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from the journal of rupert giles:  i must place the greater good above all. regardless of how difficult that may be. anchoring the spell required a sacrifice. a dear one. the fabric holding the spell together was my life. specifically, one of the best days of my life. i’m not sure which one. that day is gone from my memory now. i don’t know precisely what i’ve lost. but its absence leaves an ache i believe i shall carry with me forever.

“the… the day giles sacrificed… to bind the demon. when you killed it, the spell unraveled… and the memories went into me. it was the day he and jenny fell in love.” (angel & faith s9x01)

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’Cause I’ve seen twilight

I was stained by a role
In a day not my own
But as you walked into my life
You showed what needed to be shown
I always knew what was right
I just didn’t know that I might
Peel away and choose to see
With such a different sight

Happy Jenny Calendar Day! @dreadfulcalendarwoman


Jonathan would have never guessed he would have TWO visitors at his door; one knew him already but the other, oh the other was a fabulous Canasian man with a beautiful pair of eyes and that gorgeous floof of chocolate brown hair. Jonathan was melting inside.

“Hey Johnny boyyyy! The doorbells-a- ringin’!” His sister called lazily from her bedroom up the two flights of stairs.

“Fine. Fine.” Jonathan sighed, pulling his phone from his desk and checking the messages as he rolled his laptop off his lap and onto the covers of his bed.

He took half the second flood while the guest bedroom stole the other half. However, his sister, Marie, stole a quarter of the third floor while their parents took half and the master bathroom took a quarter.

Yes, a bathroom can be as large as a bedroom, okay? That’s why it’s a MASTER bathroom. A total of two toilets(in little stalls really), two showers, a deluxe sized bath tub(with it’s own cut off room), three sinks, and at least five separate shelves guiding between each vicinity. It was just that large.

Jonathan never considered himself rich. Especially in the school he went to. He was just lower middle class which made him a not-so-popular-rich-kid. In addition, he played and bought video games on a weekly, maybe daily, basis. Therefore, friends were quite minimal and Jonathan was thoroughly picky.

However, Luke was like a brother to Jonathan. Their family were connected by marriages and what not. However, the Patterson family had no female child to take Jonathan’s hand so Jonathan would need to find a similar middle class bride or groom.

Sexuality never mattered in the traditions of the Dennis family or the Patterson family, though they were required to have children, adopted or birthed. The first, oldest son of the Patterson’s 20th century child was Luke; tall, lean, buff, hits the gym and returns with a massive attractive grin on his delightfully masculine, tanned face.

Luke was engaged to Marie, ready to mingle when single after his previous out-of-tradition girlfriend. Therefore, the two were a perfect match according to their interests, their personalities, and their tradition!

However, the mother of Luke could no longer bear children. As a result, Jonathan was left brideless and groomless to the tradition, but loved just as much as Luke and Marie.

It had never crossed Jonathan’s mind to get married according to Middle Class traditions until Luke brought home this beautifully tanned Asian from Canada. 

Jonathan could hear his mother now, fussing over his groom’s eyes and hair and his tan lines. His father would be jumping for joy that Jonathan had married correctly, ready for his future to adjust to his new life and such.

However, this man was already married. Celia Griffin, soon-to-be-bride of this handsome Asian named Evan. The girl only stayed in the house, lazy and boring, much like Marie except Marie went on dates with Luke and double dates to sports festivals and seasonal ticket shows.

Marie and Luke stuck together like glue, interested in sports and festivals and anything fun. Celia only stuck to Evan when she was getting money spent on herself alone. 

Jonathan found this unfair, urging to talk to his parents of this beautiful man and his shameful soon-to-be-bride. Jonathan was even tempted to mention how he would be a much better bride than her…

-Celia is not in reference to any real person, neither is Marie. This is really ooc and I have no clue how these characters would talk + react, thus they are simply fiction in this story. <3

let me tell you a beautiful gay story for pride month

okay so I have this cousin Celia, right? And Celia is the sweetest person of all time, just the biggest heart of anyone I know. I have always been protective of her as my little cousin but moreso since I found out she was a CSA victim. I loved her and wanted her to be happy more than anything, and it broke my heart to see her grow up struggling with severe depression and an eating disorder. once when we were still teens, I saw her social media profile list her sexuality as bisexual. I mentioned it like “whoa me too!” Because at the time that was how I identified, but she didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, so I never mentioned it again.

Sometime later she starts dating this guy named Jay and… I don’t like Jay. There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. He’s one of those white dudes who goes out of their way to be offensive because they think it’s funny and uses the insult “special snowflake” unironically, right? A total dillweed. BUT I concede I don’t know him well. My cousin lives a few States away and everyone seems to like him. So I kind of try to ignore my bad vibes that I’m getting and keep my mouth shut. My cousin was with him for something like seven years so I think hey there must be something about him that makes her happy and that’s what matters to me

So anyway about… A year ago maybe I get this message on Facebook asking me for my advice. Celia tells me about how the second she told Jay about her bisexuality he got really excited and started asking her about girls, whether she found random girls they met attractive. They had sex with a few together but after a while it started to make Celia uncomfortable. She told him this and he ignored it. He started pressuring her to make moves on women when she wasn’t interested. He coerced her into sex on a number of occasions… Suffice it to say, I am livid while reading this and just done with this dude immediately

Then she goes on to tell me about this girl she works with that she’s developed feelings for. She mentioned to Jay that she found her attractive (as he was always encouraging her to do)… And he became angry.

