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AngloGold Ashanti's Celestial Origins

Deals with the mythical origin of gold and the story behind this precious material. Designers  were given 500g of 18 carat gold along with a simple brief: create something exceptional, something that really tells the story of and speaks to the origins of gold.

Kristen Malan’s Halo is an exquisite headpiece, made up of 495 separate gold elements and 45 moveable sections. Kristen explains, “Halo, a reverential, other worldly symbol associated with greatness, celebrates the celestial moment when gold, the most precious of all elements, came into being.”

Photographs by Andrea Gwynn

milky way, part two.

we came
from the same
chain reaction

i swear i could feel you
an eternity ago

a long time before
the lapse in gravity
that led to such a
celestial seperation
ending our celebration

you may not remember
but once upon a time
before time ever existed
we were two parts, whole
and everything was holy

we were once a love
unlike any other

you may not remember
the birth of the universe
or how, on the very first day
something changed, you felt
like you just needed space

i remember
watching you
move further away

i felt your heart race
into unknown distance
and i just couldn’t wait
to start my endless chase
through the macrocosm
but i just couldn’t keep up
with your pace

we were once a love
unlike any other

i swear i could feel you
long before that day

and i’ll never rest
until you let me
prove my case

we are evidence
of quantum

we are two hearts
both the same
no matter how far
apart we are

i swear i still feel you
every single day

If your life has been a whirlwind,

You are not alone.

It’s eclipse season! This is a supercharged month of psychic and spiritual activity. You are sure to be experiencing some major transformations in your life.

We kick off this major celestial celebration with a Lunar Eclipse on Monday, August 7th, as we lead up to the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

It’s going to be an action-packed two weeks.

Imagine all the lights going out at once… And when the lights came back on, all the furniture in your house was rearranged. That is what a lunar eclipse can feel like.

Full Moons always represent culminations and endings. This is exponentially more powerful during a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, as we are experiencing on Monday.

Our eclipsed Moon will be in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius, in harmonious trine to the expansive sign of Jupiter. You are ending a deep rooted pattern in your life that has limited you in some way.

The truth will set you free.

The Moon is associated with your emotions and intuition. Aquarius is the sign of freedom and uniqueness, and eclipses reveal deeply buried truths.

You are waking up to the truth of who you are!

The energies of this eclipse are helping you let go of old identities where you feel you need to fit in so you can prosper.

During the light of this Full Moon, let go of your fears about being unique. Celebrate your individuality, and the rare qualities that only you have. The Universe is supporting you in this process, every step of the way.

Make a wish! It’s 11:11!

Adding more manifesting mojo to this magical month, our Lunar Eclipse will take place exactly at 11:11am PST.

11:11 is a sacred geometry. It represents a gateway into the next phase of your soul’s evolution. It is also a conduit between Spirit and Matter. You can more easily receive information during this illuminated portal. Pay attention to the signs. You’re being guided to live the life your soul intended. It’s up to you to have the courage to be yourself.

Enjoy the energies!

Did you see the #Eclipse today? We had 99.8% #totality in Portland! A few lucky clients even snagged some sweet commemorative tattoos to celebrate the celestial event, like this black sun by Dustin Cameron (@dustin.m.cameron). ⚫

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EOV Guild Celestial Character Intro Post #3

«Your Sword and Shield» Erika Rosenberg
CV: Oohashi Ayaka

A powerful ex-mercenary rescued by the Farron family. Deeply in love with its oblivious heiress. To her, the guild isn’t just a group of explorers, but a family.

  • Birthday: Serpent 9 (June 27)
  • Blood Type: O-
  • Quote: “Don’t be afraid. I will protect you all.”

«The Spellweaver» Lucille Farron
CV: Hayami Saori

Scion of the Farron family looking to give people a reason to respect her name. Always studying new forms of magic and looking to better herself. Most oblivious member of the guild.

  • Birthday: Phoenix 24 (October 31)
  • Blood Type: A+
  • Quote: “If I mix this vial with this formula and wave my staff like this…”

«Garden Guardian» Milia Miller
CV: Hidaka Rina

A motherly Botanist with a cure for what ails you and an ail for what cures you. Nobody knows how she actually joined but everybody loves her. Fascinated by all sorts of herbs.

