What is Post-Theism?

A few of you might be confused by the post-theist label. No, this does not mean I’m a theist unaffiliated with organized religion. This doesn’t mean I believe in a deity. Post-theism describes an attitude that we are beyond the god question. The atheist label no longer makes sense because the question of god is a settled fact; a god doesn’t exist and never did, so I don’t lack belief, but rather proceed with the knowledge that there’s no god and conduct my life as such.

I no longer dwell on the question or consider the question. Yes, this is compatible with gnostic atheism because it requires knowledge rather than mere non-belief sans knowledge, i.e., agnostic atheism. However, the question of whether a god exists no longer interests me; it no longer occupies my time in that it’s something I give no thought to. Religion and belief in god is a relic of human history. So I am as post-atheistic as I am post-theistic. 

Post-(a)theism is a stronger position in that it isn’t a proclamation of non-belief or even knowledge of there being no god. It’s a stronger claim: religion was borne out of human ignorance; our lack of scientific knowledge, historical knowledge, philosophical understanding and reasoning, and technological progress resulted in a belief stemming from agency over-detection, among other fallacious conclusions. Religion was the result of primitive thinking, underdeveloped reasoning, and a severe misapprehension of the world we live in. 

In many ways we are all post-theistic in that we don’t attribute lightning, tidal waves, strong winds, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes to the wrath of a god. We moved passed polytheistic explanations of natural phenomena and remain only with the palpably silly idea that a god created the universe and world. I am at a point where those notions are as ridiculous as the idea that Zeus launches every lightning bolt everywhere – including on planets like Jupiter. What I’ve learned about causation, the dispositions of material objects, and the universe doesn’t allow for such an explanation; never mind that god is a human projection, a way of seeing our own image even behind phenomena we can’t even begin to control. 

God is the name of an idealized human, infinite in every domain we are finite in: infinitely knowledgeable, powerful, moral, and good; every one of us will die and yet god is considered eternal. God is the name of human naiveté and arrogance, the notion that the creator of the universe must be a perfect version of ourselves. God is the name of the lack of imagination of our ancestors. If anything, imagination hasn’t discovered a super-human controlling and governing the universe; imagination has discovered natural forces that move celestial bodies and oversee their formation; imagination has scaled down the universe to previously incomprehensible small scales; imagination has proven once and for all that the universe is probabilistic, that chance rather than agency is more prevalent in the universe. Imagination has shown that the idea of god was borne from a lack of creativity rather than masterful ingenuity. Whether you like it or not, we are beyond the need for god as ultimate explanation or temporary placeholder; we are beyond the question of whether one exists. This is the age of post-theism.

Forgotten || Jun || Oneshot

Word Count: 2483

Genre: fantasy, chinese!mythology, one shot, angst 

Summary: A one shot based off the story/drama《三生三世十里桃花》

Junhui sat numbly, in a daze. He stared ahead, staying in the same position he had been in for several months, moving only to sleep and eat; his dry lips slightly parted and his eyes red, swollen, and glassy. His breathing came out slowly and shakily as if he were concentrating on not crying. His hair, which had been elegantly pinned up before, now fell around him in a curtain of black.

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With all the power from the 4 princesses absorbed, Starlight has ascended beyond that of any alicorn. Moving celestial objects is a simple task. Control over the Sun and Moon, commanding meteors, creating a Super Nova…All now within her limits. Her wings allude to the wings of the alicorn princesses, Celestia, Luna, Cadence. Twilight’s magic taken, Starlight can truly be called the One Winged Angel. —
(Had I more time and planned it out more, Flurry Heart would be featured as the infamous “Heartless Angel” used in this final fight) ..Alot of people are probably used to normal Sephiroth that appears in subsequent Final Fantasy titles and Kingdom Hearts with his lengthy blade, but in FF7, he transforms into what is called Safer Sephiroth and looks similar to this angelic rendition. (Might redraw this with Flurry Heart in the future)

Poem #58

Maybe I’ll know another year has passed
If I happen upon the right amount
Of darkness to see the Perseids brush
Away the stars’ timeless paralysis.

We know the universe is expanding
Because light shifts into the red spectrum
As celestial bodies move outwards
Relative to stationary observers.

