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A Warm Welcome [h.s.]

A/N: here’s some hades!harry! Sorry if it’s shitty I’m trying to get back in the game! And sorry for any typos and mistakes! Enjoy :-)


Being a god comes with a large bundle of heightened emotions and Harry honestly wishes that they had an off switch. Celestial beings are called “celestial” for a reason, after all. They’re abnormally better than any human, and thus they must keep an attitude and air that enforces nothing less, but damn feelings for being able to get in the way so easily.

Gods must be calm and collected under the most extraneous situations, they must rule with an iron fist, and most importantly, they must forbid emotions from deterring them in any way. He’s not saying that he hates feeling emotions more intensely; some are worth the toil. Pleasure, for example, is felt tenfold what any human could handle and he can almost say that this alone makes the troubles worth it. But it’s moments such as now that bring forward overpowering feelings that he wishes he could cast aside: a dangerous mixture of excitement and anxiousness.

More specifically, the excitement and anxiousness that comes with the return of his beloved wife, Persephone (or as he calls her, Y/N), from being away for her given six months of the year.

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Beautiful War

Part 1:

For all his years at camp halfblood keith had never questioned why lance wore a mask.

Of course when he first showed up he found it a little strange seeing a guy around his age wandering around the camp with a silver mask in a permanent  blank expression. But considering he had been given a ride on the back of a flaming lion he really didn’t question it at the time just putting it down as more weird Gods stuff.

Even after being claimed as a son of Ares and being at the camp for nearly three years now, keith still hadn’t seen Lance’s face.

Not even during meal times would he remove it, instead he would sit on the hermes table amongst the unclaimed kids with his hood up and mask on.

If Hunk hadn’t of told him over wise Keith would of assumed Lance didn’t actually eat at all.

Hunk was one of the few people he had seen Lance talk to, he would hang around the son of Hephaestus and chatter away for hours in the forg.

It was with Hunk that Keith actually heard the guy laugh and he was sure his heart stopped from the sound.

The entire forge fell silent and watched the masked boy laugh and laugh, unable to tear their attention away until the heavenly sound ended.

That was also the day that Keith began to question the mask.

“I tried asking him once when i was stuck in the infirmary after i broke my arm on the climbing wall.” Hunk explained as lance slept a little away from them.

The three of them had been sent on a quest to retrieve the stolen head of medusa from a demigod named Lotor who was supposedly the son of Hades.

They had spent days walking through the woods, following the celestial bronze tracker Hunk had created to find the head.

Lance had pretty much dropped from exhaustion and the other two followed quickly behind him. Though while Lance had fallen asleep straight away Hunk had prepared something to eat for himself and Keith.

That was when the subject of Lance’s mask came up.

“He said he got hurt before coming to camp and was told to always cover his face by his mom.”

“Why would his mom tell him to cover his face? I mean there’s plenty of kids with scars at camp.” Keith questioned.

“Dunno, but when a Goddess tells you to do something it’s usually a good idea to do as you’re told.” Hunk shrugged.

Keith’s expression morphed into one of confusion “i thought Lance was unclaimed.”

Hunk slowly shook his head “Nah he was claimed right before he came to camp, told us all as much but refused to tell anyone who his mom is. You can imagine everyone was suspicious, Alfor almost turned him away thinking he was some kind of monster in . But Coran stood up for him, taking full responsibility for watching him and well he’s been there ever since.”

Keith was quiet for a moment looking over Lance’s sleeping form…

Why would he hide who his mom is? Maybe it’s some minor goddess of something embarrassing like sewage and didn’t want anyone to know?

Keith was so deep in thought he didn’t realise they were being watched until a tall figure with long white hair walked out of the shadows with an army of skeletons behind him.

Before Keith could grab his sword or hunk his Axe, Lotor had picked up Lance by the throat and was holding a knife by his gut.

“One wrong move and i spill his gu- whys he wearing a mask?” Lotro asked looking from his captives to Lance.

He waved a hand over it and a smirk spread across his face “oh very clever little demigods, you’ve got yourself a mist mask. No mortals would question you wearing this little thing.” He chuckled.

It was a cold laugh that sent a cold sweat running down keith’s back. Lance was still fast asleep and completely vulnerable.

Then again so were they, the skellington’s had them surrounded and even if they didn’t then it wasn’t like they could fight a pile of bones, what in hell was he even meant to stab?

“Though i don’t understand why it appears so plain to me…? Lotor mumbled as he removed the mask.

Lotor dropped both mask and boy to the ground.

Hunk gasped and Keith froze as they saw it.

Lance’s face.

Keith had always imagined Lance’s face to be a gnarled and twisted ugly face with a hooked nose and crooked teeth.

However the face looking at them was the most beautiful thing he ever saw.

It was like an Godly light shone from his features causing his heart to twist painfully in his chest from the intense longing that just looking at him caused.

Keith was so mesmerised that he almost didn’t notice the long burn scar that covered the side of his face covering the left corner of his forehead and his cheek.

That one flaw was the only thing keeping both Keith and Hunk from weeping at his beauty.

Not Lotor however.

Lance made a small groaning nose as he woke up looking around only to jump in surprise at the sight of Lotor standing over him.

Lance scrambled back as Lotor crouched down to touch his face.

It was then that Lance realised his mask was gone and really began to panic. “DON’T LOOK!” he screamed covering his face.

And with that the trance was broken and they could think again.

“W-what happened?” Keith stuttered feeling as though he had just woken up from a long sleep.

“Lance!” Hunk called as Lotor threw his coat over him and had skellington’s hold him high  their heads.

“Change of plans, you can have the head of Medusa. It’s in a cave east of here. I’ve got a much greater prize.” Lotor smirked as he gestured for a skellington to come closer “Tell the boss that i shall be returning with the child of Mesperyian.”

“No! STOP!” Keith yelled running forwards trying to grab them only to have his fingers fall through the shadows and he tumbled to the ground.

“I don’t understand…” Hunk sobbed terrified for his best friend “Lance can’t be her son… he just can’t be!”

Keith looked over his shoulder at him, fists clenched so tightly his nails drew blood “Who is Mesperyian.”

the-certified-cabinet  asked:

Could you do what the camper would do if Clarisse died?

