Crystal Herbalism- Witches Moon

The full moon is near (August 7th). Connect to it’s protective energy when the veil between the spirit world and ours is at its thinnest. When the bewitching hour comes, manifest a stronger intuition by honor lunar magick. This stone/herb combination with strengthen your spells, dreams, and visions.

  • Moonstone: (Moon)
    • Connect to the goddess, feminine energy, and the divine. 
  • Labradorite: (Stars)
    • The stone of Arianrhod (Welsh Goddess), a balance of light and darkness, stimulates lucid dreaming.
  • Celestite: (Sky)
    • Guidance for the journey into the spirit realm, soothes the mind, allows communication between you and spirits to ebb and flow.
  • Lodestone: (Ground)
    • Grounds your energy to a central point, creating a core for you to come back to. Used in Celtic magick for time travel. Protects your energy field from evil energy and black magick spells. 
  • Lavender: (Protector)
    • Prevents nightmares, provides psychic protection, and provides clairty during dream travel.