Red is the incubator of distance.
Crabapples transpose into teal endings -
Amputated organs that plummet red
But cannot light themselves from within

And dissolve. I know I’ve missed your birthday
Because the grocers are stocking pumpkins,
But they’re always the wrong colour for grief.
Mushrooms rise in fairy rings from the mulch.

Night channel static crackles like fish bones.
I scrunch my eyelids to blanket myself in red.
Oceans of lightyears prickle through my skin.
Everything diffuses. Everything collects space

And you too should be a travelling light.
A dying streetlamp glimmers yellow-red,
Cupped by cataract hands of drizzled haze,
And for a moment I recall your soul.

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Stargazing headcannons with TFP Knock Out, Predaking, Soundwave, Darksteel and Skylynx and their beloved human mate, please?

I love stargazing! There’s so much out there to see!


-The riverbank is heavy with water, dirt and sand mingling in harmony with the ebb and flow of the waves. The trees around you seem to lean out a little more, the expansive night sky spreading before you in a sea of unknown possibilities.

-Looking through Knockout’s skylight, you see the delicate power of the celestial bodies, as they move above you in great sweeping movements, too far away for you to see.

-The ache and longing for home in Knockout’s spark, is dulled by the wonder in your eyes, as you lean back in the passenger seat, and drink in the heavens’ light.


-The big moon loomed over the sand and water, it’s light protective of the secrecy of the night. The the soft grains below trembled at the sheer power of the ocean in front of you, the careful balance of things softening the greatness of the gentle earth.

-Two giant metal paws rest on either side of you. A long muzzle, armed with teeth carefully swings back and forth behind you, looking this way and that at the sky, the predacon’s home and kingdom.

-The gentle air becomes softer as you begin to grow drowsy, curling closer to Predaking and his protective warmth.


-The night is quiet, as the desert outside of Jasper sinks into a deep surrender. The elf owls in the cacti begin to open their tired eyes, and the rocks seem to settle down further into the sand, tired from a day of the sun beating on their backs.

-Soundwave lays next to you, an oddity in the nature of the setting. The night molds and shapes around him, seeming to bend to his will, the mighty falling before the still.

-The force of the fierce night is dwarfed by the love from your comrade, who takes your hand as best he can, and in a moment, leads you to a silent moment of serenity.


-The forest around you is alive with the sounds of young nocturnal animals waking, ready to explore. The creek in the distance is clearly audible, ceaseless in it’s task to bring mountain water to it’s final destination in the lake far below.

-The laughter in the optics of your counterpart dances around your heart with the glee of an excited child. He sits, restless with humor, beside you in the thick of the ever-living night.

-The ancient song of the natural world around you is the only thing to accompany the both of you in the subdued twinkle of the starlight.


-The breeze wafts through the tall grass, silver with the man in the moon’s bright laughter, beaming down from high above. The crickets chirp a soft tune in time with the twinkling of the stars, surrounding you in an intimate dome of music.

-The might of the being beside you rested in the deepness of the atmosphere, fitting perfectly in the graveness of the nighttime. The grave energy of the stillness complimenting him with the fondness of a friend.

-The hush of Skylynx’s movement coming to a full rest breaks the sway of the grassy bubble you lay in, both of you soaking in the starlight, weak against it’s inviting glow.

SephGen Week 2017 - Part 1 -

Monday: Apocalypse / Moonlight

Today on I Have No Idea What I’m Doing But I’m Doing It Anyway: Monday’s piece for @lilly-white‘s SephGen Week 2017, based on both SFW prompts. I ran out of motivation to draw after two pieces, so I did mini-ficlets instead for the rest! Also, I’ve never actually written the characters before, so don’t expect too much out of this. It’s mostly self-indulgent, if anything. Please note that I am actively trying to be depressing. Enjoy~

The first thing that Sephiroth had asked him when they met was “Why is the sky burning?”.

He didn’t answer that day. Instead he pulled his long-lost friend into a bonecrushing hug and started crying. He hadn’t seen another human being in over five years… at least not one that had been alive. Sephiroth stared at him in confusion for several long minutes, and then returned the hug with just as much force.

Several months have passed since then. They have slowly made their way across the Eastern continent, travelling by day and resting by night. Sephiroth still sometimes asks about the sky and why it’s burning.

