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Lucifer: Celestial Beings & Bodies | Meta

It seems there’s some confusion over the true forms of celestial beings in the Lucifer television universe, so I thought a meta was in order.  I’ve done a number of re-watches and come to the conclusion that there are two answers, depending on the being:

  • Angels and later demons, who had been given physical form: IE: Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Uriel

  • Gods & Goddesses that have never had a physical form: IE: Charlotte Richards and God.

From various clues it seems…

Angels appear on earth in their true physical forms:

     1. Lucifer is able to recognize Amenadiel and Uriel at first glance.

There may be some argument that Amenadiel’s powers of slowing down time precede his first appearance, but there is no surprise on Lucifer’s face, more a look of annoyance. Later we see a photo of Amenadiel (looking the same) when he first met Chloe’s mother in the 70s. It would seem they always appear the same because that would be their actual form.

Uriel was standing on a rooftop, and at once glance, Lucifer recognizes him. His little brother wasn’t brandishing wings or doing anything of a show of power at the time.Lucifer’s surprise was in seeing his brother, not in shock of figuring out who he was.

But what about Lucifer and Maze’s true faces, you ask? A glamor to hide the fearful visages they have gained in hell. We see in Monster, episode 2.06, that both Lucifer and Maze have the power to reveal their more threatening visages at will as Maze does with Trixie and Lucifer does with Dr. Linda Martin. To me, Lucifer’s “true” face is both of his faces. The “true” face or the scarred and raw face we seen has been given as the Devil, though the one you see, is his original angelic face. After all, Lucifer has been said in the bible to be one of the most beautiful of angels. What bigger punishment that to take that away?

On the same note, Charlotte & God recognize their children right away. Mum knows Lucifer and calls out to him when she finally finds out where he’s living in Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer, episode 2.01. She already knows it’s Amenadiel when she comes out from her shower in Liar, Liar Slutty Dress on Fire, episode 2.02.

In God Johnson, episode 2.16, God recognizes Lucifer as Samael without him telling the so-called-ed God who he was or revealing himself completely.

    2. Wings

Lucifer has serious scars where his wings had been severed (Lady Parts, episode 1.04) Why would any angel go through all the trouble to manipulate a skeletal structure to incorporate their wings at all? If Lucifer hadn’t wanted his wings, he could have just not had them show up on a different human form. Amendiel also still has his wings as they start to wither in Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer, episode 2.01. Again, why go through that truama if you don’t have to have them in a human body?]

  3. Blood

In Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer, episode 2.01, Lucifer implored Detective Chloe Decker to test his blood from the crime scene where he’d been shot and lay dying. Amenadiel remarks that there can’t be proof that divinity exists. Why would human blood prove the divine exists?

Gods & Goddesses that have never had a physical form

   1.  Lucifer & Amenadiel have to hunt for their Mother, not knowing what she’ll look like.

In Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer, episode 2.01, both Lucifer and Amenadiel have a list of dead people that seem to have come back to life, that they are following to try and figure out who their mother has taken up shop in.

The next episode Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire, episode 2.02, we actually see Mom absconding with various bodies until she finds the recently deceased Charlotte Richards. In episodes 2.17 &  2.18, The Good the Bad and the Crispy, Charlotte is a pure and powerful gold, energy, she may have had another form in the Silver City.

    2. Lucifer’s Father appearing through Earl Johnson.

In God Johnson, episode 2.16, it seems that the piece that instills life allowed God to use a human being as a mouth piece. While Lucifer may not believe it was really his Father he was talking to, that remains to be seen.

Our First Hero

Listen well,

For this is the tale of the king before your king.  The gods before your gods.  The suffering before your suffering.  It is the story of the first hero of mankind.

Gilgamesh was two thirds god, one third man, a mighty king of Uruk.  He conquered, he built temples to the gods, he fortified his city.  But he also grew restless.  He claimed all in the city as his, to toy with as he wished, and harassed the women and men alike.

The gods made a man out of earth to put an end to this – Enkidu.  He was wild and untamed.  The priestess, Shamhat, lured him to her bed, and civilized him, for six days and seven nights.

Enkidu and Gilgamesh learn of each other, and grow both curious and incensed.  They meet one another.  The two fight.  At the end, they clasp one another like brothers.  Each had finally met his match.

Together, they went on adventures.   They slew a giant, Humbaba, and cut down the cedars of his holy grove to build more for the glory of the gods.  The gods instead sent the Celestial Bull as punishment.  They defeat it, but Enkidu is wounded.  It festered.  After 12 days of suffering, he died.  Gilgamesh was stricken with grief.  He rended his clothes, he wailed, and he wandered into the wilderness.

Gilgamesh learned of a man who lives forever, and so he went on a perilous journey, crossing the Waters of Death to meet him.  Utnapishtim, who survived the Great Flood with his wife, told Gilgamesh that he must first conquer sleep for six days and seven nights.  Gilgamesh fell into a deep sleep by the second day, and did not awaken until he was roused.

Gilgamesh despaired of conquering death, and went to leave.  Utnapishtim’s wife nagged her husband to be more hospitable, and so Utnapishtim revealed that there is a rejuvenating plant on the bottom of the sea that will bring youth again to the old.  Gilgamesh tied himself down to the bottom of the sea, and plucked the plant.  He planned to bring it back to Uruk to test it on an elder, but the gods sent a serpent to steal the plant while he is bathing.

Gilgamesh despaired for a third time.  He returned to Uruk, and fell to his knees as he beheld the glory of its tall walls as if for the first time.  In this, he recognized all that there is that he can do to outlive himself – to build.

This is the story of Gilgamesh.

This is the story of our first hero.

This is the story of humanity.

Do not look at the world full of despair and loneliness and loathing of death and wonder what new event caused this.  Do not imagine that there is some new change in the human condition, that our vices are new vices, that our desires are new desires.  Do not pretend that our ideals are solely of the 21st Century.  We have always been unhappy.  We have always feared death.  We have always felt alone.  100 billion came before us.  100 billion have despaired.  100 billion have struggled against death.

But you are not alone.  Not in life.  Not in this fight.