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giles/jenny + touching

for me, tamara’s frown during the kiss scene meant one of three things:
- “man i wonder how kissing you feels like WHOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM”
- “celia is nice but you could do better, call, and better is right next to you laughing his ass off”
- “ew they’re exchanging spit”


I was thinking about how many Emma ships there are and could be in @elvensemi‘s fic, Keeping Secrets and…

this is

without a doubt

the dorkiest thing I’ve ever made


bc come on

Characters in As You Like It and the kind of blogs they would have
  • Orlando: A poetry blog but the poetry is all terrible. He's the kind of guy that adds unnecessary comments instead of writing commentary in the tags.
  • Rosalind: Nerd stuff, aesthetic stuff, a sprinkling of social justice and politics. Begrudging reblogs of Orlando's posts.
  • Celia: Pictures of Cate Blanchett and Kristen Stewart. Music. Makes fun of Orlando's poetry.
  • Oliver: Lots of politics and vague blogging about Celia.
  • Jaques: Nothing but shitposting
  • Touchstone: Porn.
  • Phebe: Aesthetic blogging. Pictures of her Starbucks against the sunset. BASIC.
  • Silvius: Reblogs everything Phebe posts. Also picture of sailboats and terrible shirtless selfies. A dudebro.
  • Audrey: Also an aesthetic blogger, but it's more pictures of her trip to Bonaroo. 420 friendly.
  • Adam: Pictures of the DeBoys boys
  • Corin: Pictures of sheep
Gratitude Post

I am so thankful for all of you. The people who cross my dash, like my posts, follow me, create things I love, and talk to me via messages or my ask box, are people who should consider themselves included in this massive thank you. That being said, there are a few people who have touched my life in a special way this year and I want to acknowledge them. (I’ve probably forgotten people, but here’s everyone I can think of!)

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