Because you set it on fire.

Genesis still hasn’t answered.

While they’re walking Sephiroth will stare up at the sky, sometimes for hours, fixated on that weird, unfamiliar blood red celestial body that never moves and always stays in the exact same spot, right in the direction of where Midgar used to be. He’ll stare at it until his eyes water from how bright it is and force him to stop, and even then he’ll occasionally glance at it over his shoulder, furrowing his brows as if trying to remember something.

Genesis never looks up at the sky –not during the day, that is. He doesn’t want to see it… at night he can at least pretend. At night the sky looks just like before everything went to hell – thousands upon thousands of stars, and a pale moon that illuminates the landscape around them. Moonlit nights are the best nights there are.

Except it isn’t a moon.

The moon has been gone for years. It’s been ground to dust, and the thing that hangs up there in the sky instead is the last remnant of the Meteor that turned this planet into a barren wasteland. That ended all life.

All except his.

And Sephiroth’s.

Sephiroth speaks of towns, of villages, of places of civilization that they can seek out to find survivors and rebuild their world. Genesis listens, and doesn’t have the heart to tell him. He simply doesn’t know what to say.

They’re gone. They’re all gone; there’s nothing left, and it’s your fault. You killed them.

They sit together at night beside their little camp. Sephiroth talks once again of the survivors that he imagines in all the corners of the world, in Mideel, in Kalm, in Nibelheim. Genesis winces inwardly.

You burned it down. You burned the entire world to ashes in the name of the creature you called Mother.

But he doesn’t say it. He stares up at the meteor moon high up in a sky full of stars, and says nothing.

The two of us are the only living beings left in the world, don’t you understand? Jenova and your dreams of Godhood murdered the planet and all the people on it. You died, and came back, and died, and came back, and every time you lost a little more of yourself. And now you’re here, and everything else is gone. And you don’t even remember why.

Sephiroth speaks of a future for the planet, a future for mankind. Genesis sits next to him and stares up at the night sky, and holds his tongue, knowing that he’ll never find the courage to tell his friend the truth. Because ignorance is bliss and Genesis is terrified of being alone again, and there’s no-one left to judge him for his selfishness except himself.

So he smiles and listens and tries to be content.

And fails.

Snippet of an angel!Sam fic in the works.

Wordcount: 487

He is aware of a human soul, called by the name Sam Winchester, that is adrift in the cosmos where no human has ever been (where no human should ever be). He is aware of this in the same way that he is aware of a human infant laughing, and of a dolphin jumping into the air, and of a housecat asking for food, and of a mouse running in the rain, and of a firefly’s light, and of every microorganism in a backyard pond.

He is aware of these in the same way that he knows there is a star formation nearby, and there is a black hole billions of light-years away, and in between there is a galaxy spiraling into itself, and a solar system in perfect balance, and a sun about to collapse, and a planet scarred by asteroids, and a moon being pulled apart by gravity, and a comet burning itself into nothing.

The cosmos is not silent. Every atom and molecule that forms matter, every void of emptiness in between — the whole universe sings a lament. All of creation is weeping; everything that exists is crying out.

He knows everything, and he knows nothing. He sees all, and is blind. He does not feel anything — nor does he know why he should, or what it would be if he did. He hears the lamentations of creation and does not wonder why he remains silent.

He exists. For an eternity, for a moment, for a millisecond that is an eon.

Then he hears a voice. “Listen,” it says, in the same language as creation, but saying something entirely different. “Hear me.” The sound of it is faraway, and unclear, and unceasing. “Listen.”

“Hear me,” it says, and he reacts. He inclines his consciousness towards it, and finds that it has a source, that it comes from a specific direction.

“Listen,” it says, and he moves. Celestial wings catch matter and nothingness alike, and propel him towards the voice.

“Hear me,” it says, and he moves faster, because the voice is changing, beginning to sound like the galaxies and formations and universe around him, because there is a sadness to it.

“Listen,” it says, and though it has the sadness of creation, there is something else that makes him move faster still.

Hear me,” it says, and it is desperate.

The universe weeps, but it is resigned and weary. This voice cries out, and it has a similar sadness, but it is fierce and urgent and he feels it.

