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What are some silver Keys you would be create if you could?

Gate of the Princess, Andromeda. Summons a beautiful, young woman dressed in a robe in Ancient Greek style. Similar to Virgo, she uses a form of Earth Magic that allows her to manipulate the chains on her wrists in order to attack, defend or immobilize the enemy.

Gate of the Canis Major, Cerberus. Summons a huge hound that has an incredibly powerful sense of smell and great speed. Can be used when the summoner has to find the location of someone/something.

Gate of the Gray Wolf, Lupus. Summons a huge gray wolf that is often hard to control unless it’s deemed its summoner worthy of using its key. Similar to Cerberus, Lupus is good at locating “prey” and possesses great speed. When it comes to fighting, Lupus prefers taking its time to analyze its prey’s behavior and attack when the chances of success are highest.

Gate of the Great Hunter, Orion. Summons a man with a giant shield in one hand and a sword in the other. Similar to Taurus, he’s a melee-oriented spirit who excels at close combat. His full potential can be utilized when summoned together with Cerberus.

Gate of the Winged Horse, Pegasus. Need to get somewhere quickly? That’s the spirit you need! Using this key, the mage summons a white stallion that is faster than most, if not all, creatures on Earthland. If it comes to it, Pegasus can defend himself by using his hoofs to attack.

Gate of the Fire Bird, Phoenix. Summons a huge phoenix than can use Fire Magic against its enemies. Its wings and tail end with beautiful flames that can never go out.

Gate of the Shield, Scutum. Summons a giant shield that is almost impenetrable and can protect up to three people.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 23: Top 5 Anime Attacks

5. Celestial keys (Fairy Tail)

4. Writing in the death note (Death Note)

3. Yato’s Regalia attacks (Noragami)

2. Eren’s titan transformation (Attack on Titan)

1. Mami’s Tiro Finale (Madoka Magica)

Cosmic Witchcraft - In the Shadows 💫

If you’re a cosmic witch who wants to practice discreetly, for whatever reason, here are some tips. These activities are meant to seem mundane to the untrained eye. 

  • Take up an interest in astronomy, if you aren’t interested already - learn about the scientific aspects of the planets, stars, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies
  • Decorate your room with objects that represent celestial bodies - zodiac blanket, glow stars, moon in my room, celestial globe, astrolabe, posters of the planets or nebulae
  • Wear jewelry or clothing with astrological or astronomical designs
  • Go stargazing - take note of the constellations in the sky
  • Use essential oils associated with the planets in your bath or shower
  • Make celestial bath salts or shower gels
  • Choose shower gels or shampoos that are made with ingredients that can be associated with the planets (I know Bath & Body Works does a great job of listing exactly what herbs and flowers they use for their products)
  • Privately dedicate your meal or beverage to a celestial body of your choice to give thanks for its aid and existence 
  • Collect crystals that are associated with the planets or the cosmos [1] [2]
  • Make an altoid tin or shoebox altar
  • Incorporate planetary or astrological herbs into your cooking [Planetary] [Zodiac]
  • Enchant every day items with celestial energy, like chapstick, keys, makeup, your name badge for school/work, or any other item you find yourself using on a daily basis
  • Create a Nebula jar, Star jar, or Black Hole jar 
  • Write your Book of Cosmos or grimoire in OneNote so that it will sync with all of your devices, including PC, phone, and tablet
  • Draw planetary symbols on yourself where they can’t be seen
  • If you can’t burn candles or incense without suspicion, invest in a wax melter - carve planetary symbols or constellations on the wax cube and let it melt 
  • Visit your local planetarium to learn about the stars and constellations
  • Charge drinkable bottled water with moonlight
  • Make your own perfume using oils associated with the planets

Cosmic Altar & Room Ideas

I am such a nerd for Lucy’s keys, and now I have some but 3 more to have all 12 keys….

( Õ uÕ )

Open Gate of the Compass! Pyxis!!!

I am cosplaying as Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. As I was putting things together for the costume, I realized my set of keys did not come with Pyxis’s key. I couldn’t find it online anywhere, so I made my own!

1 Big Charm Key

1 Compass Charm

Red Sharpie

Crazy Glue

Key Ring

Silver Spray Paint (If charms are not silver)

First, spray all the items silver if they are not silver. Second, red mark the arrows pointing north & south on the Compass charm, and then red mark the letters. Once everything is dry, put crazy glue on the top of the key and press the Compass on the top. Let that dry once you are done. Finally, add the key ring!

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