  • it would be the mightiest funeral pyre that CHB had ever seen 
  • the Ares banner hangs high in the air and her spoils of war decorate her body 
  • each cabin leaves a gift: blood red flowers from Demeter cabin; a replica of her spear from Hephaestus cabin; a small celestial bronze heart charm with an S and a C carved on it from the Aphrodite cabin; a booklet with a list of the monsters she had killed on tear stained pages from the Hermes cabin 
  • the head of the monster she defeated as she died stands on a pike behind her- a testament to her grit 
  • even in death she was victorious 
  • every camper raises a goblet as a certain Son of Poseidon stands near his fallen sometimes-friend, the only one able to get the words out 
  • “To Clarisse La Rue, Daughter of Ares, Drakon Slayer, Hero of Olympus and the baddest bully I ever met” 
  • “To Clarisse!” the camp echoed 
  • they all stood close together as Chris stepped forward looking as stoic as his fallen partner as he lit the pyre 
  • his siblings embrace him as the torch falls from his hand and the Ares cabin chants a blessing that the rest of them have never heard 
  • the fire doesn’t stop burning until just before sunrise 
  • “Is it just me, or does the sky look a little more red than normal?” a camper asks 
  • “We get it, La Rue, you’re one of the greats,” Percy teases to the horizon, raising his cup in a toast as Annabeth leans into him 
  • no one moves until breakfast 
The River’s Curse

This is the first chapter of a Voltron/PJO crossover AU I’m writing. Posting today because it’s Percy’s birthday and Day 6 of VLD Whump Week- Poison! They’re all younger in this AU (Keith and Lance are both 15), and pretty much every character is going to be in it. If you want more details, you can check out the tags on AO3. Yes, there are multiple works. All other chapters I’ll just post a link for. It’s going to be really angsty (but also a decent amount of fluffiness) so get ready. Enjoy!

Summary: Lance McClain never wanted to be a hero. But he ends up at Camp Half-Blood anyway, thrown headfirst into a quest of danger, destiny, and demigods. Everyone seems to think that he’s the chosen one, but… he’s just a boy from Cuba.

Keith Kogane never wanted to fall in love. He learned at a young age not to get attached to people. Whenever he does, he ends up losing them. So, of course he just had to fall for the one person he knows he shouldn’t.

Chapter One

They had to have made a mistake, Lance thought, gathering his small number of belongings into a backpack.

Greek mythology was just that; myth. As in, not real. And if it was real, he couldn’t possibly be involved. That would be crazy… right?

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Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you ( part 4)

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part 3 :http://nightgirl250.tumblr.com/post/156805414855/imagine-being-hope-mikaelsons-twin-and-kol

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Unkown Point of View.

 I would have smiled as I saw her in the pool but this wasn’t the time too. “Shit” she was faced down onto the pool. I jump into the water. I was used to the cold temperatures being on the swimming team. I grab the girl’s hand and pull out the water and place her on her back. She looked 10 years old. “Shit,” I could feel my hunger grow as she lays unconscious before me, but now is not the time to feed. 

I move close to her mouth and nose to see if she was breathing.  I didn’t feel any air hit my face so she wasn’t, I check her pulse next which I am thankful that is was there but it was very faint. I begin to do CPR. * I am so glad I remember Jax’s lessons* I thought as I continue to do CPR. I was about to do 26 of my 30 compressions when she finally spits out the water.*Yes *.

I place her on her side so all the water can leave her body. “Come on kid let’s get you somewhere safe,” I said as she sits up once all the water leaves her body. Her entire body and clothes were wet. “Who are you?” she whispers sitting up straight. ”Look that question is not important right now, what is important is getting you out those clothes before you get something,” I said in Italian picking her up bridal style, I could tell she wanted to fight but simply didn’t have the energy too.  “Si prega di calmarsi bambino (Please calm down child, in Italian. I don’t speak the language by the way),” I said to her she lays her head onto my shoulder. I pick up both of our stuff and walk out of the pool area and in the locker room. I  gently place her on a bench and open my locker. *damn she smells really good but I can’t eat her she is just a kid.* {Do it not one will ever know it was you }

“Quindi qual'è il tuo nome,” I say pulling out as a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. “My name is Y/n,”. *Y/n that’s a really pretty name * “So are you going to tell me your name?” she queries as I continue to search for things for her. “No I won’t but to protect you,” I said pulling out the towel, chocolate bar, chips, and soda from my locker. “Here dry off then eat up after we will talk about your hurt leg. I am in the pool area if you need me just yell” I said in English, walking to the pool area.

“Oh Y/n put your wet clothes in my locker I will deal with them later,” I said looking at the girl now. The shirt was a bit big on her but the pants fit per perfectly. “Credo che dovrete portare voi da quando la gamba è male” (I guess iIl will have to carry you since your leg is bad )I said. “No you won’t I have crutches there by the pool,” she said. I quickly got them.

´´So do you have anywhere to go?” I said

She starts to crack her knuckles and taps her good foot.*she’s nervous kinda like I was*  I thought as she takes deep breaths. I smell that her soul wavelength was out of control high. * Okay time to stop her* I thought matching my waves with her and place my hand on her shoulder. Slowly I lower our wavelength till she was calm enough to stay that way on her own.

“I know your hurt and scared, but it’s best to stay calm if your soul wavelength gets too high it won’t help you,” I said sitting on the bench in front of her. Her hair was still wet from the water, while her face was a bit pale she was getting her color back. She looks 11 years old. *what mad a fourth grader commit suicide * I thought as I grab her crutches and bag from the side of the pool.

“Well Y/n since you have nowhere to go I will take you in. Obviously, whoever was taking care of you before weren’t doing a very good Job on watching you so you can stay with me”, I smile as her eyes light up and nod happily.*she has pretty eyes* I thought. “Okay let’s go,” I said standing up and giving her crutches to her. She nods once more puts her hair in a bun and stands with her crutches. “I don’t live too far from here so we will be good. I also have other siblings but from what I can tell you’re going to fit in just fine,” I said we begin our trek home.

______________time skip to home________________________

“Okay, here we are?” I said opening the door to the apartment. (It was kinda how Marcel looked in season 2.) She gasps in amazement at the flying book in the air and says magic.

“You can see through the mist,” I whisper.* is she a mundane, monster, or half blood, or one of us * I thought as she walks through the door.

* Okay definitely not monster * I thought she steps on to the celestial bronze welcome mat and continues walking. “ Oh hey your home early,” said Carson as she and Armin walk into the room. They gasp as they see Y/n. *dammit, there going to be mad* I thought as Carson’s fist turns white.

“I will explain later but now she needs a hot shower band warm clothes,” I said sternly. Armin nods and tells Y/n to follow him, the situation while Carson stays and glares at me. She would have thrown a dagger at me if they weren’t locked away.

“What the hell,” Carson growled stomping up to me.“ Do you really think bringing someone a child in fact into our lives the situation,” she slams me into the kitchen wall.

* great she is yelling* I pinch the bridge of my nose.“I am trying to save a life she was about to commit suicide,” i say . 

“ So what a suicidal isn’t my problem she is half our are age and double work find her a shelter but she CANNOT LIVE WITH US. I WANT HER OUT BY TOMORROW THE LIFE WE HAVE IS NO LIFE HER,” she screamed then walked back to her room.* dammit Carson I know this isn’t a good life for someone her age but we can’t just leave her alone * I thought as I check on Y/n.

Her hair was still in its bun, she was now in an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. She was talking to Armin about something. Thou the door was open I still knocked gathering their attention. “ hey you Okay,” I ask as Armin gets up. “ yeah I am fine,” she said Putting her legs down from the bed.

“ I am going to make her bed and talk to Carson while you two talk,” he said then walked out the door closing it behind him. I sit down next to her.“ So want to tell me what happened” I said.“ I have insomnia, depression, and a voice in my head” I take a deep breath taking in the information but once it does I start laughing. 