Listen,” the voice says, and he listens.

Hear me,” it pleads, and he hears.

Please come home,” it cries, and he sees the star that is the Sun and the blue planet called Earth, and once he breaches the atmosphere he hears a human voice echoing the same words, and he knows, he knows that voice — and he sees his family and he is home.

I’m looking for feedback, if anyone’s willing to send some. ^^ Does this sound like something you would read? Is the ending too abrupt? Is the abruptness acceptable if this is only meant to be a mini-chapter partway through a fic, not a standalone story?

(I might edit this to tag one or two people, but I dunno. I’ve never shared a snippet before, and I’m a bit shy to show this to a writer that I respect.)

((EDIT: you know what I’m just going to do it. *deep breath* Hi @semirahrose, welcome to the beginning of the madness that started when I encountered the idea of angel!Sam on your blog a couple of months ago. xD))

Navia Week, Day 3: Jealousy

            Fair warning: This one has some “mildly suggestive themes” because really, I couldn’t imagine this prompt any other way, and Juvia is a pervert… sorta… ^___^


            The corner of the wooden pillar splintered under Juvia’s grip, and an intense dark aura surrounded her. Natsu-san had broken her of that nasty habit of stalking… for the most part… But that didn’t mean she never momentarily watched his interactions with their Guildmates before she “officially” met up with him for missions and dates. J-Just to make sure he was okay! Natsu-san wasn’t always on the watch for shameless flirts, or hussies that didn’t know when to back off. These moments of protection never lasted for very long!

            Sometimes these “moments” translated to “5 minutes in real time”, but hey, who was counting…?

            “Are you sure I can’t come along…? I really need the rent money, like… yesterday.” Lucy begged with waterfalls of tears cascading down her face. Natsu chuckled at his friend’s plight.

            “You must really be desperate if you want to take the Vulcan job with me ‘n Juvia. We’re practically guaranteed to wreck crap~.” Natsu’s tone was teasing as his mouth twitched into a toothy grin. Lucy could only nod glumly.

            “It’s true. At this point, every little bit helps!”

            Now, Lucy meant this in a completely platonic, monetary sense, but Juvia was known for having an overactive imagination. And it did not help that the world looked more sparkly and beautiful as she looked at Natsu and Lucy longer, with the blonde Celestial Wizard even moving into Natsu’s chest longingly and looking up into his eyes with uncontainable lust.

            “It’d mean a lot to me if you’d let me come along…” Lucy silkily ran a hand down Natsu’s chiseled chest.

            “I know, my love. But Mistress Juvia would be quite angry if she discovered our tryst~…” Natsu huskily replied as he leaned his face in toward the blonde.

            “Oh, Natsu…” Lucy whispered.


            They moved closer and closer until they grazed each other’s lips softly and passionately. Both of them losing interest in the world around them as Lucy deepened the kiss, and her hand went lower to Natsu-san’s pants-

            Steam exploded from Juvia’s ears, and she shook her head wildly, the faux romantic visions disappearing from view immediately. Lucy was even waving goodbye to the Dragon Slayer as she went to check out Team Shadow Gear’s availability. The Water mage took several deep breaths to recompose herself. Natsu-san wouldn’t cheat on her like that! Sure, he was a novice in the ways of love, but even he knew there were lines that were not to be crossed when one was in a relationship. Natsu-san was not some… some… player who picked up chicks to satisfy his lust!

            ‘But he could be tempted by no-good, scheming, shameless… temptresses!’ A voice in a far corner of Juvia’s mind objected, though Juvia did her best to reel in her jealousy before it became overwhelming. Natsu-san had known Lucy-san longer than he had known Juvia, and their friendship was very well known in the Guild… He had even turned Lucy-san down, so there was nothing to worry about.

            Lucy momentarily turned back to Natsu, winked, and blew a kiss.

            Juvia twitched and shook an annoyed fist at the blonde’s retreating figure. Curse Former Love Rival for getting Juvia so worked up over nothing…!

            “Oh, Natsu! Still here?” Mira greeted the Pyro, leading him to approach the bar counter. “I thought Juvia would’ve gotten here by now~.”

            The barmaid giggled as Natsu shrugged neutrally.

