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🕉 My Zen Girl Playlist 🕉

💫🌌Jupiter in 8th house vibes🌌💫

Ibeyi - Exhibit Diaz (better in tune with the infinite)
Iman Omari - energy
Ab-Soul - pineal gland
Princess Nokia - brujas
Ibeyi - river
Celia Cruz - Baba Lou Aye
Ibeyi - oya
Billie Holiday - strange fruits
Oshun - sango
Abbilona - oshun III

🐍 songs that help me meditate, cast spells, and make magic 🐍


giles/jenny + touching

@tcmparty live tweet schedule for the week beginning Monday, April 17, 2017. Look for us on Twitter…watch and tweet along…remember to add #TCMParty to your tweets so everyone can find them :) All times are Eastern.

Friday, April 21 @ 10:15 PM
Two married strangers meet in a train station and fall in love.

Thoughts on Andi Mack episode 5

Okay so I’m going to start writing my thoughts on each episode.

-Warning : Spoilers, mature language? (One bad word)-

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I think I baked these anatomical heart cupcakes as an excuse to make cannibalism and Valentine’s Day puns

You enter the tent
That bore no sign
And it is empty;- but it is not.

All is shadow, yet
There is still light
Approaching you, a starry blot.

Bright shadow smiles,
She welcomes you
A chair conjured, she bids you sit.

The rustle of wings
The scent of a memory
The brush of a skirt, a warm wit.

Shadow takes form,
A girl cloaked in night
A nod lights a sea of warm candlewick.

The emptiness fills. Around you,
Other patrons sit.
The girl of light and shadow implores,
‘Allow me to perform a trick.’

—  Celia Bowen. (for @unpeubrillante)

I was thinking about how many Emma ships there are and could be in @elvensemi‘s fic, Keeping Secrets and…

this is

without a doubt

the dorkiest thing I’ve ever made


bc come on

for me, tamara’s frown during the kiss scene meant one of three things:
- “man i wonder how kissing you feels like WHOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM”
- “celia is nice but you could do better, call, and better is right next to you laughing his ass off”
- “ew they’re exchanging spit”


Monsters Inc/University meets Tumblr

Part one out of who knows how many because this was really fun to make

Sorry about the posts where the url got cut off. I screenshotted a bunch from instagram and they didnt have the url there.


When morning came, the Hound did not need to shout at Arya or shake her awake. She had woken before him for a change, and even watered the horses. They broke their fast in silence, until Sandor said, “This thing about your mother…” 
“It doesn’t matter,” Arya said in a dull voice. “I know she’s dead. I saw her in a dream.”