*So young yet so naive to reality if only she would use that to her advantage* I thought, but since she can’t know I am shattered I will stay sane, well pretend to be sane. {Whats her blood type} said Korosenshi my little baby hatter just for my psycho.

“It’s completely fine for us it’s normal for now just go to sleep in here I will sleep where Armin set up ok,” I said she nods gets under the covers. “But what if I don’t sleep?” “Then wake me up, use your insomnia to your advantage that’s what I do,” I said cutting out the light band walked away. 

____________________^time skip to morning^ ______ ____________ ___________ 

I smiled seeing that Carson is going to allow Y/n to stay. Armin seemed to explain to her Y/n situation. {But Carson is correct having the girl with us could be a problem. She is young no experience. We should tear out her throat.} *No korosenshi she only a child plus maybe her bad side might like you * I thought packing my duffle bag. We’re leaving for the institute today but might drop of Y/n at camp. “Yo dude Carson took Y/n to the weapons store.” Said Armin walking into my room. “Based on her strength she is good with a sword and baseball.”

 “That’s good least she knows how to swing, for now, that will suffice but when we get there were going the cabins get her a house,” I said putting some ambrosia and nectar into my pockets along with my dagger. “How do know she is even one of us ?” I sigh knowing Armin won’t make this a simple conversation. “She could just be able to see the mist or a supernatural creature,” he continued crossing his arms. “Do you always have to undermine me ?” “Only when you don’t think things though. So what the plan?” I run my fingers through my hair.

“We are gonna take her to the institute today, then we take to the Elders at camp,” I said closing up the duffle bag and putting on my hoodie. “OK well, Carson says we should meet her at the church,” I nod as we leave. 

——————–Y/n point of view———————————————– 

I smiled as Carson went into the pizza place. So far we have gone to the weapons store. She bought me a katana and some knives. While she got some new arrows for her bows. We were going to meet up with Armin and Luca the church since she said she apartment isn’t safe since we called them. *how does calling someone make a place not safe, especially your home * I thought as sit down in our booth table. “So Y/n what do you know about the supernatural?” I swallow my spit as nervousness sets in.* they only want you for your family. You screw up you were supposed to die * said Voice. “ Wha–isn’t it just ya know uuumm–”. *you can’t even lie. Right just die* I swallowed my spit hearing voices words blare throughout my head.

 “Sheesh you must know a lot by your reaction,” *yeah do so tell the truth and.let them us you * “NO I DON’T,” I scream standing up in frustration. I was taking deep breaths even though there was no reason too. I felt my heart beat slowly decrease as I sat down. Carson sat back into her chair. Her silver eyes were piercing at me. My back tingles just knowing there on me.

I bite my lip, determining whether to tell her. *Maybe if I tell her she will tell me the information on what is going on and maybe shit will make sense, but of course this is all in question they–*

“If you think that you will be able to find out any information by telling me what you know it won’t help. Me finding out is strictly for your protection Y/n,” she said stoically. * Well that blows that idea right out the water I might as well tell her the truth in all of this then*

“Fine,” I said then  began to  explain  everything from  my  heritage  to  the rest  of the  supernatural, through the entire time I explained it her face was stoic it  would of scared me if I was sane, but the entire time I could hear voice  inside my head  laughing at me and I found it  kinda comforting  to me now  it wasn’t loud  but a soothing sound. I didn’t even notice I began to twirl a  knife in my hand until I stabbed it into the table. 

“Nice but untrained you’re still fighting it oh well least you have potential,” she said brushing her hair behind her ear with her hand. “So you know about werewolves to vampires. But what about banshees, chimera, Hellhounds,” 

*Wait those things don’t exist., I never read about them in my families books or heard of them with Davina* I thought.

“Exactly you only know the most common species ever, but I don’t blame you for that they are always making it harder for other kinds of supernatural and myth beings”.

“What how do –what fo”. *how is this possible there*

“Look don’t even bother trying to figure it out, but know that there are a lot more than vampires, witches, and werewolves in New Orleans. “She said calmly as the waitress take our order, I wasn’t even listening to Carter as she spoke to the woman.  

*how, never mind that just know that there is, just think of it as more werewolves for now or –* said voice trying to make it understandable.

“Stop trying to wrap your head around it won’t help to try to do it all at once just relax, for now, I want to offer you something do you want to live a human life and start again, or do want to live with us ?”

I look at the table pondering whether or not this is the choice I want to live like a human, pretend like I don’t the supernatural doesn’t exist or continue to be a part of it with the possibility of dying, but if I choose human and  my ex-family find out I am alive I will be forever screwed and voice will never let me live it down.

“Look you don’t have to choose now but once were are done eating you need to tell me a decision,” she said just as the waitress came with our food. 



I groan as the light blinds me from the open curtains. *If only I could get drunk * I thought sitting up on the couch. “AAhh Brother I see you managed to finally sleep after tearing apart your bedroom,”. Ignoring Klaus’s remarks, I head to the bathroom and quickly freshen up. 

No one has seemed to find Y/n at all I went to the police department so they are searching as well. Along with Marcellus goons and surprisingly the witches agreed to help without Davina or Freya asking them, they seemed to like Y/n due to her being the outcast of the family. * Well she can be an outcast of the family if she is dead*

* I was supposed to protect her and I didn’t just like Henrik * I thought as I turn on the faucet and splashing water on my face. My face welcomes the cold feeling of the water on me. I quickly dry my face and head out the door to see Niklaus standing I’m the middle of the room like a Roman or Greek statue as if he was a god. I walking out the door to see Hayley walking into the room with puffy cheeks and bloodshot eyes. From the way she was breathing she had a stuffy nose. Ignoring her I grab my phone from my pocket and dial Marcel’s number but get no answer after the ring tone. Elijah was too busy trying to distract himself with Hope. It sickened me knowing I could have prevented her death if I was there. Saw the signs just a bit earlier. Listened a bit better to her. *so much for super hearing I couldn’t eve hear Y/n’s cries for help. A child under the age of 11 commits suicide. It not like us who didn’t want to die, she chose it, she wanted out of our lives and us out of her’s. To be free of us in the best way possible not just a dagger or runaway where we can find or see her but somewhere none of us want to go … Death. Always and Forever my ass. * I grab a blood bag from the kitchen and continue to Search for Y/n.


I take a deep breath upon landing on the rooftop of the building. Y/n would come here sometimes to relax and calm down after a fight with Hope or come with Jason to relax. It was a little spot kinda like a lounge place had a fridge, bar for food, and a few couches and blankets. There was only one person in the area, I walk over to her and smile. Her back was turned away from me. “Hello,”  I say right behind her. She turns around and smiles.“hi,” she says. “ Has anyone been here in the past few days,”.

“Not as of late since the rain storm Saturday night but Y/n Mikealson and her friends came by on Thursday for snacks and games.” She said.
I sigh great no one knows where she is. “Your Kol Mikealson. Umm  Hope’s and Y/n’s uncle right?”