            “She’s just late sometimes. It’s all good, though~. She’s really good at distracting me from my motion sickness – says she got experience from helpin’ Junkyard out~.”

            Mira tapped her chin thoughtfully after a few moments of comfortable silence between them.

            “Say. You wouldn’t mind coming down to the cellar to help me out a minute, would ya? Evergreen whisked Elfman away for the day for some ‘much needed pampering’, so I don’t have his big strong arms to help me move some supplies up here~.” As the Pyro hummed noncommittally, Mirajane sweetened the deal. “I’ll give you some of my leftovers, free of charge~.”

            Natsu rubbed his chin before nodding sagely and smiling widely.

            “Sure, okay!”

            As the duo marched off to the cellar, Juvia’s eyes bulged, and sweat began to trickle down her face.

            ‘L… L… Leftovers?!Juvia internally shrieked. Her mind immediately leapt to the gutter after hearing that little exchange. No surprise there.

            “So, uh, how do I insert this thing again?”

            “You just lift up my legs like this~. Then you drill me like a man possessed, got it~?”

            “This is weird, but I like it~!” Pause. “Say, uh… Juvia said to use condoms when we do this… What’s a condom?”

            “Oh, don’t worry about those~. If you’re doing ‘safe sex’, you’re not doing it right~.”

            “Whatever ya say, Mira! Do I unload in or out?!”

            “Why, you unload inside me, you sexy dragon! ‘Til I’m full to burst with your molten seed~!”

            … Juvia’s mind broke from that daydream. Not only because Mira-san was being very naughty, but because of Natsu-san’s well-toned body, and his rather… well-endowed… parts… Coughing awkwardly, Juvia tugged and glared down at her winter coat. Perhaps Natsu-san had a point about not wearing this stuffy thing all the time. Besides, if she showed off more of her voluptuous curves, Natsu-san wouldn’t be so easily tempted away by the likes of Lucy-san and Mira-san. Instead, he would be the one stuck with wet dreams involving her… And then his dragon instincts would take over, and he would burn off her shirt, and tear off her pants…

            Shaking her head vigorously once again, Juvia made the critical decision of returning Fairy Hills briefly to change into something… comfier. More form-fitting~. Natsu-san would be busy for a few minutes with whatever he and Mira-san were doing, so she had time!

            … She just needed to hurry.


            By the time Juvia returned to the Guild, enough had changed that she barely received any looks from her Guildmates when she strolled back in confidently. The reason being that there was a crowd in front of the bar counter,  where Mira-san was standing across from Erza-san, and poor, sweet Natsu right dab in the middle of them.

            “Mira, you’ve gone too far this time…!” Erza barked as she tugged one of Natsu’s arms and brought him her way. The possessive look in her eye and the childish pout might have looked adorable if Juvia wasn’t stewing in jealousy, toward the back of the crowd.

            “Ara, ara, too little, too late, Tincan~. Natsu agreed to it.” The Takeover mage argued with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. In the blink of an eye, she had snatched Natsu away from the scarlet knight and returned to her original position, but this time with the Dragon Slayer snuggled to her bountiful dirty pillows. “And Natsu always keeps his promises~.”

            Even the mighty Titania was blinking owlishly as she seemed to try and puzzle out how the barmaid had moved so damn fast. She stayed blinking like that for a few more seconds before growling and moving at a speed that rivaled the Demon’s. Though there was a distinct clang as Natsu’s head was connected with the scarlet knight’s breastplate.

            “Natsu has a duty to his team first and foremost! Promises with she-devils like you are irrelevant!”

            Mira scowled at the knight’s possessiveness. She was not about to lose this fight!

            “Don’t lie to yourself, Erza~. You just want him all to your greedy self! Natsu doesn’t have to indulge you!”

            Huh. Natsu was smothered in Mira’s melons again. Go figure.

            “He doesn’t owe a tramp like you anything! He stays with us!” Erza roared. Aaand Natsu was back with her.

            … This quickly devolved into childish fighting, Natsu going back and forth between the two legendary rivals.


            “DUTY TO HIS TEAM!”





            By this point, Juvia was doing everything she could to make this nightmare go away. She pinched herself. Slapped herself. Shook her head until it seemed like her head would fall off her shoulders… Nothing seemed to work.

