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Lesson 17: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Part 2

By: Teacher Nova

Live class date and time: 2/01/2017 at 8pm CST

So, you’ve probably got an idea of which celestial bodies you would like to work with. Now what?

With the knowledge you’ve gained, I would take the time to make suggestions on how to physically incorporate the cosmos into your life - the first step may be to create an altar, or add decorations to your home or room with spacey items.

Cosmic Altar & Room Ideas

      • Using corresponding crystals to represent the elements, planets, or both if you wish

    • Using the zodiac in adjunct with the pentacle to represent either cosmic energies, earthly energies, or both

     • If you work with deities, a representation of your patron deity; if not, a representation of the planets and astrological signs you relate with  

    • Planetary talismans for protection

    • Star shaped candle/tealight holders

    • Star wax melter

    • Celestial altar cloth

    • Candle/incense/oil scents that correspond to different planets

    • Starry organza bags for sachets and storage

    • Glow stars or a spacey poster on the wall behind your space

    • Color-changing LED tealights or votive candles

    • Both an astronomical and an astrological calendar to keep up with important dates

    • Space notebook and washi tape for your physical grimoire

    • Nebula jar to represent positivity and the Cosmos

    • Black Hole jar to absorb negativity from your space

    • Star jar to promote the achievement of goals and wishes

    • A playlist of ambient music in the background

    • Uncle Milton’s “Moon in my Room,” or “Star Planetarium”

    • Supermoon

    • Earth

    • Mars

    • Solar System

    • Nebula bedding

    • Celestial Map Fleece Blanket

    • Zodiac Duvet Cover

    • Paper Star String Lights

    • Firefly String Lights

Tasks for the Cosmic Witch

     • Learn the various planetary correspondences for herbs, crystals, and other materials

   • Channel energy from various planets and other celestial bodies (asteroids, nebulae, stars, etc.) - we will cover this in lesson 3

    • Spend time outside when it’s dark

    • Camp out under the stars

    • Make planetary waters and oils

   • Meditate to ambient music - try to find a video on youtube that has some spacey scenery for added effect

    • Research constellations and other star lore

    • Complete your astrology birth chart if you haven’t already

    • Learn about the different zodiac signs and their correspondences

    • Research the lunar cycle and its correspondences

    • Research the science behind various astronomical phenomena

Practicing Discreetly

    • Take up an interest in astronomy, if you aren’t interested already - learn about the scientific aspects of the planets, stars, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies.

    • Decorate your room with objects that represent celestial bodies - zodiac blanket, glow stars, moon in my room, celestial globe, astrolabe, posters of the planets or nebulae

   • Wear jewelry or clothing with astrological or astronomical designs

   • Go stargazing - take note of the constellations in the sky

   • Use essential oils associated with the planets in your bath or shower

   • Make celestial bath salts or shower gels

   • Choose shower gels or shampoos that are made with ingredients that can be associated with the planets (I know Bath & Body Works does a great job of listing exactly what herbs and flowers they use for their products)

   • Privately dedicate your meal or beverage to a celestial body of your choice to give thanks for its aid and existence

   • Collect crystals that are associated with the planets or the cosmos

   • Make an altoid tin or shoebox altar

   • Incorporate planetary or astrological herbs into your cooking [Planetary] [Zodiac]

    • Enchant every day items with celestial energy, like chapstick, keys, makeup, your name badge for school/work, or any other item you find yourself using on a daily basis

    • Create a Nebula jar, Star jar, or Black Hole jar

    • Write your Book of Cosmos or grimoire in OneNote so that it will sync with all of your devices, including PC, phone, and tablet

    • Draw planetary symbols on yourself where they can’t be seen

    • If you can’t burn candles or incense without suspicion, invest in a wax melter - carve planetary symbols or constellations on the wax cube and let it melt

    • Visit your local planetarium to learn about the stars and constellations

    • Charge drinkable bottled water with moonlight

    • Make your own perfume using oils associated with the planets

Bonding with celestial bodies and utilizing celestial energy in magickal workings:

   • use planetary hours or lunar cycles based on intent

   • perform magick on days of the week that are associated with the corresponding planet

   • spend time outside under the stars

   • study astronomy and astrology

   • draw down energy from celestial bodies based on intent

            ○ I like to use the skymaps app on my smartphone to track down the celestial body in the sky for increased accuracy

