celia morgan

Think about it...

Out of these people, If you could pick ONE person to meet and possibly start a friendship with. Who would you pick?

Nadine Kessler
Alex Morgan
Ali Krieger
Leonie Maier
Tobin Heath
Lena Lotzen
Dzsenifer Marozsan
Melanie Leupolz
Kelley Ohara
Tabea Kemme
Celia Sasic
Ashlyn Harris
Meghan Klingenberg


Evolution in the restaged tour Christine wigs:

  • Row 1: Katie Hall, UK (2012-13), 
  • Row 2: Olivia Brereton, UK (2012-13), 
  • Row 3: Julia Udine, USA (2013-14),
  • Row 4: Grace Morgan, USA (2013-14),
  • Row 5: Katie Travis, USA (2014-15).

Christines love the mirror-selfie

1. Anna O’Byrne (West End)

2. Paulina Janczak (Poland)

3. Grace Morgan (Restaged Tour)

4. Kaley Ann Voorhees (Broadway)

5. Julia Udine (Broadway)

6. Celia Hottenstein (Resteged Tour)

7. Katie Travis (Restaged Tour)

8. Celia Hottenstein (Restaged Tour)

9. Kaley Ann Voorhees (Broadway)