            This wasn’t some horrible made-up fantasy. This was real!

            “ENOUGH!” Juvia roared as she entered the fray and parted the squabbling rivals by sending waves of water at each of them. She recovered Natsu while they were distracted, and started to inch toward the exit with Natsu hugged possessively to her chest, and the most jealous look she’d had on her face. “You two should be ashamed! Natsu-san is Juvia’s! He belongs to neither of you!!”

            For a drawn out moment, both barmaid and knight looked at Juvia like she had sprouted a second head. Then, Mira recovered first, and things slowly made sense again…

            “Juvia, we were talking about a photoshoot, silly girl!” Mira stuck out her tongue bashfully as she clasped her hands in front of herself and bowed apologetically to the Rain Woman. “We weren’t fighting over just Natsu either, y’know~.”

            Erza bowed more deeply and apologized more profusely before explaining where Mira left off.

            “Th-That’s right! Jason is scheduled to be coming to Fairy Tail next week, and I thought it was obvious you and Natsu would be posing with me, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, and Carla.” She gave the barmaid next to her the stinkeye. “And then I hear this harlot spewing nonsense about ‘promises’ made… Delusional. You will be posing with us!”

            Mira pouted and side-glared at Erza.

            “But Lisanna will be quite disappointed if Natsu breaks his promise to her~.” She beamed at the dumbstruck Juvia, who was still possessively holding onto Natsu. “So you’ll be posing with us~.”

            Erza scoffed and crossed her arms. Her glare connected with Mira’s and sent an electric spark her way.

            “If Lisanna is so worked up over it, she can just pose with us. Problem solved.”

            Mira sent a spark back toward Erza’s glare.

            “Silly Erza~. Lisanna is a member of Team Mira, and therefore Natsu and Juvia are obligated to join us.”

            Everyone sweatdropped as the electricity intensified between their glares, and the two rivals got up in one another’s face. Looked like they were about to throw down like the old days, but Juvia didn’t care so much about that at the moment. Everyone else looked like they were fearing for their lives, but Juvia looked as if the gears were slowly turnin’ in that head of hers, and Natsu was, well… He was just happy to not be on the verge of losing his lunch because of the rapid back-and-forth between the two strongest females in Fairy Tail.

            “So Love Rivals were not fighting for Natsu-san’s heart…?” Juvia whispered in awe, making Natsu grin as he extricated himself from her possessive grip.

            “’Course not, you silly girl~. They were fightin’ over us, ‘cause we’re really good friends with both of ‘em! I wouldn’t let them steal me away from you, my sexy Water mage~.” Natsu grinned that grin of his that melted Juvia’s heart, and she cried out all too happily.

            “Muuuooo…! Let’s cuddle!” Juvia overenthusiastically tackled the Dragon Slayer to the floor with the biggest smile on her face. It was only then that Natsu noticed it…

            “… Are you wearin’ the spare clothes I left at your place?”

            “Juvia thought you would like seeing all of Juvia’s curves~.“


On Monday she was a starlet
A crisp, clean complexion
with striking rouge
and sleek black-lined eyes.
She walks elegantly,
eyes of the world
fixated on the porcelain air of grace that she carries

On Wednesday she was a goddess
Wild flowers laced through her hair
catching the light of the golden flecks of a halo around her eyes
Rosy hues dancing on her cheeks
like the soft sky behind her
A dance she so effortlessly conjures up in the grass
She walks freely, joyfully,
eyes of the world turned elsewhere,
unchaining her

On Thursday and Friday
she was a mermaid
a being beyond our own world
Lips saturated in cobalt blue
pupils wide and bright behind the spectrum of colour painted onto her eyelids
She moves artistically, celestially
drowning those who dare to still her
Eyes of the world
never quite seeing as she does

—  faces of an artist, e.m.
Dark Fate Mukami Prologue Translation

If you choose Ruki     If you choose Kou     If you choose Yuma      If you choose Azusa


――Life is meaningless without a light called ‘love’.



Socrates: … …Mm… …

Karlheinz: Too fast to live, my friend.

Socrates: My my. How many defeats does this make it?

Karlheinz: This would be the 183rd time.

Socrates: … …It can’t be, right?

