 14 USD