cell adhesion

transport proteins!

A mnemonic for remembering the types of transport proteins:
Can I Carry The Ruddy Red Apple?

  • Can: Channel Proteins
    • open passageways for certain hydrophilic substances (polar/charged molecules)
    • example: aquaporins are a passage for water
  • I: Ion Channels
    • passage for ions
    • example: gated channels (nerve/muscle cells) open to specific chemical/electrical signals
  • Carry: Carrier Proteins
    • bind to specific molecules that are transferred across when protein changes shape
    • example: glucose enters cells by carrier proteins
  • The: Transport Proteins
    • use energy (ATP) to actively transport materials across membrane
    • example: sodium potassium pumps use ATP to maintain Na+/K+ concentrations outside/inside cell
  • Ruddy: Recognition Proteins
    • gives cells unique identification, recognize self and foreign cells
    • actually glycoproteins, proteins with short polysaccharide chains
    • example: different blood types have cells with different recognition proteins
  • Red: Receptor Proteins
    • binding sites for hormones/other triggering molecules
    • specific cell response activated
  • Apple: Adhesion Proteins
    • attach cells to neighboring cells 
    • provide anchors for internal filaments/tubules

List of proteins from (Cliffsnotes AP Biology Workbook 4th Edition)
Mnemonic credits to Caitlin ^-^