celestialalignment replied to your post:Oh my gods, the butthurt about this Masquerade…

A friend of mine told me there was a HUUUUUGE fight in the Golden Sun in DR and it was over who was going to emote the bartender. I really hate this community. XD

What in the world is the Golden Sun?

I don’t think even the WoW RP community got this butthurt over EVERYTHING the way the GW2RP community seems to. Somehow the bulk of the RPers in this game have created an extremely toxic OOC environment. I don’t know what spawned it but man this game is the nastiest I’ve ever seen RPers get over stuff that isn’t hurting anyone.

5-things-you-like tag-game chainspam thingie.

celestialalignment tagged me for the “Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers.”

1) I can do a lot of arithmetic in my head faster than people can plug the numbers into the calculator.

2) I care about the future and am trying to do my part to make it better. 

3) I have principles that are (as far as I can tell) very internally consistent, and I stick to them. 

4) I’m able to live on very little material wealth. 

5) I have a good sense of storytelling drama, which lets me improvise well when I write and RP.

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That just bugged me so much. That there was absolutely NO mention of Jill in RE6. :( Here’s hoping that RE7 is a Jill and Claire game! :D

Ugh same!! Like, Chris went missing for 6 months (!!!!!!!!!) and she did absolute nothing??? Not even mentioned??? Yeah Capcom, I’ll tots believe that cause that’s exactly what she did the other 354365235 times they lost each other, right?? #foreverbitter

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I’m still upset that marriage announcement about them was a joke.

Ugh yes!! Cause there was that one second of believing and… UGH *flips table*

@celestialalignment said: Moonstone and Steven and Connie (and/or whoever else) sword fighting in pirate outfits (and real or fake swords?)

pearl and lapis fuse moonstone for the very advanced sword fighting lessons, for stevonnie’s training

stevonnie’s still yet to win a match but they’re getting closer!!!!


I hatched a coatl boy, do you want him? Or do you wanna wait for my ripple nest? Or do you want one from both? Or what? Lemme know? Okay? I ended up getting two coatls out of my coatl/imp nest and i’m excited? 

also i should point out that he’s gray scale? and only has circuit? where with the other coatl nest you’re gonna get at least two genes? if not three? if we’re lucky and land a shimmer? why do i keep talking like this? i guess we’ll never know? also, here’s a picture of the boy all grown up? lemme know? if you want him? okay? 


Pearlapis Bomb Day 3: KISSING  (the day the Pearlapis fandom has been patiently waiting for)

Exactly what it says on the tin.  Bonus dorks getting caught in the act.

Process:  Stared at my screen for an hour going “how the fuck do I draw kissing omg”  Then proceeded to draw and my face is STILL red from drawing these.


what a start to #pearlapisbomb!!! 

the artists of these beautiful fusions:

first row: { fawntaur (mine) | powtothenutsjuncaron | celestialalignmentsplashiechan }

second row: { youmie-chan | do-the-mario | tassietyger | ceu-nos-teus-olhos | transientcosmicdreamer }

third row: { izaflake | ero-eri | deadcasual | little-doodles-of-heaven | katiedrawsstuff }

last row: { geenavaughn | rosylocks | starr-light-ly | princessharumi }