celine notebook

let’s all take a moment to appreciate isaiah babineaux, who is a black male in a mostly-white group of friends, is loyal af to his friends esp lucas, openly expressed his love for stereotypically “feminine” things like ballet, the notebook and Celine dion and does not give two shits about what other people think, is funny as hell, and, as recently shown in girl meets bear, observes things about his friends and looks out for them (i.e Maya potentially being a third wheel), openly expresses discomfort towards rcas, and best of all, fucking hates j*shaya and openly expresses this by calling out the ridiculousness of “someday” or “the long game”

my king

Obligatory Zay Babineaux Appreciation Post

I present to you actual majestic dork, Isaiah “I love ‘The Notebook’ and Celine Dion and cry over my Gammie’s cookie being eaten and get shook by childhood bear stories” Babineaux

This dude…this “I’ll play the comedic relief, but I see what’s really happening and I’m not afraid to say wussup when it really matters because I’ll do anything for you ridiculous goofs” guy is an effing saint.

I mean, just look at how comfortable Auggie is hugging him.

Actual Disney Prince too pure for this world.


Necessary GMW Episodes: Girl Meets Gender Roles

People have this notion that certain things are only applicable to certain genders. Boys can’t go this because this is for girls. Girls can’t do that because that is for boys. It’s annoying to have to follow rules that shouldn’t exist, and someone who’s not having it is Isaiah Babineaux. 

Zay has never really thought of gender roles as anything important. However, his best friend, Lucas Friar, is scared for him. Lucas believes that people will hurt Zay because of his feminine tendencies. This causes a wedge in their friendship. Zay believes that Lucas is being unfair and disrespectful to him as person. It seems like Lucas is thinking more about himself rather than Zay’s happiness. 

Yes, Zay likes to dance. Zay doesn’t mind applying nail polish. Zay like the Notebook and Celine Dion. But does that really determine his sexuality? Does that determine everything who he is as a person?

If you live in the US and have access to Disney Channel, please watch Girl Meets World. It is easily the best show to ever come out of Disney, but is yet to be renewed for a fourth season. The main characters are two girls with the most amazing chemistry (I doubt Disney would ever let them be a thing, but here’s hoping!), and their best friends, an incredibly smart and kind Jewish boy who speaks briefly about his family’s history during the Holocaust, a kind and loyal black boy who is the funniest character on the show, does not give a shit about gender roles (does ballet, favourite movie is The Notebook, loves Celine Dion) and speaks about his family ancestry which heavily implies slavery, an autistic (yes! On a Disney show!) WOC who is the smartest and funniest (yes I know I said that before but she is the funniest too) of them all too and is dating the Jewish boy (power couple!), and then there’s your average white boy character but let’s not talk about him. The show has covered topics such as bullying, single parenthood and distant/absent parents, the importance of jobs like janitors and cafeteria workers, politics and how the wrong people are in power, the importance of the arts and how they need to be taken as seriously as academic subjects, autism, self forgiveness (watch girl meets the forgiveness project!! i beg of you!!), religion, feminism, poverty and privilege, communism, high school vs middle school and the pressure of high school, technology and social media and how our society is obsessed with the internet, teenagers involved with crime and vandalism, good vs evil, why it is important to celebrate and respect different cultures, and so much more. It did have a love triangle during the end of season 2/start of season 3, but it focused much more in the girls and their friendship than it did on the boy, and the end result made a point to prove that platonic love can trump romantic love (if you watch the show in storyline order than the stupid order disney aired it in it makes much more sense). The show isn’t without its issues (*cough* heteronormativity *cough*) but it is such a huge step for disney (disney doesn’t deserve it tbh) and is worth the watch and the support. Not to mention the cast are amazing, Rowan Blanchard who plays the main character is not only a wonderful actor but an outspoken activist (follow her on ig and twitter) and is way more woke at 14 than most people will ever be, Sabrina Carpenter is an amazing young singer who is about to come out with her second album, Corey Fogelmanis is a photographer (follow his ig), and Amir Mitchell-Townes is an activist who savagely took down another cast member after they posted something racist on instagram. If a fourth season happens we are hoping for episodes about sexuality, racism, and more mature topics. Please support the show.