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Fairy Tail in a nutshell
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Gray, Lucy and Erza:</b> Natsu, no.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> NATSU YES<p/><b>Everyone in Fairy Tail(especially Mavis):</b> Zeref, no.<p/><b>Zeref:</b> ZEREF YES<p/><b>Gray:</b> Juvia, no.<p/><b>Juvia:</b> JUVIA YES<p/><b>Lucy:</b> Virgo, no.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> VIRGO YES<p/><b>Igneel, Metallicana, Grandeeney, Weisslogia and Skiadrum:</b> Acnologia, no.<p/><b>Acnologia:</b> ACNOLOGIA YES<p/><b>Cana:</b> Gildarts, no.<p/><b>Gildarts:</b> GILDARTS YES<p/><b>Lucy:</b> Loke, no.<p/><b>Loke:</b> LOKE YES<p/><b>Magic council:</b> Fairy Tail, no.<p/><b>The whole Fairy Tail guild:</b> FAIRY TAIL YES<p/></p><p/></p>
✧ Lucy’s Stardresses ✧

So far, We only know six stardresses.

Aquarius Form:

Leo Form:

Virgo Form:

Taurus Form:

Sagittarius Form:

Aries Form:

We also know that when these dresses are equipped, Lucy’s Celestial Spirit Magic increases significantly. But what about her other forms? We still have yet to see her Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn stardresses. I think that her Gemini stardress will be the most intriguing one because she can use copy magic. If you have not already forgotten, Lucy tried to learn transformation magic but failed to do so. With her Gemini stardress equipped, she does not have to worry about learning transformation magic. Copy magic has more advantages than transformation magic such as you gain the memories of the person who you have copied. In addition to gaining the powers of her zodiac celestial spirits, what about the other celestial spirits? Can Lucy use her new ability with Horologium, Lyra, Crux and even Plue’s powers/abilities? Maybe her new ability only works with golden keys. I REALLY hope that is not true because I want to see ALL of her stardresses. I just wonder which ones she will equip in future chapters. Also, can she combine her stardresses? There are just still so many questions…

I am such a nerd for Lucy’s keys, and now I have some but 3 more to have all 12 keys….

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STARDRESS (4\10): Virgo Form:

A Celestial Spirit Magic Spell in which the user incorporates the power of the Celestial Spirit they summons into their body. The power manifests itself in the form of a wardrobe change  this case in the form of a dress centered around the Spirit in question’s own wardrobe. Also, the user, by adopting the powers and appearance of the Spirit they so choose, also adopts a portion of their powers, being able to make use of their Magic and use it the manner they so choose. This adoption of power, however, is not limited solely to the Spirit’s Magic, but also includes their Magic Power itself, which allows the user to make use of spells of their own that may require more than one person due to the tremendous amount of Magic Power required to cast it.

- fairy tail wiki

I wonder why Lucy only summons Leo, Virgo and Aquarius? She has 10 gold keys but she only ever calls 3 of them? I want to see other Spirits in action too! Not to mention that if she combined her spirits magical power like she did at grand magic games with Taurus and Scorpio, she would be much stronger.
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