celia and mike

The Stories of Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue Excalamation Mark

Observable Story No. 1: the Child Detection Agency

Monsters are afraid of humans, and humans are loose in their city!

The Monsters are on edge over rumors of a child sighting. The CDA investigates, but they never find the child. They do, however, find us…but it turns out they’re cool with us because of [reasons]. The end!

Observable Story No. 2: Celia

Celia wants to enjoy her birthday, but Mike is caught up in trouble.

Celia loves it when Mike wishes her a happy birthday. Unfortunately, Mike is implicated in the child sighting. Celia laments that her birthday is ruined. The end!

Observable Story No. 3: Sulley

Sulley wants to get Boo home, but everyone wants to capture her.

Sulley hides Boo. Randal sabotages Sulley’s efforts to get Boo home. Sulley returns Boo to her door.

Observable Story No. 4: Randal

Randal wants to stop Boo from getting home, but his plan is needlessly complicated.

Randal hates Sulley for [reasons]. He sabotages Sulley’s efforts to get Boo home instead of simply narcing on Sulley because [reasons]. Boo hits Randal; presumably he gives up and still doesn’t narc because of [reasons]. The end!

Experiential Story

We want to tour Monstropolis, but monsters are scared of humans.

We pass unnoticed through the city, even though we’re humans. We observe the other four stories, none of which involve us. Then we’re noticed by the CDA, the media, and Roz, but they’re all cool with us because of [reasons]. The end!


Monsters Inc/University meets Tumblr

Part one out of who knows how many because this was really fun to make

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