celina nate


Suddenly, someone appeared next to Nate and squeezed his wrist down. Nate was shocked and looked irritated beside him when he saw a man with black wings. Shocked, he dropped the knife.

“You’ll not kill anyone of my people and certainly not with such dangerous weapons.” the unknown person picked up the knife and kept it for himself. Sato and Taka glared at the person.
“Who are you?” Nate asked, after he calmed down but still he was pissed.
“My personal Guardian Angel, Miguel.” Renu replied before Miguel could do it. He had a grin on his face but inside he was already thinking that he will die at once. “It’s the first time, I’m relieved, you appeared out of a sudden.”
“I’m sorry for your loss but you are fighting the wrong beings. We have nothing to do with it.” Miguel ignored Renu and talked to Nate.
“We?” Nate was confused.
Renu turned to his daughter, hugged her and waved to Neela. He whispered in her ear that she should go to her room and stay there with Celina until she calmed down.

“All of us.” Miguel went to the dining table made ​​himself comfortable, his wings disappeared.
Nate sat down still confused.
“We are all unnatural beings.”
“He too?” Nate pointed to Renu, who leaned against the fireplace.
“Yeah me too. Otherwise Celina wouldn’t be a vampire.”
All calmed down and Nate began to answer Miguel’s questions.

“So we have weapons against unnatural beings and a female enemy.” Miguel pointed everything together. 
“That explains the one boys that brought Celina at home. I just felt something weird about him” Renu explained.
“Something unusual happens and you didn’t tell me about it?”
“I dealed with him by myself.”
“Yes, I see how you deal with everything.”
“That’s why I have you, Miguel.”
“You thrown the guy out of the house right?
Nate said.
“You know about it?”
“Celina told me. She thinks you were weird.” Nate laughed.
“Yes I’m a weird Daddy and she didn’t know about everything. I should have told her early.”

Miguel watched the knife closely. “This knife wasn’t made by humans.”
“but my Dad made it.”
“You sure?”
“Acutally I don’t know. I just got it from him.”
“Renu, did you saw this knife somewhere?”
“I don’t know. You?”
“You mean that’s the same knife I was playing with when Yakir attacked me and he got the scar from but I thought he couldn’t handle it because of his unfinish being?”
“I was thinking the same, but Yakir could heal a scar of a normal weapon easily and I believe the knife wanted to go back to his owner. You can call it fate too.”
“Fate?” Taka whispered.
“Ok Guys it started to get bored.” Sato were listen to everything but now he had already enough. Renu took the knife and it disappeared suddenly, everyone starred at him surprised.
“Like I said, Renu. Fate.” Miguel disappeared as well, after he said goodbye.