cell 3

  • Zemo: Pop
  • Bucky: ???
  • Zemo: Six
  • Bucky: ...no.
  • Zemo: Squish
  • Bucky: No.
  • Zemo: Uh-uh
  • Bucky: NO.
  • Zemo: Cicero
  • Bucky: NO!!!
  • Zemo: Lipschitz
  • Bucky [voiceover]: Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out. I can't remember a thing. It wasn't until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands, I even knew they were dead.
Science in Space!

What science is headed to the International Space Station with Orbital ATK’s cargo resupply launch? From investigations that study magnetic cell culturing to crystal growth, let’s take a look…

Orbital ATK is targeted to launch its Cygnus spacecraft into orbit on April 18, delivering tons of cargo, supplies and experiments to the crew onboard.

Efficacy and Metabolism of Azonafide Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Microgravity Investigation

In microgravity, cancer cells grow in 3-D. Structures that closely resemble their form in the human body, which allows us to better test the efficacy of a drug. This experiment tests new antibody drug conjugates.

These conjugates combine an immune-activating drug with antibodies and target only cancer cells, which could potentially increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and potentially reduce the associated side-effects. Results from this investigation could help inform drug design for cancer patients, as well as more insight into how microgravity effects a drug’s performance.

Genes in Space

The Genes in Space-2 experiment aims to understand how the regulation of telomeres (protective caps on the tips of chromosomes) can change during spaceflight. Julian Rubinfien, 16-year-old DNA scientist and now space researcher, is sending his experiment to space as part of this investigation. 

3-D Cell Culturing in Space

Cells cultured in space spontaneously grow in 3-D, as opposed to cells cultured on Earth which grow in 2-D, resulting in characteristics more representative of how cells grow and function in living organisms. The Magnetic 3-D Cell Culture for Biological Research in Microgravity investigation will test magnetized cells and tools that may make it easier to handle cells and cell cultures.

This could help investigators improve the ability to reproduce similar investigations on Earth.


The Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules (SUBSA) investigation was originally operated successfully aboard the space station in 2002. 

Although it has been updated with modernized software, data acquisition, high definition video and communications interfaces, its objective remains the same: advance our understanding of the processes involved in semiconductor crystal growth. 

Space Debris

Out-of-function satellites, spent rocket stages and other debris frequently reenter Earth’s atmosphere, where most of it breaks up and disintegrates before hitting the ground. However, some larger objects can survive. The Thermal Protection Material Flight Test and Reentry Data Collection (RED-Data2) investigation will study a new type of recording device that rides alongside of a spacecraft reentering the Earth’s atmosphere. Along the way, it will record data about the extreme conditions it encounters, something scientists have been unable to test on a large scale thus afar.

Understanding what happens to a spacecraft as it reenters the atmosphere could lead to increased accuracy of spacecraft breakup predictions, an improved design of future spacecraft and the development of materials that can resist the extreme heat and pressure of returning to Earth. 

IceCube CubeSat

IceCube, a small satellite known as a CubeSat, will measure cloud ice using an 883-Gigahertz radiometer. Used to predict weather and climate models, IceCube will collect the first global map of cloud-induced radiances. 

The key objective for this investigation is to raise the technology readiness level, a NASA assessment that measures a technology’s maturity level.

Advanced Plant Habitat

Joining the space station’s growing list of facilities is the Advanced Plant Habitat, a fully enclosed, environmentally controlled plant habitat used to conduct plant bioscience research. This habitat integrates proven microgravity plant growth processes with newly-developed technologies to increase overall efficiency and reliability. 

The ability to cultivate plants for food and oxygen generation aboard the space station is a key step in the planning of longer-duration, deep space missions where frequent resupply missions may not be a possibility.

Watch Launch!

Orbital ATK and United Launch Alliance (ULA) are targeting Tuesday, April 18 for launch of the Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station. Liftoff is currently slated for 11 a.m. EST.

Watch live HERE.

You can also watch the launch live in 360! This will be the world’s first live 360-degree stream of a rocket launch. Watch the 360 stream HERE.

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Bird Cage Tango

He had it coming, he had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same


I love Edward Nygma
more than I can possibly say.
He was a real intelligent guy…
dramatic… a murderer.
But he was in trouble
He was trying to find a nice bottle of wine for me
And instead he found Isabella.
I took it upon myself to get her to leave Ed alone
Ed needed someone to appreciate him on his own level.
But the little idiot couldn’t take a hint.
Let Ed go, I said.
And she refused.
I guess you can say her and Ed finally broke up
because of lifestyle differences.
She saw herself as alive
and I saw her dead.