Now I should mention that this girl, Mandy, is super butch. Like… A lot of people think she’s a dude when they look at her. She’s beautiful, but definitely not conforming to social standards of how women “should” look.

So Jay gets really nasty about it. He’s super grossed out and mocks Celia endlessly about it. Celia becomes upset and tries to get him to drop it but he refuses. She starts to realize just how out of touch she and Jay had become, how they had grown apart. She still loves Jay, but he no longer makes her happy. And there’s a part of her that falls more and more for Mandy every day and worries she will miss her chance at happiness if she stays with Jay.

Of course you can imagine what I told her, so I won’t even get into it. She thanks me for my advice and says she still nervous to tell Jay or Mandy how she feels. She doesn’t want to hurt Jay either. Eventually she deletes her Facebook but keeps Instagram. I never mention the situation again because I know she needs to figure things out for herself.

After a while I begin to notice that she no longer posts pictures of Jay on IG. I become curious and cautiously optimistic but again say nothing because I know my cousin and how private she can be.

And sure enough a little while later I start seeing a very cute butch girl appear in her pictures. I am definitely optimistic now! The pictures start becoming more frequent and then really adorably cute and sappy. They are definitely dating.

Fast forward to today and Celia is head over heels for Mandy who seems like a really caring person. By the way she talks, Celia seems genuinely happy for the first time. she and Mandy are an absolutely adorable couple who are wild for each other, and Jay’s miserable butt is nowhere to be seen.

Moral of the story: Happy pride month everybody, gayness is amazing, and please make your neighborhood fetishistic heterosexual white dude miserable today!!!!

“Tell me,” Dany said, as the procession turned toward the Temple of the Graces, “if my father and my mother had been free to follow their own hearts, whom would they have wed?”

“It was long ago.  Your grace would not know them.”

“You know, though.  Tell me.”

The old knight inclined his head.  The queen your mother was always mindful of her duty.”  He was handsome in his gold-and-silver armor, his white cloak streaming from his shoulders, but he sounded like a man in pain, as if every word were a stone he had to pass.  ”As a girl, though…she was once smitten with a young knight from the stormlands who wore her favor at a tourney and named her queen of love and beauty.  A brief thing.”

“What happened to this knight?”

“He put away his lance the day your lady mother wed your father.  Afterward he became most pious, and was heard to say that only the Maiden could replace Queen Rhaella in his heart.  His passion was impossible, of course.  A landed knight is no fit consort for a princess of royal blood.” (Daenerys, ADWD)

Looking at this passage, a thing that sticks out to me is the descriptor of Ser Barristan’s body language while he is describing the queen as mindful of her duty: “He was handsome in his gold-and-silver armor, his white cloak streaming from his shoulders, but he sounded like a man in pain, as if every word were a stone he had to pass.“  

Ser Barristan is an honorable man.  He is a noble man.  He believes very much in duty, in righteousness and here—he is described in a pain that is what many men will describe as the greatest pain they have ever experienced.  Why might he sound so pained?

Ser Barristan Selmy is the one responsible for telling Daenerys about her family.  This means that he is burdened not just with telling her the truth, but in helping her understand it.  And it is a task that he is routinely uncomfortable with, because it is one where he has to encounter the stories that Viserys told Daenerys growing up.  Viserys saw his youth through rose-colored glasses: they were the glory days, nothing was wrong, everything was right.  And Barristan saw and understood the trouble in Aerys’ reign far more completely than Viserys, at the ages of 6-7, could have.  

If he “sound[s] like a man in pain, as if every word were a stone he had to pass” while describing Rhaella as “mindful of her duty,” look also at the descriptors when he is describing Aerys’ obsession with Joanna:

(Emphasis added)

Ser Barristan shifted in his saddle.

"As you command.”  The white knight chose his words with care. (Daenerys, ADWD)

He’s being selective.  Indeed, at another point when he’s counseling Dany, he describes this experience from his own point of view:

Ser Barristan’s tone gave no hint to his true feelings; he had learned to hide such back in King’s Landing years ago. (The Queensguard, ADWD)

Because I’m always thinking about historical sources–his is an oral testimony of events that happened more than thirty years before.  And when you are paying attention to oral testimony the things that are important are not necessarily the facts, but where the holes might be, what things might be misremembered, what things someone is being selective with.  Thirty years is a long time and it’s a very easy time to become so obsessed with one detail or another that sometimes things get unreliable.  So yes–what Barristan is saying is important–but what he's not saying is even more important.  What he's selecting not to say is where the really juicy stuff is, especially given the information that we learn in The World of Ice and Fire about Rhaella’s life and her relationships with those around her, I’m even more curious to know what he’s withholding, what he’s trying to paint positively when he’s saying that “The queen your mother was always mindful of her duty.”

celia-arts  asked:

oh god you are so good at drawing expressions, i love it so much! makes me fall a bit in love with them :> ssh please don't shame me...