   • astral travel to other planets

   • try spiral meditation to ground, center, and channel celestial energy

   • use planetary symbols to represent a planet in a spell

            ○ draw the symbol in a pen or marker of corresponding color

            ○ carve the symbol in a candle or wax cube of corresponding color or scent

            ○ create a crystal grid in the shape of the symbol

            ○ arrange herbs or flowers in the shape of the symbol

            ○ make a corresponding oil and draw the symbol on yourself or another medium

   • burn herbs or incense associated with a celestial body based on intent

   • use candles based on scent and color to correspond with your intent

   • use tarot or oracle cards that you associate with certain celestial bodies

   • create and use planetary or celestial oils to anoint objects

   • make crystal grids based on the current planetary alignment

   • make crystal elixirs using crystals associated with certain planets or other celestial bodies

   • wear a corresponding crystal on your person

   • wear a pendant made from corresponding herbs and spices on your person

   • paint your nails using corresponding colors

   • make an herbal sachet to use in the bath

   • use bath crayons to draw symbols and sigils in the bath/shower

   • drink tea made from corresponding herbs (that are safe to consume)

   • add herbs of corresponding intent to your food while cooking or baking

Homework: using the ideas from this lesson, try to add a little bit of cosmic flair into your life, and let me know what you come up with before our next lesson!

If you already incorporate cosmic magick in your daily life, list 3 ways that you do so.


Next week’s lesson: Cosmic Witchcraft 101 - Celestial Grounding and Centering

medixnight  asked:

So are you OK with us making Backlash OCs and share them with you?

Hey Hey! I am 100% okay with you guys making BACKLASH OCs! :D Please do, please make them and have fun, I encourage that very much!

I don’t really have any requirements for your OC to be considered a BACKLASH fancharacter?? Anything and everything can feasibly exist in this universe so the sky’s the limit. I know people were waiting until I explain how Affinities work a little more thoroughly (like what types of powers normal humans on Keyes can have) which is understandable. Hopefully you’ll get a better idea of how Key Elements work in Chapter 5! ;v; Don’t feel like you have to wait, of course, please, go ahead and do what you’d like! :D I’d love to see what you guys can come up with! <3

I’d say maybe hold off on making characters that are Beast People (what Betty/Antonio are) or are Demons (what Kevin/Crazylegs/Edwardo are) because they haven’t really been explored or explained yet and I wouldn’t want you guys to make a really rad character and then have to change stuff about them cuz I hadn’t explained the world-building about those class-abilities haha,,

Also mayyyybeeeee, if you wanted to make a Celestial, avoid using really big famous celestial bodies as your base (like Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, The Moon, Earth, ect) cuz chances are I’ll probably be.. using them… in the future… :’) So like avoid using any of the missing Celestials on The Map Of The Sol System I provided at the end of chapter 3!

Soft wolfstar: the day Sirius checked their zodiac signs

In third year Sirius starts taking Astronomy classes, because of all the stars names (which was pretty much the only thing he liked about his family) and everything.
Remus didn’t take it because he was taking Aritmancy, in the same schedule. James said he just didn’t want to and Peter didn’t bother to say anything.
So after the basic celestial map and the stupid cup reading thing and a whole year, they started studying astrology.
The professor made it very clear that it wasn’t considered a science and a lot of people didn’t trust it and it was very innacurate and some experts said it was bullshit. Then she made a quick speech on how it all depended on their beliefs and with the classes, they could choose believing it or not.
That’s precisely what Sirius was trying to do. It was a sunny afternoon and they were on a table at the Gryffinfor common room.
-Okay, let’s cross the data with us and see if this matches. - he seemed very determined. - I’m a scorpio…
James was just scribbling the corner of a parchment in which he should be doing his homework.
-This says I’m really good at sex. It’s right, so let’s move on.
-Hey! - James protested. - You can’t do this, there are more characteristics.
-Fine, fine. It also says I’m a little rude sometimes and I’m emotive and faithful to people I love. It’s totally correct, it matches completely.
-Alright, now me. It’s aries.
-Okay. Wait a second… fine, got you. It says you’re very energetic, which is true. And you pick fights and mess with people a lot. It’s absolutely truth.
-Hey, I don’t…
-Don’t try to deny it. It also says you’re explosive so it matches perfectly. Let’s check Remus. You remember his birthday? It’s in March but I’m not sure about the day.
-It’s March tenth.
Sirius looked for it in his papers.
-Pisces. - he affirmed.
-So, how does it describe him?
-It says he’s… - Sirius paused for a while, shocked.
-What? - James tried to look the parchment Sirius was reading.
-It says he’s fucking idealistic and clumsy. Clumsy. Remus is not clumsy. He’s lovely and cute.
Sirius pushed his papers to the side of the table and leaned his head on it.
-This is total bullshit. I don’t believe it. Who the fucking planets think they are to talk about my Moony like this? Stupid giant floating stones.


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