cell 4

After the reception we left the party to go to our honeymoon destination. It was a lodge about 20 minutes from the city. My husband was a quite drunk and so was I. I was wearing a short wedding dressand no underwear. As soon as we were in the car I started playing with his dick and then gave him a blowjob. Just out of town we drove into a police roadblock. He didn’t have time to put his dick away when we were stopped. There were two policemen. They could clearly see what we were doing. They told my husband to get out of the car with his dick still outside his pants. When he got out they realised that he was drunk. My husband explained to them that we just got married and are on our way to our honeymoon. They said that they couldn’t let us drive in this condition. They loaded my husband in the police vehicle and one cop got in behind the wheel. While we were driving he told me that they can arrest my husband for drunk driving and he will spend the rest of our honeymoon behind bars. Unless I agree to have sex with him. I agreed on one condition: my husband must never know. He started fingering my already wet pussy. When we arrived at the police station he told my husband that he is gonna keep him overnight for his own protection. My husband was worried about me but the cop told him he will take me to a hotal and we can continue tomorrow morning. They locked my husband in a cell and one cop left. The other one took me to an office and lifted my dress. He fucked me on the desk. It was good but he pulled out and came over my stomach in 2 minutes. He told me to go wash and he will give me a place to sleep. He took me to the bathroom. We passed a cell with 4 guys in. They whistled when they saw my short dress. I went into the bathroom and washed my stomach and pussy. When I came out the guys whistled again. The cop laughed and pulled me to him. He kissed me and pushed me against the bars. Not long I felt a hand on my ass and another under my dress between my legs. I tried to pull away but the cop held me in position while kissing me. A finger slipped into my pussy and started fingering me. Someone was pulling my ass cheeks open. The cop pulled me from the bars and told me to wait there. He took out keys and unlocked the cell door and told me to get inside. He told the guys that if anyone of them touches me he would kill him. There were about 8 beds and I went inside and lied down on the first bed. The cop locked the cell, went out and switched off the lights. It was so dark you could feel it. No window. I kept still and after while I started to relax. It was very quite. Then I felt a hand on my leg. I was too scared to move. The hand shot straight to my naked pussy and started to finger me. My pussy was still wet and you could hear the wet sloppy sounds in the dark. He opened my legs and then he started licking my pussy. There were hands mauling my tits and more hands rubbing my pussy and pulling at my lips. Then a dick was forced into my mouth. The licking stopped and was replaced with a stiff dick that started fucking my pussy. Soon I was sucking dick while another cock was fucking me. And then the lights came on and everyone freezes. The cop came in and looked at me with a dick in my mouth and another one in my pussy. He left but didn’t switch off the lights. The guys where really fucking me now. Taking turns in my mouth and pussy. And then one of them turned me over on my hands and knees. He pushed his dick into my asshole. They all fucked me in my ass, pussy and mouth and they all came 3 times. I didn’t count how many times I came. We fell asleep on the floor. During the night I woke up with a dick fucking my pussy. He came and we went back to sleep. This happened a few times during the night. In the morning 2 of them started fucking me again. One in my pussy and the other one in my ass. They were still fucking me when the cop came in. He told them to finish. They both came inside me. I got up and took my dress. He took me to the bathroom and I took a shower. I was covered in cum. I washed 4 times got out and dressed. The cop took me to the office and told me that my husband is awake and showering. He bend me over the table, lifted my dress and shoved his dick into my asshole. He fucked me hard and came in my ass. When he was finished he told me to come and he took me to the front. He told me that my husband thinks I slept at the hotel. My husband was glad to see me. We got in the car and drove to the lodge. We came there and we both took a shower and then we fucked for hours. I had to perform even though my pussy and ass was sore. He still doesn’t know about my gangbang.