Haa thank you!! :) I like me some exaggerated expressions.
In fact, I just did this … uh… “exercise” again. (Makes the “falling in love with them” part a little bit more challenging lol)

Magisterium questions

I kept meaning to do a bundled post, so … spoilers if you haven’t read Iron Trial and Copper Gauntlet.

Could this be something that happened with Drew? “She was leaning out from her seat, listening to Celia say, “I hear there’s a new type of Chaos-ridden where you can’t tell from the eyes. The creature doesn’t even know what it is until the Enemy makes it do what he wants.  

Drew wasn’t Chaos-ridden, just bad (and had an evil father.) If he had been Chaos-ridden, he would have been obedient to Call. The Chaos-ridden recognize the soul of the man who made them.

Cassie hi, I just finished The copper gauntlet and loved, and I have some questions to do, like … Call cut off the head of Constantine !!! would not be as cut off his own head? it certainly would go to the Call of the list of things that an evil lord would not? and now that the body of Constantine was destroyed, his life’s memories could be released making the Call to remember them ?? I can not wait for next book!!!

Hi, Ana! No, Call chopping off Constantine’s head doesn’t affect him. Constantine’s soul was not in that body. It was just an empty shell. It could be destroyed and not affect Call — that was the point of Constantine’s magic, to live on in another body and not be shackled to the old one.

hey cassandra! are jericho and constantine fraternal or identical twins?


Hi Cassie!
I just finished reading The Iron Trial and I have one question. If Alastair didn’t want Call to go to Magisterium, why did he take him to the Trial? I mean, was it obligatory? bc it is not told in the book.
Love and admire you so much.

It is mentioned, actually! All children with potential magical ability have to attend the Trials. Ability that isn’t bound, or taught to be controlled, can be potentially destructive or lethal. Alastair was obligated to take him.

Hey Cassie! I’m currently reading The Iron Trial (I feel like I’m commiting some sin everytime I’m not reading it) and I started thinking about the bracelets they use at the Magisterium. How many stones can a student have on its bracelet, what stones are those and what do they mean? I also love everything related to the Shadowhunters. Bye!

I don’t think Holly and I have come up with a limit to the number of stones. Stones represent achievements, awards, and identify Chaos Mages. I don’t think there’s ever been a situation where someone had too many - it’s sort of like “How many medals can go on a uniform?”

Hi, Cassie! I loooove the Magisterium saga. Really. It’s just so awesome. Like, super-awesome. But two questions: we’ll see the counterweight of Verity Torres? We know he or she had died in the war, but we don’t know anything about him or her. And we’ll see something about Europe mages or Europe Magisterium? You see, I’m from Europe and I’m dyiiiing to see the european mages. So, thanks for your time!

You’re right, we don’t know about Verity’s counterweight! Potentially, we will. European mages do make an appearance — remember that in Europe, they kill Chaos mages when they find them.

Hi Cassie. I’m a huge fan of the Magisterium series and I have to say that I had fun reading both books. But I want to ask you something. Will call and Tamara’s friendship progress into a romance? That kiss by Celia definitely surprised me because I personally think that Call interacts with Tamara more than Celia. It would be nice to have a slow romance between Call and Tamara. I can’t wait to read the next book of the Magisterium series!!!

Believe me, that’s the question we get the most often! All I can say is that Celia grabbing Call and kissing him because she’s glad he’s not dead does not decide anyone’s romantic future. He’s definitely closer with Tamara, but what kind of close they are remains to be seen.

Hi, Cassie! I was wondering about the titles of the next Magisterium books. I heard that the third one would be titled “The Bronze Key”, not “The Cosmos Blade”. Is it true? What about the others? Thanks to you and Holly Black for these wonderful books!

Cassie, the third book of the Magisterium series is known as the Bronze Key or the Cosmos Blade?? =)

Hey Cassie, can we please please please have some info about magisterium book 3 ??? I’m literally dead because of copper gauntlet. It killed me. — awscrewitall

The third book is called The Bronze Key. Does that count as info about book three? Um, we’ll meet some characters who have been mentioned but never yet seen. And there’s some murders. I don’t know what else I’m allowed to say without Holly murdering me.

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i'm sleepy but i want to join the I Love Lydia parade so...you're a beautiful tulip & you remind me of willow bc she too is a precious talented person who loves buffy summers

celia!!!! tulips and willow r both gay, so i enjoy this comparison. thank you khdfkghjhjkg :’)

(speaking of parades, my hometown did a pride parade this weekend and i missed it! tbh i dont love this town, it’s boring and suburban, but im proud of it for trying its best!!)