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Lady Greer ± outfits Part 18/? (1x16)


More fake SeleRuri screencaps that I made because I have no self-control, plus an updated version of the first one with a much better palette blend.  I want to make more but there just….aren’t…enough….Ruri caps….

me: that mother! movie looks pretty dumb and i can’t stand jennifer lawrence, there’s no way i’m seeing it

you: mother! pissed off a lot of catholics

me: wow would you look at that, i’ve already purchased 20 tickets to see it

The Muses and Pokemon Go

Jack and Jace: Jack instantly picks Team Instinct the moment he sees Spark. The meme king is his spirit animal, how could he not choose him? Jace ends up picking Team Instinct after pressure from Jack who insists Spark is the embodiment of them both.

Ciara and Celina: Ciara of course picked Team Valor, because of their basis in power and the color red is one she likes almost as much as black. Celina chooses Team Mystic. Blue gives a sense of calm and Blanche is so wise and cool. Naturally they chose opposing teams.

Ella: Ella made three different accounts on three different devices so she could be on all teams. It’s not that she didn’t want to choose one over the other. Nah, it’s totally not like that at all….nope…

Breya: Breya doesn’t play. As fascinating at the game sounds, she simply does not have the time.

Cyra: She hasn’t chosen a team. She’s only in it for finding all of the pokemon. She didn’t sleep at all during the first week, but she found them all. She considers this her proudest achievement ever.

Damon:  He’s on Team Valor…not that anyone would know. (You didn’t hear that from me) If you ask him, he doesn’t even play that stupid game. Don’t ask him again.