Stephanie Sinnz 💋

(Fictional story)
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"we have problematic parents" club
  • winn: hi my name is winn
  • the others: hi winn
  • winn: my dad is a psychopath killer obsessed with toys, he tried to make me kill a dude, otherwise he would've made kids blow up, im doing good tho
  • the others: *clap*
  • mon-el: hello im mon-el
  • the others: hi mon-el
  • mon-el: my mom tried to kill my girlfriend, she also wanted to put me in a cell for 4 years, oh and she killed my father and will probably try to take over earth. im fine i guess
  • the others: *clap*
  • lena: hi im lena
  • the others: hi lena
  • lena: well my big bro is lex luthor and my biological mom died so i grew up with a freak who wants to kill and deport every alien on earth and she pretends to love me only when she needs me, but it's all cool
  • the others: *clap*
Almond Joy, Part 2 (Getting to Know each Other)

Summary: You take care of Bucky’s dog and find out who he really is

Word Count: 3705

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: cliffhanger!

A/N: Sorry it’s so long and so much goes on! If I had separed it into two parts, Bucky wouldn’t even be in the first part!

Previous Part ~ Next Part

You finished up the rest of your shopping. After buying dog food, a cheap toy, a leash and a dog bed for her, nearly $100 was spent on her. You hated spending money out of your budget but this was necessary. If you had a dog, you would wish someone would take good care of it.

When you got home, she began to jump up and down. You took the toy you purchased out of the bag, removed the price tag and threw the toy so she could run and catch it.

After going back and forth with the toy for a while, you headed to the kitchen and grabbed some spare paper bowls you had. You placed two on the ground near the dishwasher in hope that she wouldn’t come to close to other parts of the kitchen. It was awfully quiet in your apartment so you connected your phone to your speakers and played some music. As you began to clean around the kitchen, Almond lied down next to your couch and fell asleep within a few seconds.

You filled one of the bowls with dog food and the other with water. Almond was still asleep, so you headed to your room to change into something comfortable quickly.

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Conclusion: Manhell destroyed Supergirl in every sense

Karolsen: thrown to garbage first thing after Momo’s arrival

Kara: just to prop his ass, Kara lost her personality completely, around him. She was saying all the girl power things one moment and the next she was taking them back. 

She was emotionally manipulated, emotionally abused, chocked, yelled at, disrespected, told she was selfish, diminished in every chance. The powerful woman, became a whinny brat after a while, every single mentoring Cat has given to her, flew out of the window, her maturity dropped to dangerous lows. 

The finale also proved to be the worst of episodes for Kara’s character. 

1. The world was ending and she had a sex dream (most out of character all through season, she didn’t dream of her family, she didn’t dream of her friends, nor the world’s doom, not of Krypton, NOTHING, she just had a sex dream. Dreams are supposed to be a reflection of the most impactful moments of the last hours/days, because it helps the brain to process situations and make decisions. So basically the writers told us that the most impactful moment of Kara, during world’s doom, was being in bed with her useless boyfriend). When she was under the Black Mercy, she dreamt of Krypton, and later explained why she didn’t dream of her friends and family on Earth instead, but I guess getting the D solved all her emotional trauma and baggage, way to go with feminism right? (/sarcasm)

2. Being doubted yet again, by mongoose, and she doesn’t get to stand up for herself, she simply stood there being mansplained by Superman, and mansplaining was the only way for the useless dude to step back. 

3. Her talk with Superman, she mentioned her friends, her family, and the world, as packed categories, It was not Alex, and Kal, it was not J’onn, Winn and James, it was not the people of National City, those who have supported her, they were all unnamed and categorized, but she mentioned Monosclirosis, by his name and alone, at the end to emphasize how much more he meant than anyone else, is her sister important to her anymore? Guess Danvers Sisters ended the moment salMonElla infected her Kryptonian blood cells.

4. Instead of taking Alex as her support at the fight, she took the useless frat boy, in what AU Alex would let her sister go without her, in what AU Kara would not ask her sister to go with her! 

5. The fact that she had to tell him to go help the people, and not him telling her something like “I trust you with this, I’m going down there to help” (which would actually be fucking heroic), she had for the nth time to play babysitter for yawn-hell.