You know how people
have these little habits
That get you down. Like Oswald.
Oswald liked to call my girlfriend by the wrong name, Isabelle.
No, it’s IsabelLA.
So I came home this one day
And I am really irritated, because Isabella got hit by a train and I’m
looking for a bit of sympathy
and there’s Oswald posin’
for a painting, drinkin’ wine
and he says I’m so sorry about Isabelle. No, it’s IsabelLA.
So, I said to him,
I said, “you call her Isabelle
one more time…”
and he did.
So I took him to the docks
and I fired a shot into his gut…
…and pushed him in the water



anonymous asked:

Ah, missed Pablo already! I really like the way you draw the Judge, you know? I don't know if you already answered this before, since I am new to this blog and I can't find it anywhere, did it take long for you to decide in what way to draw him? Ah, since we're at it now, how did you decide to choose this colouring style for the comic? Did you just roll with what first came up in your mind, or did you experiment first?

No one ever asked, but I did post some old designs before I started drawing him the way I do now back in like 2014.

at first I made Pablo kind of lanky and lean, more like a normal cat. Mostly cause it’s what I usually saw from other artists who I really enjoyed seeing their interpretations. I didn’t like how mine was turning out though. So I ended up looking at the original sprite and drew it more as is. A smaller cat, big head, tiny body. Ended up loving this one way better, and he’s also super cute, But not without a touch of creepy. :)

As for the coloring style. I was originally gonna do my usual old shading, but I always didn’t care for the look of it in my old comics. So I decided to go for cell shading instead, something I was never super use to but I always felt like it worked rather well for comics in general. But I decided this after I already started and as a result, page 2 vs page 3 have completely different coloring styles

Maybe I’ll go back and redraw page 2. idk. Thanks for the great question! :)




Starting Prices:

  • -Head $4
  • -Torso $5
  • -Full body $6
  • -Per additional person $5


  • -Sketches +$3
  • -Lineart +$4


  • -Flat color +$2
  • -Messy shading +$3
  • -Cell shading +$4
  • -Crosshatch +$6
  • -Realistic +$8


  • -plain/flat color no cost
  • -Pattern/Design +$2
  • -Full background pricing will be discussed based on scenery/detail

(If you are confused about pricing feel free to message me!)

There will are 5 available slots, though I will open them again in the future

For payment, I ask for half upfront and the rest once it’s finished via PayPal

Please let me know if it’s okay for me to post your commission afterward!

You must have an email so that I can send you the finished piece because Tumblr has very poor image quality

To commission me, send me a private message and we will discuss it or alternatively ask me for my email if you feel more comfortable communicating that way :)

Thank you for reading! Even if you’re not interested, I would really appreciate reblogs to spread this around, any support helps!

I just wanted to make a post about Terre Haute...

and what it could be like.

Terre Haute is a HIGH security prison, it has a max security federal correctional institute, a medium security federal correctional institute, and a low security prison camp. The maximum security facility houses federal death row inmates. ( A special confinement unit is where most death row inmates are held. It has been accused of having inadequate conditions, and also that those on Death Row are routinely denied basic medical care, mental health services, and are subjected to noise that causes sleep deprivation.

The super-max cell is similar to this one shown above. They are by themselves, their meals are pushed through a slot, there is NO recreation but they’re allowed out of their tiny cells 3 times a week into cages.

The Death Chamber inside of Terre Haute Penitentiary. 

Executions are performed here but may be moved to a state where it is legal if it is more convenient to the family and victims. 

Between 3-12 hours before death a last meal is given to the inmate cooked by prison staff (alcohol is not an option). The inmate wears khaki pants, a white t-shirt, white socks, and slip on shoes to the gurney.

Up to 8 victims(or members of the victims family) can watch the execution, also the inmate can choose a spiritual advisor, 3 family members, and 2 attorneys. They are all located outside the execution room and can watch through glass. Ten members of the media are also allowed.

Last words are an option given to the condemned, a signal is then given by a U.S. marshal, and an executioner starts administering the lethal drugs. Time of Death is recorded, and almost always occurs early in the morning. 

short and simple but just wanted to give some info on it.