celestial mapping

Soft wolfstar: the day Sirius checked their zodiac signs

In third year Sirius starts taking Astronomy classes, because of all the stars names (which was pretty much the only thing he liked about his family) and everything.
Remus didn’t take it because he was taking Aritmancy, in the same schedule. James said he just didn’t want to and Peter didn’t bother to say anything.
So after the basic celestial map and the stupid cup reading thing and a whole year, they started studying astrology.
The professor made it very clear that it wasn’t considered a science and a lot of people didn’t trust it and it was very innacurate and some experts said it was bullshit. Then she made a quick speech on how it all depended on their beliefs and with the classes, they could choose believing it or not.
That’s precisely what Sirius was trying to do. It was a sunny afternoon and they were on a table at the Gryffinfor common room.
-Okay, let’s cross the data with us and see if this matches. - he seemed very determined. - I’m a scorpio…
James was just scribbling the corner of a parchment in which he should be doing his homework.
-This says I’m really good at sex. It’s right, so let’s move on.
-Hey! - James protested. - You can’t do this, there are more characteristics.
-Fine, fine. It also says I’m a little rude sometimes and I’m emotive and faithful to people I love. It’s totally correct, it matches completely.
-Alright, now me. It’s aries.
-Okay. Wait a second… fine, got you. It says you’re very energetic, which is true. And you pick fights and mess with people a lot. It’s absolutely truth.
-Hey, I don’t…
-Don’t try to deny it. It also says you’re explosive so it matches perfectly. Let’s check Remus. You remember his birthday? It’s in March but I’m not sure about the day.
-It’s March tenth.
Sirius looked for it in his papers.
-Pisces. - he affirmed.
-So, how does it describe him?
-It says he’s… - Sirius paused for a while, shocked.
-What? - James tried to look the parchment Sirius was reading.
-It says he’s fucking idealistic and clumsy. Clumsy. Remus is not clumsy. He’s lovely and cute.
Sirius pushed his papers to the side of the table and leaned his head on it.
-This is total bullshit. I don’t believe it. Who the fucking planets think they are to talk about my Moony like this? Stupid giant floating stones.


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Northern and Southern Celestial Map, 1795.

Historical map of the sky of the northern and southern hemisphere, showing the stars and mythological drawings of the constellations. This map is centred on the geographic north and south pole, with the plane of the ecliptic (arching through lower and upper centre) showing the constellations of the northern and southern zodiac. The zodiac shows the Sun’s passage through the sky throughout the year, and does not align to the geographic equator because the Earth is tilted on its axis. The relative brightness of the stars is shown, as well as the Milky Way.