cell 3

  • Zemo: Pop
  • Bucky: ???
  • Zemo: Six
  • Bucky: ...no.
  • Zemo: Squish
  • Bucky: No.
  • Zemo: Uh-uh
  • Bucky: NO.
  • Zemo: Cicero
  • Bucky: NO!!!
  • Zemo: Lipschitz
  • Bucky [voiceover]: Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out. I can't remember a thing. It wasn't until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands, I even knew they were dead.
The Cell- The red door&chair

I think it is interesting that we see a bright red chair standing in front of a bright red door that leads to that charming flatlet/ living room that is apparently reserved for a cooperating Daryl at the Sanctuary.Everything else at the Sanctuary is pretty much greenish/grey/colourless.So I assumed there is a significance to that…LET’S SEE…

First,let’s take a look at the meaning of the color red: “Red is a very strong color. It is a noticeable color that is often used on signs for signaling caution or warning. Red color meaning is often associated with the word stop. It is a warm color that evokes a strong sense of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war. The red color is good at stealing attention from other colors, which is useful in many contexts. The color red is often used on flags as a symbol of pride and strength.” You can get a whole lot of foreshadowing from that alone!

What strikes me is that Daryl first sits on the red chair for a little while.He takes a peek through the open red door into said room/flatlet.He carefully takes in every detail of the very clean and tidy room (a little kitchen,a bookshelf,a big bed,a comfy looking armchair) and I am sure I see some sort of longing in his gaze at this moment.How tempting might it be for him to have all that.To just give in and be comfortable in this room.To have sort of a HOME again,all to himself. It is the one thing he never had (at least not for long)and always wanted. (The room also reminds me somehow of the moonshine shack from ‘still’,it was the dumpster version of that room, and we know that Daryl was reminded of his abusive childhood by that in a very strong way and that he despised it.)

Well, the path I am going down here is the following: 

Sitting on a chair.A door to a “home”.SETTLING DOWN.A theme connected to Glenn,Abe and Carol in particular.But it applies to all team family as well.The red color as a warning-be careful!-not to settle here because it is the wrong choice.It is the WRONG place.You are better than that.So red may also mean keep your pride, use your strength.It is interesting that Daryl’s final decision to remain true to himself and team family takes place when he actually stands inside that room.

Daryl chooses to be nobody’s henchman ever again.To remain a man of honor.And this is also connected to Carol in multiple ways.

For example,the Randall scene (S2) comes to mind.Rick wanted Daryl to beat Randall.Daryl did it,although he might have known in his heart even back then that it was wrong.Carol called him out for it.(Don’t sit back here and tend to your bloody fists and pretend you don’t care). Since then,Daryl has grown so much,became his own man.Never did something like that again.And he does care so much.

Daryl understands Dwight,but as much as this means he has to go through hell,he is simply not able to be like Dwight anymore. He can’t.

Maybe I’m reaching here, it is only one possibility out of many,but I thought I would just give it a try. The RED sure as hell is important.Let me know if you have different interpretations!

other things that I didn’t notice on my first viewing: when Steve runs off to check on Bucky after the power outage, we get a quick view of T’Challa, looking up from his phone while everyone panics. That means that while the Avengers are freaking out about the morality of the Accords, T’Challa is just, idk, playing angry birds or checking emails about the new stats on Wakanda’s GDP or catching up on the group chat with the Dora Milaje and I really love that