Can't sleep so I'm gonna type up some ramblings about Celia. Trigger warning for fucked up shit cause this Silent Fucking Hill

Celia was born and raised in Silent Hill. Life wasn’t anything special. Her family was quite and normal her neighbors would say.

But then the house became too quite. Nobody had seen anyone leave the house for a couple days leading to a worried neighbor to call the police.

They were greeted with a macabre sight. The room was torn apart, and in the middle was the bloody mess of the parents’ corpses and little Celia in a catatonic state.

The girl was quickly sent off to the local asylum. She was no use to the police, she could remember nothing and could hardly speak.

The killer was never found.

Overtime the treatments at the asylum helped the girl recover and yet she couldn’t seem to remember what happened. Yet the asylum brought its own demons, in the form of the doctors. After all she was a defenseless little girl the world deemed insane the perfect target for hungry wolves.

The poor girl tried to reach out to the nurses, the either didn’t believe her or simply didn’t care.

The abuse created demons inside of the girls mind. First in the form of depression but soon manifested into real demons inside the mirrors. Giving the doctors a reason to keep her locked up.

Years and years of torture past until she simply gave up.

When the doctors slipped in the middle of the night she didn’t care and let them devour her.

When the depression told her self deprecating lies she would ignore them.

And the voices in the mirrors fell on deaf ears.

Shoving it all away worked and soon she was labeled as a sane individual and released.

She didn’t have anything in the outside, there was no family waiting for her and of course no funds or assets. She didn’t mind, she just knew she wanted to leave Silent Hill behind.

She waited my the side of the highway with the little the hospital have her and caught a ride with a passing by trucker.

“What’s a young woman doing hitch hiking out here?”

“I just need to get away.”

“Funny, me too.”