“Yes I am and Y/n  has gone missing. Do you know where she is?” I ask


park woojin - demigod!au; hermes

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  • when he was younger, he was a master at pick pocketing 
  • in middle school, he wouldn’t stand up for kid being bullied but rather go to the bully and pick pocket back the lunch money 
  • he wouldn’t really hand back to them, he’d just put it on their desk, underneath their pencil bag or inside it
  • constantly transferred schools too, which meant constant new encounters, and he hated it 
  • he was sick of change, he just wanted something permanent
  • one friend, one home, one school, one setting 
  • he was always alone since he just kept leaving 
  • so when he made it to camp half blood, he was shook 
  • he wasn’t used to the atmosphere but he was immediately claimed by hermes 
  • he was quickly engulfed by a crowd, his siblings and they were are all so jolly, happy, snarky but also welcoming 
  • at first he was really reserved and shy but when head counselor taehyun introduced him to everyone, he was overjoyed 
  • overtime he came out his shell 
  • he was the master mind of plastic wrapping all the chariots together
  • is known for being very mischievous and silly 
  • very bro
  • is the type to blame it on someone else 
  • works half of time cause he’s good at playing innocent
  • “woojin it was you wasn’t it”
  • “what? me? why would i ever? no way!!!”
  • honestly, he does it for shits and giggles and never has intentions to ever hurt or anger someone
  • he’s really good at hand to hand combat (aka flipping people) 
  • he carries around a simple celestial bronze knife but rarely uses it 
  • is really talented 
  • raps and dances he’s pretty cool my dude
  • the apollo cabin doesn’t really see him as all that talented though they’re to busy thinking they’re better than everyone else 
  • you on the other hand, were constantly getting kicked out of schools because of your “problematic” behavior
  • it wasn’t your fault that people always listened to whatever you said
  • even if you had asked to cut in lines, get a’s or to skip class, it’s their fault for listening to you
  • at camp half blood, you were known to be quite fiery 
  • it was hard for anyone to believe you were an aphrodite child honestly 
  • you stand for what u believe in, you’re straight forward, and you have no problem with casting permanent make up on anyone 
  • one time, at the dining hall, someone tried to mess with your sibling’s food by placing a magnetic force around it so the food can never sit on the plate 
  • you immediately flung around to the giggling hermes cabin 
  • and this time woojin was out of the loop he doesn’t commit such petty pranks uhm hello??
  • “okay who did it?” you glared at all of them, honestly this happens everyday and normally you’d ignore it but honestly it was gettin out of hand 
  • “WOOJIN!” a hermes cabin kid screamed 
  • and everyone snickered 
  • he’s just there with a piece of bread of his mouth, puppy dog eyes, lost, looking up you 
  • “huh?” 
  • and you glared at the one who yelled his name and you casted the permanent make up on him and everyone else who laughed got ugly outfits with neon colors 
  • and all the other tables are doing obnoxious ‘OOoooOOOOoooooOOOOOOOooooooOOoOOH shiTTTTTT”  
  • the hermes kids now think you have a bratty princess attitude
  • but did you care????????
  • no 
  • and the next time woojin sees you, he kinda wavers around you, and you don’t recognize him at first
  • as you’re setting up your weapons for capture the flag (i love ctp okay im sorry if your’e sick of it omg) he just opens his mouth 
  • “sorry about my brothers and sisters yesterday…” 
  • at first you were like ??? oooOOOOHHH 
  • “hahahahHAHAHA no its no probleM!!” 
  • are you nervous ?? is he that cute ?? is it just me omg
  • he’s a little flustered, mainly cause he just feels bad 
  • may or may not have avoided playing pranks on you or just the entire aphordite cabin tbh 
  • he was gonna say something again but chiron calls for the teams to shake hands and you two are on different teams 
  • and so you had the found the flag, but your back up was taking forever
  • no one was on guard though, and the flag was just out and exposed in the creek
  • you wanted to go for it, seriously, your blood was chasing through your veins, it was getting hard to hold your back you impulsiveness. 
  • and suddenly there was cheering behind you 
  • and when you walked out of your hiding spot, you saw woojin being thrown in the air,
  • your team flag in his hand 
  • and you were chill, i mean it wasn’t the first time you lost
  • but what really bugged you was when hermes cabin wouldn’t stop reminding you 
  • this happened almost every time you lose 
  • and when you’re in greek history class, they were just at and you were trying so hard not to explode 
  • and just when you’re about to, woojin clears his through
  • “hyungs, please shut the fuck up, i’m trying to read here” 
  • everyone is shooketh
  • cause he isn’t that straight forward and he’s normally a witness rather an unpstander 
  • after class you thank him and he just shrugs it off like no big deal 
  • inside he’s all squishy and warm cause aw you thanked him ?? you thank people ??? 
  • and you’re blushy because aw he cared ?? 
  • and tbh you guys stay in this weird phase for a while 
  • very small talk, short glances
  • but nothing more
  • it was awkward for the both of you 
  • it was the first time to feel this warm in the inside 
  • you both knew there was something more there
  • there’s no way you two are just friends 
  • ya’ll both squishes for each other 
  • but you’re both convinced otherwise 
  • all of woojin’s siblings tell him to not for fall an aphordite kid 
  • they tried to convince him that he was just falling for your stupid but blessed love charms and looks
  • “they’re all heart breakers !! don’t know you know about their little game” 
  • yea, your cabin loved doing this point system thing 
  • each time they “won” a person, a point 
  • and whoever got the least amount of points got the shoes of shame 
  • you H A T E D it 
  • you’re cabin was trying to explain to you that you weren’t falling for some “disgusting, annoying dumb, hermes kid”
  • “no way !!! you have to date one of the hot apollo kids, or the ares kids, but cMON, not a hermes kid. don’t be silly!”
  • and it just makes you want woojin more
  • he started getting bolder though 
  • but hes still shy 
  • your little talks became conversations, you glances became eye contact 
  • then the conversations would last through the lunches and he would even walk you to your next activity or back to the cabin 
  • his eyes not only lingered but he would also flash his cute little canine at you or even make silly faces when chiron is teaching 
  • and you were complaining about your cabin with him one day during your shared free hour together 
  • “i just don’t understand them at times, i really don’t think i fit in that cabin a at all” 
  • “well i think you do”
  • you’re laughing as you look over at him but he aint laughin
  • “i think you fit in that cabin perfectly. you’re really genuine, kind to everyone but you’re definitely not a push over. you know that the inside personality is what is important, not the outside. everyone thinks that you’re just being mean, but i think it’s because you base your attitude on personality.” 
  • and at first his explanation doesn’t make sense
  • he thought he was being weird and he freaks out 
  • “oh my go-god,i-uh- i ig-ignore what i just said hah ha ha hahahah” he would utter out, redfaced and looking away 
  • “no please explain what you mean woojin” and you place your hand on his shoulder
  • “i-it’s just like how your siblings are with looks! not to say that they’re aLL vain!! i-i i mean li-like if they’re ‘ugly’ they would kin-kinda isolate them ya know?? and when they’re pretty they date them. you’re kinda the same, but with per-personality.”
  • you’re speechless and his eyes are glued to the grass 
  • “y-you just share beauty in a different way, that’s all, and i like that, a lot” he chuckles as he palms his neck nervously 
  • “t-thanks” you mumbled out and he’s grinning to himself cause you’re so cute
  • and the feelings are just floating in the air 
  • since he’s all shy and awkward and doesn’t know what to do
  • “i like you too” you smiled back 
  • and yall slowly and slowly become more comfortable 
  • you like watching him pick out the food you don’t like in your pasta
  • honestly he’s the cutest when he eats
  • his checks are puffed out and you can see the way he’s chewing and he’s just fluffy omg 
  • and he would catch you staring and have his confused mouse face 
  • how could you not want to feed him at that point 
  • but slowly he would start getting flirtier and flirtier 
  • he would run up to you and wrap his arms from behind 
  • omg imagine his cabin is so surprised and they cannot believe he swooped an aphordite child 
  • “brurhruhrhruhr you hella scored omg hooow???” 
  • “well i mean, i just told them i liked them ?? and they happened to like me back ??” and he’s blushing, lookin down and a small grin on his face
  • they all watch you both in amazed 
  • like you guys are laughing and smiling, arms linked, walking towards the mess hall and they’re just watching all wide eyed and jaws dropped 
  • “that’s so unfair” they’d all pout 
  • he secretly enjoys them being jealous
  • imagine him look all aggressive and hot while playing capture the flag 
  • you can’t even play properly ???? how can you function ???? 
  • like you’re suppose to be his back up but you’re so distracted 
  • you’re teammates know to never put you guys in the same team/group ever again
  • but he doesn’t realize you’re distracted by him,
  • he’s all sweaty and puppy like comin to you 
  • “babe are you sick ?? are you tired ??? you don’t look okay ..” 
  • “nO woojin i’m fine hahahha!!! don’t worry !!!” awkward laughter 
  • “ookay..” is still slightly worried 
  • the next day he comes by with cookies and he’s such a nervous mess cause omg your sibling opened the door 
  • ya’ll exposed af, all you’re siblings are watching the gesture 
  • and you slam the door on their face LOL 
  • “woojin what are you doing ??” 
  • “i was just worried, and i knew you liked jinyoung’s cookies so i got some for you cause you didn’t look well yesterday” and he’s all flustered 
  • one hand in the pocket, the other palming the back of his neck nervously 
  • he’s such a pup omg help the cutie out 
  • but all you could do is stutter a thanks out
  • your siblings on the other side are just giggling
  • jihoon, your half brother thinks you two are disgusting 
  • especially cause 2park is lyfe and you don’t in 2park
  • but overall, he’s very sweet and loving 
  • he maybe shy at times even though he’s wild with his siblings 
  • it’s just cause you make him nervous
  • you guys prove stereotypes wrong and people lOVE it 

