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Lea Michele Dream-Casts Beyoncé & More For Her Real-Life Girl Squad

Paperback: $10.00
Ebook: $2.99, or free for Kindle Unlimited Users
Author: Celine Mariotti
Publisher: Dreaming Big Publications
Publisher Website: Dreamingbigpublications.com

Carlos and Indiana find a website that promises to find them pen pals from outer space. Imagine their surprise and excitement when they are paired with Mannie and Kossie, two children from Jupiter! The two pairs of pen pals are excited to learn about each other and their planets, and are even more excited to learn they may be able to visit! Will the other Earthlings be as open to a visit from aliens from Jupiter, though?

View the Youtube Trailer for more information about this book! (If I do say so myself, the narrator on here did an especially fine job. I have to say that though; I’m his mother - Kristi)  

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Kristi King-Morgan, Editor-in-Chief