  • Birthday: Tiger 26 (April 20)
  • Blood Type: B+
  • Quote: “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here. Try this, it’ll calm you down.”

anonymous asked:

Hey Witch Mums! A question about the Wheel of the Year, if I may? I keep reading that it's more of a Wiccan notion, but I also see a lot of people who don't identify as Wiccan who follow the sabbats. As a non-wiccan witch should I be embracing or shunning the wheel, or is it a personal choice? Thank you for your time!

Hi there!

So, while the Wheel of the Year is, as you say, more a Wiccan notion with the names we use today, I personally like to think that folks of the past celebrated celestial events and the changing of the seasons. If people today are any indication, we’ll take any excuse to party! lol.

(from the British museum of Witchcraft)

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of evidence that the mainstream celebrations of a certain belief system were actually co-opted from pagan festivals. However I’m no scholar and can’t attest to which came first… all I can speak to is my own experience with them.

Whether you observe the wheel or not is a personal choice, and what it comes down to is your path as a witch, and your understanding of the hoildays. For myself, my practice is tied to the seasons. I wholeheartedly embrace each period of transition as a little bit like its own New Years.

Marking each seasonal shift is a way for me to live in harmony with Gaia (the land, Mother Earth, however you see it.) This can have spiritual overtones, or it can simply be an observation that the weather is changing.

As modern witches, we are not nearly as dependent on the weather and seasons as those who came before. If we want to go swimming in January, there’s probably a pool available somewhere. Likewise, when the temperature climbs in midsummer, we often enjoy the cool air conditioning inside. We can enjoy fresh fruit and produce all year round. I am, by no means, saying that these things are in any way bad. They’re wonderful in fact. But they do have the side affect of contributing to the disconnect many of us experience from the land.

Not all witches need or long for a deeper connection to the earth. Nature based witchcraft is, likely, one of the more popular paths, and it is one that we both here at Witch Mums follow. But it is worth noting, it’s not the only way.

If someone were to ask me the easiest way to help get them in sync with Gaia, I would suggest living seasonally, and observing the cycle of the moon. While both practices do feature strongly in the Wiccan religion, they are do not belong to it. And indeed feature across many witchcraft and pagan practices.

To make the wheel your own, I strongly suggest taking time around each holiday (remembering that ones like Mabon/Alban Elfed are based on actual celestial events and the dates will shift) and consider what the shift means for you.

In some areas the traditionally celebrated start of spring, or summer, etc doesn’t make sense with the climate. So, do you stick with the “rules” that say it happens on a certain day? Or celebrate when the environment around you reflects the spirit of the holiday? There’s meaning to be found in both, the collective energy around the holidays in the witchcraft community is great. The vibe of the land when you tune into a seasonal shift is… incredible.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to practice. And there’s no harm in trying one way, and then shifting to the other, or a blend of both!

Hopefully that long, rambly answer helped in some way!

<3 Your Witch Mums


Pack is everything. It’s the force that has pushed me toward the future. It drives me toward being better, stronger. Run faster, practice more and be the best that I can be in order to protect my pack. Pack is a vicious force. A family and a clan. It exists in a wild country. Miles of land that we tend to. Growing crops. Raising animals. Children are taught outside in the world they live in, not hidden behind walls.

Feasts are held under the great big sky. Long wooden tables and benches filled with pack. The Alpha starts the feast, but pups still sneak bites from their parent’s plates before given the signal. Full moons, changing seasons, harvests and celestial events. All are celebrated as the word ever turning and growing. The pack runs and dances together under starlight, and howls out their passions to the moon.

Pack is the magic of freedom with the support of your clan. It’s being willing to fight and go to war for them. Willing to love and cherish, teach and discipline. Trust.

Pack. Pack. Pack.