i’m so sorry this took so long lmao, thanks 4 waiting  !!! esp the anon who asked for woojin a long long time ago

Misotheism VII

Previous Parts: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI 

Genre: Drama, Action

Word Count: 2.4K

Originally posted by tekukii

“You will be safe here.”

You blink tiredly up at the golden-haired God beside you, vision far too blurry to make sense of your surroundings. You feel as though you’re seeing a mermaid swimming about, but you are far too disoriented to actually comprehend it.

The warm hand encasing yours tugs you forward lightly, toward what appears to be a circular room, fitted with panes of glass, so that you can see the deep blue of the sea around you. Taehyung chuckles at your muffled gasp of surprise, pushing you gently down onto the bed. Your eyes widen as you noiselessly question him, making him tilt his head to the side in confusion, before the expression clears and he shakes his head vigorously.

“I want you to rest,” He explains, smiling at you, “You must be tired, after all.”

Then, almost as if on cue, your eyelids feel droopy, weighing heavily against your will, and you just manage a nod, before your head hits the pillow and you black out.

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ananbeth  asked:

so, soph. you should share with the world the missed potential for amazing sons and daughters of aphrodite that riordan short changed us on

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 

  • sons of Aphrodite with “mom” tattoos who are scared of their sisters and practice magic in the form of sonnets 
  • sons of Aphrodite being trained as soldiers, means to defend the realm of their mother at all costs
  • aggressive sons of Aphrodite whose eyes burn with anger and rage whenever someone mentions playing with peoples’s hearts for sport 
  • sons of Aphrodite who fall hard and fast; who preserve the art of writing love letters and poems; who study romantic languages, wanting to know every possible emotion they can evoke with the use of words; who rest their heads in their sisters’ laps as they gush about how in love they are 
  • sons of Aphrodite who take their cues from the smoothest men in history, taking suave to another level; men who remind the world what it means to be a master of love 
  • sons of Aphrodite who are just so impossibly passionate about everything they do and are willing to  fight for what they love 
  • sons of Aphrodite who pray to their mother and thank her for all of the ways love can manifest itself in life 
  • and then there are her daughters- 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who worship their mother’s raw power and dream of harnessing it
  • girls who paint their nails with poisonous varnish as they talk about how their mother could make Zeus looks like a minor god if she really wanted 
  • daughters of Aphrodite whose weapons and bodies are decorated with images of Medusa and Sirens and passages from Medea and Antigone; daughters who who use their voices to amplify the drowned out voices of women who came before them 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who use their bodies as weapons, completely unafraid to use their Goddess-given looks to achieve their goals 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who love the Hunters of Artemis as sisters, respecting them endlessly for choosing to abstain from something that has swallowed innocent girls whole for as long as anyone can remember 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who use doves as messenger birds during battles and who say a prayer for every soul lost, because when the world loses someone, it also loses the love they gave off 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who study ancient texts about their mother and wonder what she might have been depicted like had women been writing the stories 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who who plan their wardrobes around what weapons they want to carry with them on any given day 
  • girls whose nails are as sharp as their knives and who kiss their celestial bronze the same way they might kiss a lover 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who unabashedly love cheesy rom-coms just as much as they love the feel of slicing through a monster 
  • daughters of Aphrodite who only buy high end jewelry because the cheap shit breaks when you punch stuff 
  • children of Aphrodite who worship their mother as the impossibly powerful, priomordial goddess that she is and work to embody that power in everything that they do. 

character moodboards: annabeth chase

“Annabeth came up to me. She was dressed in black camouflage with her Celestial bronze knife strapped to her arm and her laptop bag slung over her shoulder—ready for stabbing or surfing the Internet, whichever came first.”

