celia forbes


Celia was seven the first time she saw him. Her mother would call it imaginary, Caroline would call it childish or stupid, but Celia knew what it really was. It was a gift, one she would cherish, because Henrik was her best friend, her mentor, her brother. She would do anything for him, even track down his dangerous older brother to save his family.

“He’s daggered them, Celia,” Henrik told her quietly. “It’s like oblivion. Death would be better.”

Celia frowned, tugging on one of her braided pigtails - Caroline said it made her look like a baby, but Henrik said it reminded him of his sister, so she wore them as often as she could.

“I can - I could undagger them, couldn’t I? You’ve been teaching me magic, like that tracking spell!” She grinned, “I could use it, track them down and undagger them.”

“Nik would have them blocked from being tracked,” Henrik shook his head. “But I could find them,” he laughed.