Karlheinz: It is, no doubt. Right here… …I mark the board for track. Look. There’s 183.

Socrates: Sigh… …Damn!

Karlheinz: No need to get irritated, friend. The more we play, the better of chance there is for the day to come where you’ll win.

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Since Pluto was reclassified to a dwarf planet, people have decided that Pluto is just no longer a planet. What about the other majestic tiny planets that take on the harsh business of being a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star? Pluto is a planet, and so are Makemake, Haumea, Eris, and Ceres. Planet equality.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 1 Part 3

Finally got through this… With everything going on for me lately, I haven’t really been in the frame of mind to focus on translating for the past few days. Thanks to everyone who waited patiently.

This is also the section that contains the previously translated scene with Hinata and Hanabi… still not happy about that being reposted without crediting me. (Mentioning this because I don’t want anyone who saw the rip-off to mistakenly think it was the original post and that I’m the one stealing it or anything. This was my original post and someone else took my work and reposted it.) And with that obligatory disclaimer over…

Previous sections:

Prologue Chapter 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Edit: Guidelines for using my translations. Please read before reproducing in whole or part

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#3 Snow

Day 3 of the Sabriel Advent calender! (shh I know it’s a day late). The theme of today’s drabble is snow, and it’s a gift for the cutest little bunny @syzygycas

Gabriel was an archangel, millennials old, but even he loved the snow, much to Sam’s surprise. So when they woke up one morning tangled together in Sam’s bed, and Gabriel had caught a glimpse of the white-coated world Sam had honestly never seen the celestial being move faster before noon.

 “C’mon Sam! Snowing!” Gabriel grinned, dragging his jeans on, throwing a thick plaid shirt at Sam.

 “Okay, coming, but why’re you so excited?” he chuckled, watching the angel pull a dark turtleneck over his head and he was greeted by a messy haired scowl once Gabriel and the sweater were done arguing.

 “Because the snow is so much fun and it’s so pure and kinda glittery, kinda like your soul. Stop talking and start coming Sammy, jeez.” he huffed, stepping into his boots and yanking at the laces. Sam let out a slow ‘be patient Samuel’ sigh and got up, donning the plaid that’d been launched at him.

The layer of snow on the ground was thick, coming up over their ankles and Gabriel bent down to pick up a handful, pressing it into a snowball that he threw as far as he would, it making a loud long woosh noise as it flew, the air crisp and still. Sam chuckled as he saw some pawprints as short space away that were obviously caused by some small animal that’d decided that no, it was too cold.

Sam honestly had never found anything more beautiful than watching Gabriel just stand there staring up at the sky, the small flakes landing and staying on his nose and eyelashes. Gabriel seemed mesmerised by the sky, the pale blue of it and the falling snow. Gabriel’s nose was going red, as were his cheeks but he didn’t seem to care. He just tightened his grip on the scarf he was wearing and shook his head, dislodging the snow from his hair.

 “Say, Gabe?”

 “Mmm?” He leant back into Sam and looked at him for a second before looking back up at the sky.

 “Why are you so fascinated by snow?” he wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist.

 “‘cause it’s pretty.” he whispered, sticking his tongue out to catch a flake. “I like the fleetingness of it. The way it’s here, then it’s gone.” he leant back into Sam. “So many things are better in the long run - like sunshine, lollipops or you. But snow? Snow’s good in short amounts. Keeps the fun alive.” Sam bent down, nuzzling at Gabriel’s ear before kissing it softly.

 “And you’re always one for fun aren’t you my little trickster.” Sam’s question was answered by a snowball miraculously finding its way down the back of his shirt at high speeds.

Comet makes rare, close pass by Mars

NBC News: A comet made a rare pass by Mars on Sunday, passing just 87,000 miles from the planet, less than half the distance between Earth and the moon.

NASA said the comet, which is believed to be a first-time visitor to the inner solar system, passed 10 times closer to Mars than any known comet has passed by Earth.

Photo: A telescope at the Tzec Muan Observatory in Australia generated images of Mars and Comet Siding Spring on Sunday as the two celestial objects moves closer together. The comet is the greenish spot near the center of the field of view. Mars is the bright spot in the picture.  (N. Howes / R.Wodaski / Tzec Muan Observatory)