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It may actually at this point be inappropriate to call material of this nature “filler”. As I’ve understood the term it is not filler if:

1. it adds to character development, nuance, or exploration

2. it more deeply explores the plot

3. it expands the story in a necessary way for emotional impact

Which is really pretty much all anyone has been asking for when it comes to SMC and the plot.

Yes! You’re completely right, I was actually thinking about that when I was writing my rant, like, “Wait I’m not actually describing filler…”

But I used the word “filler” because it would still be stuff that didn’t strictly follow the manga and that’s a word used a lot for the original anime even though many of those filler episodes gave us some great character moments.

Especially when it came to the villains, filler was basically how we got to know them in the original anime.  Naoko never really expanded much on her villains (outside of a few) so it was really up to the original anime to fill in the gaps.

That was really what I wanted Crystal to do, I didn’t need AS MUCH filler as the original anime, nor did I need it to be a completely separate story like the original anime, but I wanted them to “fill in the gaps” that Naoko left behind.  The inner senshi, shitennou and even Beryl can all be extremely rich characters if they are given half a chance.  I’m disappointed we didn’t get that chance in this arc.