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The Sisko is my dream guardian angel.

I was having a pretty elaborate nightmare I’d rather not share the details of until he showed up and pulled me out of it. He brought me back to the front yard of my old house while it was twilight, and he brought some other Star Trek characters to write songs and joke around with (I only remember Deanna Troi, Julian Bashir, and Miles O'Brien right now but I know there were more). He also managed to get @sevencfnine over there too, which was really nice. I can’t say that I would’ve wanted to write a rap about DS9 and a power ballad about Voyager in the waking world, but Sisko knew it would be fun and everyone involved would be pretty excited to do that. Either way, he was there to bring me home.

In conclusion, thank you Captain Sisko. You’re the best dream guardian angel ever.

“I remember when I first saw the gate of the Celestial Temple - I was on the Promenade. When it burst into view, this… whirlpool of color and light, the people all around me were in awe. They said they could feel the love of the Prophets washing over them… Do you know what I felt, Anjohl? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I smiled, and pretended I did, because it was expected of me. I’ve never admitted that to anyone.”

Winn Adami - in my series of Star Trek fan art

ds9 au where the bajorans occupied cardassia and the hebitians worship the gods in the celestial temple and so we have sisko still as the emissary but then major garak as his first officer and somewhere in a shop on the promenade we have plain and simple kira furiously knitting away at some couture creation

this also means that dukat and winn’s roles are reversed and she frankensteins herself into a cardassian and seduces him


When they were at a loss with reality, they would leave it behind. Travelling for months across endless cities, stepping across entire worlds. They stood beneath the greatest of universal landmarks, audience to unimagined waterfalls, colossal mountains, forgotten palaces, flourishing gardens, ancient monuments. And then they would pause to pray, together in every extravagant temple, where golden pillars reached with desperately adorned purpose, calling for the salvation of unknown gods.
—  Celestial Dynasty
ESFJ: Winn Adami, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”

ESFJ – the Provider, the Facilitator, the Caretaker

A smiling, self-righteous old lady enters the place our family of misfit characters calls home and immediately sets everyone on edge with her overbearing rules and conspiratorial grabs for power.

Nope, we’re not profiling Dolores Umbridge today. It’s Star Trek’s own Space Pope, the chillingly wicked Kai Winn. DS9 has some truly lovely Fe-doms on board, but Winn brings the Mean Girl-ness to a religious level.

Dominant Function: (Fe) Extraverted Feeling, “The Garden Fountain”

When Winn Adami first saw the wormhole—or the Gates of the Celestial Temple, as her people believe them to be—she felt nothing. All her fellow Bajorans around her, however, reacted in awe, and Winn felt she had to display the proper response. She never has a personal experience with the Prophets her entire life, but rather loops through her Fe-Ne, playing along with the Bajoran faith to pretend that she believes what everyone else believes.

Her rise to power is driven by her need to be seen as more righteous than others despite her insecurities. She finds it deeply distasteful that the Prophets chose an outsider like Sisko as their Emissary. She can’t even get out of his shadow after she ascends to Bajor’s highest religious position. Winn speaks sweetly even to her enemies—perhaps more so—and passive-aggressively insults those she dislikes, always acting shocked when someone (usually Kira) calls out her true motives.

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The Temple of Celestial Harmony.

There is a legend of a monastery deep in the mountains of Nepal wherein dwell an order of monks which never see evil or ugliness.  Their monastery is in a sheltered vale and protected by mountain passes.  The monks come to the monastery as infants and never leave their entire life, everywhere around them is nothing but beauty, serenity and peace.  There is no sickness here. Death, when it comes, usually at an age of around 110 years or more, sometimes a great deal more, is treated as a joyous occasion and there is no mourning. They raise their own crops and make a soothing drink called “tansgoma”. It is said to allow men to dream while waking.  They are said to be capable of shape shifting, often into birds, to travel to the heavenly realm at will and to see long distances while in meditation. They never leave but travelers in the summer of 1922 claimed they have an uncanny knowledge of the outside world including, so the village elders told them, knowledge of the then recent World War in Europe.

The people in the surrounding village are not permitted to enter the sanctuary but trade spices and other goods from a basket which is lowered from the walls at sunrise and again at sunset.  Here, there is no greed, no lust, no envy. All belongs to all. There is no hierarchy all are equal. Marco Polo heard of the Temple and these legends came down to us as the legend of Prester John and the lost city of Shangri-la  Four times in a thousand years enemies, each in their turn, have made their way to the walled monastery. The Mongols, the Rajputs, the Mughals and the Chinese.  Each lured by tales of golden idols, with eyes of ruby each the size of a melon. Each army was devastated, destroyed almost to the man by a raging plague which was borne upon the very air they breathed but which the monks and surrounding villagers are immune.

