celestial mapping

Grimoire Organization 📖

A list of how my own personal Book of Shadows is organized ! 🌙

Section One {Introduction}

  • Index
  • A blessing
  • The Wiccan Rede
  • 13 Goals of a Witch
  • History of Magic
  • Personal Correspondences

Section Two {Time & Space}

  • Lunar Calendar [removeable]
  • Moon Phases
  • Full Moons
  • Moon Glyphs
  • Zodiac Symbols & Correspondences
  • Zodiac Map 》inc. Celestial Bodies
  • Elements
  • Magical Times of the Day / Day of the Week
  • Witches Compass
  • Sabbats
  • Transitions between Sabbats

Section Three {Tools of the Craft}

  • A to Z of Crystals
  • Planetary / Zodiac Crystals
  • How to Charge & Cleanse Crystals
  • Spreads & Grids
  • Chakras & Auras
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Oils 》essential oils & their properties
  • Candle Magick 》colours, scents etc.
  • Himalayan Salt in Magic
  • Metals & their properties
  • Amulets & Protection Items

Section Four {Nature Magick}

  • Flower & Plant properties
  • Herbs 》dangerous herbs, herbal amulets, edible flowers, cooking brewing & drying, healing herbs, flower associations
  • Gardening 》herbal, flowers, moonlight, to attract bees, faeries etc.
  • Fruit & Vegetable Correspondences
  • Spirit Animals / Familiars
  • Animals & what they symbolize
  • Wolf Magick
  • Bird Associations 》feather magick, owl magick
  • Water in Magick

Section Five {Divination}

  • A to Z Types of Divination
  • Tarot 》summary of the deck, how to charge etc.
  • Runes
  • Tea Leaves
  • Palmistry
  • Pendulum
  • Spirit Guides
  • Symbols 》witches alphabet, sigils.
  • Numerology
  • Graphology
  • Superstitions
  • Ghost / Spirit Work

Section Six {Basics}

  • Basic Altar set up
  • Cleansing & Charging
  • Grounding & Centering 》circle casting.
  • Invocation & Evocation
  • Actions in Witchcraft
  • Recipes 》tea / coffee / hot chocolate magick, witches brew, healing salves, face / hair masks, body scrubs.
  • Protection associations 》herbs, stones, candles / incense, metals, symbols.
  • Relevant Spells

Section Seven {Myth}

  • Gods & Goddess
  • Faeries
  • Myths & Legends
  • Entities

Please note that this is a very basic overview of the index in my Book of Shadows. For each bullet point is at least one page of information in my BoS.

I am only about halfway through recording information into my BoS; so as time goes on and as I learn more about the craft / my path this order may change. Also, if you feel I have missed anything please let me know !



Hellboy II: The Golden Army | Map Shop

I wanted Abe and the Princess to be in a blue and golden world when they met. The map shop, which is the main set in the Troll Market, is designed to have only those colours in there. It’s very Moorish in design but Elli Griff was also very careful in designing any motif having to do with celestial maps or maps of the Earth or particular geographical places and they are all in the troll language. - Guillermo del Toro

for a moment

set between s03e05 and s03e06

archived in this drabble collection

Shiro’s room is dark; light wasn’t needed where he’d been sleeping and regaining his strength for the past few quintants. Keith quietly enters the room and the doors close behind him, and the room goes dim but it doesn’t matter—even with low visibility, even if it was the entire galaxy with far off stars as his only source of light, he’d still find Shiro.

Shiro’s snoring lightly, his chest rising and falling under the sheets at a steady pace. In the stillness, Keith wonders what dreams he’s seeing, what memories visit him when he closes his eyes. He wonders about what Shiro has faced, what challenges he’s had to endure to get into the shape he’s in.

It still feels surreal – losing him, finding him, losing him again and desperately searching for no specific coordinates within a vast registry of a celestial map for any sign of him until Black finally locked on to his location. It almost seems like a dream just watching Shiro back on his bed and staying in the same room as him, breathing in the same space as him.

Just a little touch, he swears, just the back of his fingers along the side of Shiro’s face, just to feel the growing stubble lining his jaw. Just a little look, only close enough to hear him breathing, close enough to see the face he keeps seeing in his own dreams. Just a light kiss on chapped lips, enough to feel Shiro’s familiar warmth, just a quick moment of their silhouettes merging—

Almost immediately, Keith recoils, his chest pounding madly. Shiro stirs, and Keith catches his gasp in his palm and Shiro doesn’t move anymore after that but that’s not what’s gotten the red paladin so suddenly worked up. Suddenly, Keith feels like he’s about to fold into himself, his lungs want to go on overdrive, his eyes feel like burning and his knees are failing and all he could do is move back, move away from this unexpected gush of unfamiliarity and uncertainty, of a sudden realization that something is terribly wrong, that a large part of him is still missing after all, that he failed to bring Shiro back.

His shoulders hit the wall and he falters, he needs somewhere, someone to hold onto but there’s none, he holds himself instead because there’s only darkness and air and an empty space between him and the Shiro who has made it back to this bed. His cheeks feel wet and warm, his throat full of hiccups and lodged with silent screams as he lets his deep misery drench the fabric of his pants. His chest hurts, his lower lip hurts from his own teeth, his head his stomach, everything hurts.

In the darkness, in silence, he breaks.