Josh celebrating his celestial transference to this planet or from whatever wormhole in the sky he fell from

here’s my ideas for the Lost Continent (i’m stuck between Elanfo & Misoneiuff for names, but i’m not sure i like either)!! this continent is BIGGER than the other one, and i… tried… to make the geography make sense but yikes. posting under the cut because it’s so long, this lame map features eight tribes;

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Lucy vs Angel

This was Angel’s battle to lose.

She outclassed Lucy on almost every level. She had the advantage of surprise, skill, strength, and knowledge.

After Angel summoned Scorpio, causing Aquarius to ditch Lucy and go off on a date, she smugly declared:

When Lucy summoned Loke, Angel countered with Aries, saying:

But Angel soon revealed that she misunderstood Celestial Spirit magic at a fundamental level.

Celestial Spirit magic isn’t about knowing the relationships between the Spirits, just so you can use and manipulate them.

It’s about having relationships with your Spirits: loving them, trusting them, feeling for them, grieving with them.

It’s not head-knowledge that’s important, but heart-knowledge.

And this is what Lucy had in spades.

Lucy cared so much about Spirits that she was willing to give up her life so that Aries–a Spirit who was not even hers–could be free.

The contrast between Angel’s coldness and Lucy’s love is what led to Angel’s ultimate defeat.

Lucy’s love for Spirits was so strong that Gemini could not bring themselves to kill her.

Think about this for a moment: Gemini disobeyed their contracted owner, Angel, in order to save Lucy.

That’s huge. 

Lucy’s feelings were so warm and true that they touched Hibiki and kept him from turning evil. This in turn enabled him to download Urano Metria into her head.

Angel managed to get up even after being hit by Urano Metria. But when she used Caelum to get Lucy, she missed. Even her silver key turned against her.

Nirvana used to be one of my least favorite arcs, because for a long time I was disappointed by Lucy’s role in it. But having re-read it recently, I realized how Mashima used this arc to underscore Lucy’s greatest strength as a mage: her love for her Spirits.

When Lucy and Natsu went over the waterfall, Virgo came out of her gate under her own power to save them. She brought them clothes, and treated Lucy’s wounds.

When Lucy was injured and out of magic power at the third lacrima, Gemini–Spirits that were not even contracted to her yet–came to her aid.

In response to Lucy’s love for them, the Spirits have gone above and beyond the call of duty for her:

  • Her love brought the Celestial Spirit King into the human realm, and all her Zodiac Spirits stood with her when she faced him.
  • Virgo, Loke, and Horologium have come through their gates on their own in order to save Lucy and her friends.
  • Lucy’s received gifts from the Celestial Spirit realm. Clothes, yes, but also her nifty River of Stars whip.
  • And, Lucy and her friends were invited as honored guests to a feast in the Celestial Spirit realm, to celebrate their return from Tenrou.

I doubt the Spirits would’ve done any of those things for Angel or Karen Lilica of Blue Pegasus.

Lucy’s grown into a stronger Celestial Spirit mage, but love still forms the basis of her magic. She didn’t want Taurus and Aries to remain trapped, so she used every ounce of will and power she had to fight Franmalth’s absorption and send them back to the Celestial Spirit realm.

If you look at the panels of her doing Forced Gate closure, you can see how much of a strain this was on her. Her soul’s being absorbed, she’s in pain, her veins are popping along her arms, and yet her chief concern is that her Spirits make it safely back home.

And last chapter, we saw how this love is reciprocated. Virgo and Loke tried desperately to win, and win quickly, for Lucy’s sake.

Lucy’s come a long way from the Nirvana arc, but her love has remained strong and true.

Like A Morning Star

A Red vs Blue Fic

Carolina will be damned if she shows up to this festival without a dress.

(Inspired by anneapocalypse‘s Carolina dress post. Carolina/Kimball, 4800 words. No big spoilers for season 13, but maybe small ones. Many many and still more thanks to eponymous-rose for the read-through.)

The atmosphere on base has been tense for the last few days. That’s not unusual, Carolina is painfully aware, but this is new. She’d almost call it excitement, a thrumming kind of energy in both the Fed and New Republic soldiers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have made its way up to high command.

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