Basic Model
  • Hazel: Leo. Ready to go?
  • Leo: Oh hey guys. Be with you in a sec. CAL! WHERE'S THE PLASMA CUTTER!?!
  • Calypso: THEN I DON'T KNOW!
  • Percy: What the hell are you making.
  • Leo: Coffee table dude. What else?
Demigod Newsies

>son of Hephaestus fight me
>made it to camp when he was ten
>was claimed pretty quick
>he’s an amputee and had a normal prosthetic leg, a nice one, but not magic or divine or anything
>his newfound siblings right away wanted to make him a new one, a weapon used celestial bronze one, but he insisted on doing it himself since it was his own body
>it took him a while and he’s continually adjusting it but he built himself a leg and it’s awesome? Super steampunk looking, bronze, it has like ten weapons in it, it’s just really cool
>while he was working on it though, he did let his siblings upgrade his crutch and when he pulls the handle it pretty much turns into a super cool sword and he has his own super cool fighting style centered around his leg and his crutch
>his dad is so proud Hephaestus looks down whenever he’s fighting and is like “look at my son fucking shit up and messing with Ares’s kids and winning capture the flag look at him go”
>son of Apollo also fight me on this
>his relationship with Apollo is really chill bc lbr Apollo gives no shits and Jack Kelly gives negative shits sometimes after sunset you’ll just find Jack and a few of his sibling chilling by the lake laughing at their dad’s shitty haikus while Apollo is busy turning the lake into a hot tub
>Jack is really good with missile weapons and you’d think he’d use a bow and arrows but he bribed a Hephaestus camper into making him a fucking rocket launcher that doubles as a fireworks launcher and you better believe he uses it
>he hates basketball because he doesn’t like running for that long straight but he can sink a half court shot every time and he’s really good at baseball
>he also got Apollos music abilities, so he’s really good at writing tunes but horrible at poetry and lyrics he usually enlists the Aphrodite kids on that part
>he did inherit the thing where he can curse people to talk in rhymes and he abuses it greatly sometimes half the camp will be walking around swearing in rhymes about Jack
>he and Crutchie are best friends and have been since Crutchie was part of the group that rescued Jack ala Percy and Thalia in the beginning of Titans Curse
-The Jacobs Siblings
>are simultaneously the envy and confusion of the camp
>Davey is a son of Athena
>Sarah is a daughter of Demeter
>and Les is a son of Hecate
>it’s pretty rare for a god to have more than one kid with the same mortal let alone one mortal have three kids with three different gods
>Davey is so good at planning, big picture kind of stuff, and organization, you don’t want to be against him during capture the flag
>Sarah can controls plants and you also don’t want to be against her during capture the flag she’ll turn the whole forest into a weapon
>Les is magic but he either can’t or doesn’t want to control it so when he’s happy everything is fine but if he’s mad he’ll curse you without quite knowing what he’s doing
>Davey and Sarah and so by extension Les are also really close with Jack
-therefore Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus and Apollo are Allies in Capture the flag
-you don’t want to mess with them because they have all the tactical prowess of Athena, the control of the forest itself from Demeter, the inventions and weapons of Hephaestus and the impulsivity and lack of common sense of Apollo so they’re ruthless almost on accident
>Arrives when she’s thirteen and is claimed by Athena
>causes a stir because her dad is a super famous author and she’s famous for being his trouble making daughter
>she and Davey are super close super fast and so are she and Jack and the alliance is made even stronger
>she fights with two daggers with these pokey things sort of like a wrist guard coming off the hilts but really the balance the knives for throwing and she has good aim
>son of Poseidon and he’s very proud of it
>has never been on the losing team for capture the flag except when he’s on the same team as Ares because he hates Oscar and Morris who are the head counselors and when he’s on their team he takes a nap
>when he’s not on their team he turns the river into a wall of water and only lets a few people past so his team will win
>visits from Camp Jupiter once in a while
>is a son of Trivia, who is the roman equivalent of Hecate
>he fights with magic
>his mom gave him a set of magic dice that pretty much is just enchanted D&D dice that help him make decisions and predictions
>he’s also a pretty badass sword fighter but he’d rather not have to
>when he finally asks Race out he legitimately gets slapped in the face with a wave by Poseidon and as a result specifies for like a year that none of his sacrifice is for the god of the sea, wether in Greek or roman form
>he also adopts Les as his personal trainee and takes him to Camp Jupiter for war games and poor Davey is stressed
>is a child of Aphrodite
>is also a horrible matchmaker in that he can tell if somebody would be a great couple but is really bad at getting them together
>he’s also afab genderfluid and when he came out Aphrodite herself came down from Olympus and gave him a makeover and that’s their claim to fame
>his mortal mom (Aphrodite is Not Straight cmon guys) named him Juliet and he kept up the Shakespeare theme when she picked their new name
>in entirely in love with Specs and is ridiculous about it
>nonbinary child of Hephaestus
>very buff
>also very in love with Romeo
>they and Davey invented a new sign language that the whole camp learned because their deaf it’s really useful in all sorts of things because only Camp Half Blood people know it
>their glasses not only improve their impressively bad vision but also let them see through the Mist so that’s useful
-there’s not really a plot I guess I just really like the idea of them in the PJO universe
-so yeah add on all you want
-also if anyone literally anyone wants to draw Crutchie with his leg and crutch in this au I’d be eternally grateful
-and finally I’m so sorry about the formatting I’m on Mobile and I’ll fix it when I’m not anymore

Voltron Percy Jackson AU

Why am I, an account dedicated to musicals, posting Voltron headcanons?

Because I just finished season three and I need to express my feelings
So here we go
Voltron Percy Jackson AU
Also I’m a multipshipper, but for this I’m focusing on Klance because I wanted to focus on the brotherly aspect of Sheith

Lance: son of Hermes
- Okay so I thought a lot about this one, and at first I considered Aphrodite because he flirts a lot, but then I realized that he’d actually be a pretty good child of Hermes
- Children of Hermes love to play pranks, and one of my headcanons is that Lance plays a lot of pranks of his fellow paladins, so for me it makes sense to make him a child of Hermes
- He arrived at Camp Halfblood at the age of twelve, although he wasn’t claimed for a few weeks
- When he was claimed, everyone was kinda shocked
- A lot of kids grumbled about having to pay some of the other campers money because they lost a bet
- A decent chunk of kids bet he was a child of Aphrodite
- He’s the head councilor of his cabin
- All of the younger Hermes kids look up to him because he’s just?? So cool???
- Lance has a pretty big family on his mother’s side, so he’s used to being around a lot of kids
- When he got to Camp Halfblood, he wasn’t even surprised to have a lot of siblings
- He loves them all
- When the Roman Demigods show up, he is both impressed and threatened
- He thinks he’ll be outshined by this new Mars kid and this child of Bellona
- Lance quickly sees that Shiro isn’t a threat, but boy oh boy does he not like this Keith guy
- Their rivalry sparks when Keith beats him during a game of capture the flag
- This does not sit well with him
- Usually ass at capture the flag
- Fights with a bow he got from one of the Apollo kids after winning a game of capture the flag

