celestial goldfish

i love fancy goldfish but these three have got to be the cruelest of the bunch. all fancies have cruelty aspects to them but why tf do people think it’s a good idea to give them bellies so large and round its hard to move, eyes that can only stare at the bright aquarium light, or fluid sacks that rupture easily and cause a lot of pain and infection? oh god and how deformed and squished some of the organs get its so horrible. AND WHEN THEY SELECTIVELY BREED FISH WITH WENS SO MASSIVE THEY COVER THE EYES AND GILLS UGH

its ok to own these fish if you’re willing to try and give them the happiest life they can get. i don’t dislike people who own these fish. i just don’t get why they were created in the first place. :^(

anonymous asked:

#KeepYourCelestialGoldfishInsideDuringTheEclipse #DontLetTheirRetinasGetBurnt

No anon you misunderstand the Celestial Goldfish are specifically made for this purpose they shall consume the dark power of the eclipse and ascend to dragons