Working in the Theatre: Celia Keenan-Bolger

The Audience Cheered

As some of you know, I headcanon Loghain gay- explaining my feelings about how he relates to the women in his life, especially since I have no intention of erasing them, is difficult, so I tried to do it with this fic about him and Celia.

There weren’t many dances in Gwaren. It was a practical little town, still recovering from the war, focused mostly on trading goods through the bustling port. But still, when the King came to town, you threw some pomp and ceremony, tried a little harder to impress. That’s what the few city officials Loghain listened to said, anyway, and after weeks of begging, he finally accepted their request for a ball.

The clothes he was wearing were tight on his shoulders and chest. He still hunted and fought in skirmishes, and the clothes were made for a smaller man. At least they were simple. He wouldn’t go out in public wearing the sort of finery the Orlesians preferred. It wouldn’t get on his body in the first place.

“You’re staring again.”

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luinaluna replied to your photoset: Apple!PONR Sierra Boggess, Royal Albert…

Apparentely, red apples are way too ordinary fo Toronto and Hamburg.

Toronto isn’t in the photoset, this is baby Caine from her West End days. :) The original apples were green, I don’t know when they changed them to red. And come to think of it, some of the more recent West End apples have been shaded, in red and yellow instead of just bright red:

I believe Hamburg also use real apples for PONR. Yeah. Pretty crazy. If that’s correct, green ones last longer than red ones. I assume that’s why. :)


Jessica Chastain | more on my Livejournal :

oh my godddd i just got around to watching the skimmons moment from the last ep and why is jemma so shaky and nervous??? there is literally two explanations behind this??

1) its plot driven and they put some kind of sensor in the figure

2) jemma simmons is a tiny bisexual w a crush

Dear Dimly Lit Meals for One,

My name is Celia and this is my dinner.

Until recently I considered myself a success.

Back in 2013 I had an idea at work that saved the company a significant amount of money in terms of the amount of copier paper we used (it involved using much much smaller fonts).

I received a promotion and a raise. I was the first person I knew who got one of those fashionable hairstyles where it’s all long on top but shave at the sides.

 I was riding high.

There was finally enough money in my life that I could afford to move out of my parent’s attic and I was incredibly lucky to find an affordable bungalow with a spacious garden and no obvious issues with damp. 

Best of all the neighbours seemed quiet and like they kept themselves to themselves. Perfect for someone like me who adores peace and quiet.

Life was good. 

Too good.

People at work started giving me odd looks when I mentioned where I’d moved to.

I kept receiving my neighbour’s post. It seemed to consist entirely of pamphlets about scouting and gymnastics magazines.

A car drove past me one day on the way to the office and a man shouted ‘YOU MONSTER!’ at me.

It transpired that the reason my lovely little house was so cheap was because it was in an area of the city used almost exclusively to re-home sex offenders upon their release from prison.

At no stage did the estate agent mention this

Life became a nightmare.

I no longer felt comfortable in my position as head of the resident’s association. 

Unexpected side effects from a poorly administered undercut caused the remainder of my hair to fall out.

Legal action was taken against my employers due to the massive eye strained caused by reading tiny typeface and I was soon out of a job.

Worst of all, no one wanted to buy my house in the sex offender’s district.

When I was at my lowest point I was considering something terrible, like finding work in human resources. 

Thankfully I found a new hobby making my own handmade burgers.

Look, you can see some of my work in the attached picture. I grind my own mince and make every patty unique, usually by placing a small toy or other such surprise inside.

I read your blog every day for food (and life lol) inspiration, even when you don’t update it. It’s a bastion of dependable mediocrity in an ever changing world.

Many thanks and lots of love,


Leigh at Mahiki Club | May 5, 2015

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