6. The “I don’t kill” policy of Supergirl, it has become vague.

7. Kara giving the necklace to fuck-hell, the one thing she had from her mother, the one thing that last season she asked Alex to keep it safe for her until she is back, and Alex gave it back the moment her sister was safe. 

8. Saying that man-pain has made her happy…erasing an entire season, of her being frustrated with him, about his lying ass, his disrespect of her and her wishes, and everything in between. 

9. The first time she fell in love? So she forgot, her being jealous of Lucy because she would be jealous of anyone James loved.   

Literally every character in the show was dumped down to prop the fuckboy.

Most notably Alex freaking Danvers, a literal genius, couldn’t figure out her father had a bionic arm, emotions doesn’t cloud your Doctor skills, not to mentions a trained agent who can trick a lie detector, couldn’t even follow normal protocol and have her father checked properly. 

Same with J’onn in the same episode, the freaking director of the DEO had to be told by Man-elaria how to do his job which he didn’t do in the end. And all of that because he had to be in every fucking episode and behind every fucking storyline. 

Every single character was sidelined for his manpain, and supposed hero journey. 

James went to war and never came back, Alex’s screentime dropped as much as to have literal 10 seconds of screentime in one of the epsiodes, Alex the freaking Co-lead of s1. J’onn dropped dramatically, though that was also partly because of his Hank screen time. I wont even try to talk about Maggie, did she even existed? She could have been part of SO MANY PLOTS but nope they had to prop the useless piece of Daxam dirt. 

M’gann, though a guest, she could have been SO MUCH, such a true hero. Again sacrificed because there was no time for anyone but Wrong-hell.

Every single character used to convince Kara and the audience of what a good guy he is.

Alex being the MOST OOC of all pushing Kara into accepting a relationship with him. 

J’onn accepting Bor-el’s stupid ideas as correct and following through. 

fucking Superman: you much be a great guy if Kara dates you.

James: throwing shade one time, then the next saying that he is a fun guy. 

Winn befriending him, only to explain to him everything that Kara was trying to say all along but the personification of privileged asshole, wouldn’t accept until another guy told him.  

At least my child Maggie was so done with his bullshit.

Also the Piss of Daxam, had blatantly whitesplain to both James and Maggie.

And last but no least, and maybe the most important of all

screen time…because of how much he got (and let me tell you it was A LOT) characters like James and Maggie suffered the most. 

Results, a season unwatchable, a complete erasure of what was season one. And actors being demoted to guests from regulars because of the lack of screentime the network was willing to give them.

Kara suffered

Karolsen ended

James suffered 

Alex and J’onn barely used 

Maggie demoted 

sanvers suffering 

actual plot non-existent 

Manhell destroyed Supergirl, and if he is going to come back and take all the screentime again, I doubt s3 will be watchable. 

Lori’s Recs: Anker chargers

So today on Lori’s Recs, I’m going to show you the best $25 I ever spent:

This is an Anker Astro E3 portable charger. This thing has saved my ass so many times, I can’t even tell you.

This charger (and Anker has a ton of models, this just happens to be the one I have) is about the same size as a cell phone, so it’s easy to carry. I pretty much bring it everywhere. This device, when fully charged, can charge up your cell phone anywhere from 4-5 times before requiring recharging itself. AND it charges my phone faster than a wall or car charger, to the point that sometimes I will use it to charge even when a wall or car charger is available, for the speed.

When I was in Germany, I’d be out all day and I definitely needed my phone for navigation, banking access, and just for something to read while I ate or rode the bus, and you and I know a phone’s charge won’t last a whole day of frequent use. This baby kept me up and running. I also use it while hiking and away from power.

The ONLY downside is that it kind of takes a long time to charge up itself. Overnight, at least. I usually charge it every few days or once a week depending on how often I’m using it.

I can’t speak for Anker’s other products but this baby is one of the best things I ever bought.