Roundup of Knots, Resources and Tutorials. I love using knots in jewelry, home decor, drawer pulls etc… You can make anything out decorative knots and the supplies are usually incredibly cheap - rope. For lots more knot DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/knots

  1. DIY Turks Head Knot or the Woggle Knot from one of my favorite knot tying sites animatedknots.com. They have animated slow step by step directions or a video.
  2. Knockoff Anthropologie Dip Dyed Knot Necklace Tutorial from inspiration & realisation. This necklace uses the 4 Head Bight Turks Head Knot.
  3. DIY Celitc Knot Mat from animatedknots.com.
  4. Celtic Knot Hair Style from Twist Me Pretty.
  5. Loose Celtic Knot Necklace from Las Manualidades. 
  6. Carrick Bend Mat from animatedknots.com.
  7. Cheap and Easy Knot Earrings Tutorial from Ohoh Blog here. Instructions and a link are given for the Monkey’s Fist Knot and the Keyhole knot.
  8. Chinese Button Knot by Mike Green.
  9. Try this: Spool Knitted Double Flat Button Knot and Carrick Mat Knot from what remains now.

DIY Celtic Knot Heart Pillow Tutorial from Tried and Twisted. This blogger saw the tutorial on Cut Out + Keep (which I posted here) and made her own version of the pillow. It may disappear from the internet so if you like it check it out now! For lots more knot DIYs including a roundup with knot resources go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/knots