celine rambles

i think i would literally chop off my limbs for dan and phil to do the roast yourself challenge


so i’m white. and i work my hardest to make my feminism and human rights activism as intersectional as i possibly can. because i know that as a white, jewish girl i am privileged. and i have some questions, because to be honest i am so confused by the messages i am getting from poc.

i am told that i cannot participate in blm marches or even help with the cause, because i am white.

but on the other hand i am shunned if i don’t show up to a blm march and called racist, even though it was expressed to me by the poc of social media that i am not allowed.

and then with the women’s march, i made my signs doubled sided.

one side with a uterus that says “grow a pair”

and on the other side it said “for all women: woc, trans, non-binary, jewish, muslim, gay, bi, fat, thin, etc.”

and i’ve seen a plethora of posts all over about white women marching and how we’re all ugly whites and how we are all ignorant.

FUCKING STOP. like there’s no need to be mean. DON’T BE MEAN TO POC, DON’T BE MEAN TO WHITE PEOPLE, DON’T BE MEAN. just fucking stop !! it’s so fucking conflicting.

like i’m going to college next year to study gender/women/sexuality studies !! don’t act like i’m stupid and get your shit together because i’m sick of being ridiculed for attending and not attending marches or being involved in a human’s rights group.

gosh. everyone just be nice to people !! if they’re on YOUR side don’t be a dick to them !!!!! like you’re taking your OWN side down.

i’m in my moms bed crying, trying to do hw but too stressed bc im watching the polls

and my mom is telling me to stop being dramatic about the election

she completely discredits my thoughts on hillary and love for her

i am so fuckig mad rn

im crying

“stop being dramatic”

“if you’re going to be dramatic leave”