Keith: son of Mars
- I headcanon that Keith is a child of the Roman god Mars
- One of the main reasons I headcanon Keith as a child of a Roman god is because I feel like the rivalry between him and Lance would be twice as much if they came from different camps
- The other main reason is because, compared to Ares, Mars is a lot less about “beat people and just be a tough guy” and more about “prove yourself and fight well, but don’t fight without a reason”
- He was claimed almost immediately when he first came to Camp Jupiter at the age of fifteen
- He came to camp late because he spent a lot of time just wondering around
- Keith is a Centurion of the Second Cohort and takes great pride in this
- He and Shiro are very close since Shiro used to be a Centurion of the Second Cohort alongside Keith
- Acts annoyed when Shiro treats him like a little brother
- Won’t admit it makes him happy
- He spends a lot of time at Camp Halfblood
- He teaches the Ares kids a few things about not being rash
- Lance calls him a hypocrite
- Keith gives zero shits
- Fights with Imperial gold daggers he got from Shiro

Hunk: son of Hephaestus
- Okay so Hunk is so happy as a child of Hephaestus, alright?
- Don’t get me started on this precious bean
- The yellow lion? He built that
- You heard me right, Hunk built his lion
- He totally built the other lions for his friends as birthday presents
- Hunk was claimed pretty quickly when he got to camp
- It wasn’t really a surprise to anybody
- Especially not Lance
- He, Lance, and Pidge all ended up at Camp Halfblood at the same time
- They’re the Problematic Trio™
- Lance always convinces Hunk to build stuff for his latest pranks
- They’re best buds
- I love my son
- Hunk loved Sci-Fi movies as a kid, so he builds himself a blaster
- The other campers are jealous

Pidge: child of Athena
- Pidge knew from a young age that they were a Demigod
- Their brother Matt was also a child of Athena, so there was no hiding the whole “half god” thing from them
- Ends up at Camp Halfblood a few years after Matt
- Matt’s head councilor and Pidge is proud of their brother
- Gets claimed the second they walk through the gates tbh
- Childhood friend of Hunk
- Pidge is so excited to see their friend there
- The Athena cabin greets them with open arms
- Pretty good at capture the flag, is usually paired up with the Hermes cabin for Ultimate Strategizing™
- They get along pretty well with their half-siblings, but obviously gets along with Matt the best
- Pidge had Hunk make them a grappling hook blade for a weapon
- Cherishes it more than anything

Shiro: son of Bellona
- Shiro is a prime example of a Roman Demigod
- He used to be a Centurion of the Second Cohort, but later became a Praetor
- Every camper looks up to him
- Is honestly one of the best fighters at Camp Jupiter
- Spends a lot of time with the Mars Demigods, especially Keith
- He sees Keith as a younger brother
- He acts as an older brother to the other Demigods, it doesn’t matter whether they’re actually his siblings or not
- Shiro’s a legacy, his great-grandmother was a daughter of Jupiter
- It’s to be expected tbh
- He was claimed after about a week
- The Praetors at the time were already impressed by his combat and leadership skills
- Gets sent to Camp Halfblood as a representative of Camp Jupiter alongside Keith
- He’s really confused by the fact that the Greeks didn’t have a version of Bellona
- Kinda disappointed he doesn’t have any Greek siblings
- The Problematic Trio™ take to him very quickly
- He sees Pidge as the closest thing to a Greek sibling he could have
- Has a really cool sword that’s both Imperial gold and Celestial bronze

Allura: daughter of Athena
- Allura is one of the head councilors of the Athena cabin
- Is adored by everyone
- Her father already told her she was a Demigod, he didn’t see the point in lying to her
- She has her own personal satyr
- Gets claimed by Athena right off the bat
- People were surprised by the fact she wasn’t a daughter of Aphrodite, just like they were with Lance
- She’s essentially the Greek version of a Praetor? Everyone just sorta looks up to her
- Allura has no official title, but she’s respected as if she had one
- She was sent to Camp Jupiter to invite the Roman Demigods to visit Camp Halfblood
- She comes back with two children of two gods of war
- Thinks she bit off more than she can chew
- Realizes that they aren’t that bad
- Leads a lot of camp activities
- Allura fights with a staff

Coran: satyr
- Coran is Allura’s satyr
- Alfor wanted to make sure that Allura was safe at all times, so he requested that Coran be assigned to her
- He and Allura get along very well
- He can be a bit over protective at times, but Allura knows he means well
- Lance tried to flirt with her one (read: multiple) times, Coran kicked him
- Lance was in the infirmary for three days with a concussion
- Coran felt bad afterwards
- Then Lance did it again
- Coran didn’t feel bad the second time

Here are my ship-related headcanons

- So I already mentioned that Keith and Lance are rivals, right?
- Well this rivalry is about almost everything
- Capture the flag? Lance has to prove he’s better than Keith
- Hand-to-hand combat? Keith is ready to kick Lance’s ass
- Archery? Watch as Lance tries to show off
- These two are always trying to outdo the other
- There’s a lot of showing off involved
- So much so that people just assume they’re trying to show off to their significant other?
- They take their constant teasing as an affectionate thing rather than them trying to be better than the other
- Hunk asks Lance about how his relationship with Keith is going
- Lance is confused
- Hunk is even more confused about why Lance is confused
- Pidge has to explain to Lance that everyone thought he and Keith were dating
- Pidge has to explain to Hunk that Lance and Keith were really just arguing
- Lance gets really flustered by this new information
- Assumes that it’s Keith’s fault people think they’re a thing
- Meanwhile Shiro and Keith are having a similar conversation
- Shiro catches Keith glaring at Lance
- “Trouble in paradise?”
- Keith stutters
- Asks Shiro what he means
- “You’re glaring at your boyfriend”
- Keith just stares at Shiro
- “Shiro he’s not my boyfriend what are you taking about?”
- “You could’ve fooled me. And the rest of the camp”
- Keith just walks away and grumbled about how he’d have to make sure people knew he and Lance weren’t dating
- One day Keith is trying to prove that he’s better at armed combat than Lance is
- So the two are sparing
- And Keith gets a good hit in and knocks Lance’s sword out if his hand
- He’s got his sword pointed at Lance’s throat and he’s sweaty and smirking and Lance’s heart does a flip
- And boy oh boy does he want to knock that sword out if his hands and kiss him
- But he knows that if he doesn’t that it’d seem like he was still fighting
- So he lifts up his hands to show that he surrenders
- And the second Keith sheaths his sword, Lance kisses him
- It’s desperate and full of worry yet hopefulness and Keith is confused and the kiss ends too quickly for him to react
- And Lance is staring at Keith with heartbreak in his eyes and he stutters out and apology and he looks like he’s about to cry and, fuck, Keith doesn’t like that look on Lance
- So Keith tries to stop his worries by kissing him again
- And this kiss is sweeter and Lance kisses back and they’re both smiling into it
- They pull apart and they’re panting, both from the kiss and also because they just fought, you know?
- And Lance just smiles mischievously and says
- “I bet I’m a better kisser than you”
- Keith accepts the challenge gladly
- They’re too busy focusing on each other’s lips to actually pay attention to who’s a better kisser
- Just!!!
- Rival Klance is my jam

rozethomas  asked:

imagine how different annabeth's fighting style would be if she fought with a hammer. she'd be so strong, and so intimidating, and so ripped. and her weapon wouldn't tie her to luke the way the dagger does. the story would be so different omg

yeah, it would! 

