cell 4

Normal people cell phone: selfies, food photos, some concerts videos.

My cell phone:

Ok real Nanbaka talk time, this is a calligraphy competition, why the hell is there at least 50 people collapsed on the floor, 2 fights breaking out, and some guy dragging another guy along the ground in the bottom right? Was cell 13’s calligraphy so good that it caused this??

Here is a 3D printed Microfusion Cell my buddy sent to me a while back and I just finished it up. At least I think I’m finished with it? I can’t decide if I should weather it or not. Well, I have one more so maybe I will keep this one clean. For the paint I used Krylon OSHA safety yellow, Krylon OSHA black and Rustoleum Dark Steel. I didn’t have any water slide decal paper so I had to use Velum instead. Once I cut out the prints I had, I superglued them in place and then I applied two coats of Krylon Triple Thick clear glaze. Hope y'all like it.

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Punny Plants is back, baby! The first suitcase rummage of the year is on this Sunday from 12 til 5pm in Brisbane City! I am super excited to announce a new line of 4-cell succulent starter packs (pictured). What do you guys think of them?