Merry Christmas by StePandy

This Christmas-themed illustration is a new challenge that both me and Ginja-Hime , organized together.
This Challenge was meant this way; each person in our group did an illustration, after that, another artist had to draw what would happen next, so we created a story without a script and everything can happen.

To see all the illustrations go here: fav.me/d9kwzld


Heaven’s Light: A Dislestia Fan Project

Let. Me. Diiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee.

anonymous asked:

Discord X Celestia please? *v*

Eeeeee Dislestia!  I promise I haven’t forgotten my precious fic; just… being sidetracked :’D.  It will continue eventually.  But for now:

It was not a simple matter of accepting chocolate rain and candy clouds as the new norm.  If it was as cheerfully whimsical as that, she would have welcomed him with one of Pinkie Pie’s famous parties, welcomed him with open hooves, as the saying went.  Or, rather, she would have never locked him in stone in the first place.

No, it was hardly as simple as that, for Celestia knew what her subjects had all only guessed at: that the chaotic sorcery they had witnessed was mere pasttime compared to what Equestrian history bore of his abilities.  She remembered what lay beneath the jest and the cruel pranks: famine, disease, disaster.  Untamed storms, unpredictable crops, beasts that heeded neither whinny nor neigh.  In short, a world filled with danger, one where death dogged the hoofsteps of every pony like some great hunter whose hunger was never sated. 

It was a world she remembered only when she caught his glittering eyes and glimpsed the old magic coiled behind his gaze, and… and it horrified her.  It horrified her, for though her mind recalled the cursed fear of those times, it also recalled something else: a fiery spirit of determination, of stubborn survival in the face of impossible adversity.  She remembered the spark that used to flicker in every pony’s eyes, something she had not seen in… in… well, in a long time.

And so while a definite fear surrounded the current situation, there was something else hidden away deep within her equine heart: the memory… no, the longing for that survivalist spirit to return to her kind.  It was a thing that shamed her much of the time, for that spirit only came with the threat of ruin close at its heels, but still… still she wanted it.  Yearned for it.  Yearned for… for him, really, because that was what he was: creator of cunning and bravery and growth whose tools happened to revolve around destruction.

Ruin of all that she loved.  Destroyer of the peace she had so carefully fostered.  Antithesis of her very being.

And what the wildness within her longed for most.

Well, there we go.  Man, I am rusty; but I tried ^^;