theatre challenge: six out of nine shows » the light in the piazza

“I don’t see a miracle shining from the sky / I’m no good at statues and stories / I try / That’s not what I think about / That’s not what I see / I know what the sunlight can be ”


Favourite Meg and Christine photos, as requested by notgoodnotnicejustright

1. Robyn North and Lindsey Wise, West End. 
2. Joke de Kruijf and Natasha Knight, Scheveningen. 
3. Leila Benn Harris and Lindsey Wise, West End. 
4. Sierra Boggess and Daisy Maywood, RAH concert. 
5. Unknown, Japan. 
6. Samantha Hill and Kara Klein, Broadway. 
7. Robin Botha and Cat Lane, South Africa. 
8. Celia Graham and Hayley Driscoll, West End. 
9. Ryoko Nomura and ?, Tokyo. 


Waterfall backdrapes in Phantom of the Opera: Elissa (Christine) 

1. Ute Baum, Basel. 
2. Samantha Hill, Broadway. 
3. Luzia Nistler, Vienna. 
4. Celia Graham, West End. 
5. Dale Kristien, Los Angeles. 
6. Charlotte Page, West End. 
7. Sofia Escobar, West End. 
8. Valerie Link, Hamburg. 
9. Rebecca Caine, West End.