No Westerner has ever so much as touched the sacred walls of the temple compound. It is told that the great Alexander himself made it to the first pass but turned back when he discovered the bloated and blackened bodies of his advance force.  He went no further east in his conquests, his men threatening to mutiny, these battle hardened veterans had seen something in that valley which frightened them more than all the Armies of the east, and after turning westward back toward Macedon, Alexander was himself dead within the year. Near the opening of this pass lies the broken form of a 1970s era Russian jet fighter. The bodies of its two pilots still rotting in their harness. No effort has ever been made to recover their bodies. The Nepalese Army now guards the pass.  They deny the existence of the temple and will shoot any person regardless of nationality who tries to enter.  In 1992 a Japanese film crew consisting of expert mountaineers with modern gear, including oxygen and satellite communications, attempted to avoid the guarded pass by going over the mountain to the west of the temple. They were “lost” in the mountains no trace having ever been found.

It is said that the monks are waiting for something, but nobody knows why they wait.  Very little has come out of the valley since the 1920s. The mystery only deepens with each passing year.

@thetrekkiehasthephonebox replied to your post: “one of my previous shower musings about DS9 is that Prophets are…”:

Ok my own pet theory has always been that the Prophets are actually the future Bajorrans who’ve basically ascended to another plane of existence. But since they exist outside of time in the Celestial Temple and are so far advanced, they’ve basically forgotten their roots.

that’s a gr9 theory too!!! they do seem very detached so that would explain a lot. and the time thing would explain Far Beyond the Stars, definitely.

Hailstorms forever fell; showering a landscape of ancient grey. The temples had a constant melody in these months, sacred silence interrupted by the declaration of heavy skies above. She found the roaring winds to distract against the mundanity of her spiritual existence, there was comfort in the familiar drum.
—  Celestial Dynasty

Vaikuntha, spiritual heaven. 
(an artistic depiction of Vaikuntha)

Vaikuntha is said to be inhabited by selves that have transcended all births and is constituted of satvam (pure goodness). It is self-luminous. It is variously described as “of golden hue and beyond the darkness of ignorance”, “the supreme abode of Vishnu”, and “of the eternal, in the upper world”. In this celestial temple, Vishnu as Narayana dwells with his consort.

Legend has it that there exists a magnificent, golden temple twelve stories high, resplendent as a thousand suns. Its halls and pillars are ornamented with precious stones. It is decorated with a hundred thousand golden lotuses, through which flow the nectar-filled waters of a hundred thousand rivers. The temple is inhabited by the eternal gods, seers, and by common people.

Once the liberated self has traveled through the path of light and has attained residence in Vaikuntha, there is no return to the mortal world, which means that there would be no more transmigratory existence. This is explained by a Brahmasutra aphorism: “There is no return, there is no return”.

The concept of a heaven called Vaikuntha is not accepted by all Indian philosophical systems. It is looked upon as purely imaginary by some. 

- The Encyclopedia of Hinduism

one of my previous shower musings about DS9 is that Prophets are evolved Changelings - or “perfect” ones

Changelings themselves are, in fact, gods. but only in one molecular form. 

their mutable liquid crystal structure can “lock” into a solid crystalline form and grant them powers that extend far beyond shapeshifting, and that’s where the Orbs originate from. an Orb is a Changeling’s physical form in its locked structure, while a Prophet is a Changeling’s now released consciousness that now has freedom to travel the stars and reside in the Celestial Temple, aka a greater form of the Link that can now connect to other species. 

the Orbs carry with them certain qualities that their previous mortal individual embodied and/or focused on 

and there would be many more Orbs and many more Prophets had there not been the Dominion… had the Changelings themselves not become jealous of their more “perfect” selves and kept experimenting with imperfection in order to find their own unique locked down crystal structure and ascend to the next plane of existence

don’t ask me where Pah-Wraiths come from idk about that yet


Commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) explains the concepts of baseball and human existence to the Prophets of the Celestial Temple.

This is what made me love Sisko. I wish they had given him more moments like this, especially in the first three years of the show.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - 1x01 - Emissary