  • Imagine Luke not giving her a dagger, but admiring how she managed to survive with just a hammer. Annabeth lets him hold it and he cleans it off for her, and hands it back. Tells her they could use a smart and strong girl on their team, especially one who can survive with just a mortal hammer. “That’s the kind of weapon only the fastest and most clever of warriors can use.”
  • Imagine that hammer being a constant reminder to Annabeth about how tough she really is. In moments when she feels weak and like she can’t do it, she looks down and remembers all the things she managed to do on her own when she was only 7. 
  • her arms are /that/ much more ripped and toned. The first time Percy watches her use it to kill a monster, he can’t even believe it. As they trek across the country, he notices how often she takes it out to polish it and thinks it must be a habit that comforts her. She always wears a belt that has a holster for the hammer. 
  • ok so along with the head of the hammer being cast in celestial bronze, a small  owl was emblazoned on the handle. In quiet moments, Annabeth runs her hand over the marking and sometimes prays to her mom. 
Number Two

ask : can you do a Leo imagine where reader loses an arm in Gaea’s attack on CHB and he builds her a new metallic arm?

oh I really hope you like this, it took me forever to put up, I’m so sorry !!

warning : language (it’s me guys let’s be real here)

The war with Gaea took a toll on everyone.

You were no exception.

“Y/N!!” Turning your head, a sword collided with your arm, slicing it clean off at the elbow. Shock went through you in arcs, and you didn’t know whether to cry, scream, or freak out.

Will beat you to it. “Y/N!! FUCK!!” He screamed. You looked up, clear pain in your face. Jason, close by, tugged off his shirt, wrapping your injury with his shirt tightly.

“Jason, you have to help fight-” A whimper escaped your lips, as the shirt he wrapped around your unwanted amputated arm grew dark with blood. “Shit-” You whimpered again, looking up. Your vision left for a second, before coming back. Your (e/c) eyes were looking into Will’s blue eyes.

“Stay with me, alright Y/N?” Hoisting you up in his arms, Will started taking you to the Infirmary.

“Y/N?!” Annabeth shouted, and you attempted to answer, but the blood loss made you pass out.

“Hey, how you feeling?” Will’s voice was soft, and your eyes fluttered open. Reaching up to push your hair out of your face, you screamed.

“WHERES MY ARM?!” You screeched, looking at the wrapped up stub where your left arm should be. Your chest rose and fell quickly, and Will grabbed your shoulders, pinning you back to the bed.

“Calm down. You lost it in the war.” Will frowned, and your heart wrenched.

“In-In the war?” You stuttered, your eyes darting across Will’s face. “Wait-” You tried getting up. “Where’s Leo?” Will’s eyes fell.

“No..” You trailed off.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Leo died in an explosion-” You cut him off, covering your mouth with the one hand you had, heart wrenching sobs escaping your lips.

“You-I- Oh gods.” Wrapping your arm around Will, you tugged him down into a hug. Crying into his shoulder, he rubbed your back soothingly.

The next few months wasn’t that good either. You had to get by with one arm, from getting dressed, to training, to helping out at the Infirmary like you always do. You often asked Nico if you could see the scroll Leo sent back, saying that he was alive.

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kill him or kiss him.

Maybe both.

“LEO’S BACK!!” A shout rang throughout camp. You shot up, running towards the door and swinging it open. Running towards the group, you saw Leo, Festus, and a goddess..


“LEO!” You shouted, hoping to catch his attention. It worked. Leo smiled, walking up, a backpack hanging off of his shoulder.

“I have something for you.” He spoke, and you looked at him, confused. What could he possibly have for you? Leo pulled an imperial gold and celestial bronze arm out of the bag, one that matched your size.

You gasped.

“I know you probably shouldn’t forgive me after this, but-” He paused, fitting it onto your arm.

It felt, real.

“It’s magic. Well, sort of. It should respond to your nerve impulses, like a normal arm should, and it can also be used as a weapon.” You wriggled your new gold and bronze fingers, looking up at Leo in awe. He rubbed the back of his neck

. “Cool, huh?” He smiled sheepishly. Squealing in happiness, you wrapped your arms around Leo’s neck, tackling him in a hug. Peppering his face with kisses, he laughed.

“I really hate you. You scared the shit out of all of us!!” You whispered, pulling back.

Leo shot you that lopsided, sarcastic smirk you grew to love. “How about you punish me with more kisses?” He cocked his eyebrow playfully.

“I think not Valdez. You’re on everybody’s shit list.” Nico said from behind you, and you stood up, helping Leo up. Cracking his knuckles, Nico came up, punching Leo in the arm.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Leo rubbed his arm, and Nico smirked.

“Oh, that was just one. I passed out numbers to everyone in camp.” Nico laughed.

Wide eyed, Leo looked at you. Pulling a number out of your pocket, you smiled sheepishly.

“I got number two.”

- Nezzie

  • Clarisse: Annabeth Chase... How do I begin to explain Annabeth Chase?
  • Piper: Annabeth Chase is flawless!
  • Jason: She has one Yankees baseball cap and one drakon bone sword.
  • Leo: I hear her celestial bronze knife's insured for 100,000 dracmas.
  • Hazel: I hear she does knifes commercials... In Greece.
  • Thalia: Her favorite movie is Troy.
  • Frank: One time she met Daedalus in his Labiryth...
  • Nico: And he gave her his laptop.
  • Percy: One time she judo-flip me in New Rome... It was awesome!

madness of hera au 

  • Olympus was a dark echo of its former self 
  • nearly every pillar had a crack in it, the marble floors were broken apart in some places, the plants in the gardens had all turned slightly brown 
  • Percy walked through this ancient capital that Annabeth had started to redesign and he tried to imagine what changes she might make 
  • the sound of stone breaking apart caught Percy’s attention and he looked towards the throne room, a place that had never been very kind to him 
  • he had watched Luke die there, had been offered immortality, threatened, tied up 
  • all of it when he was just a kid trying to do the right thing 
  • and now he stood in its doorway, still a kid but this time one who is tired of seeing the right thing get pushed aside by people bigger and more powerful than him 
  • no, not people, gods, he thought as he drew Riptide 

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If the Seven, Solangelo and Reyna got team hoodies
  • Percy: Blue with 'Percy "Seaweed Brain" Jackson' in sea green
  • Annabeth: Orange with 'Annabeth "Wise Girl" Chase' in grey (she's on her third because Percy keeps replacing Chase with Jackson)
  • Piper: Pink with 'Piper "Pleeeeease" McLean' in white gold
  • Jason: Light blue with 'Jason "Grace Lightning"' in white
  • Hazel: Purple with '"Shine Bright Like A" Hazel Levesque' in pale blue
  • Frank: Army green with 'Frank "Build A" Zhang' in brown
  • Leo: Red with '"All Da Ladies Luv" Leo Valdez' in bronze - it's actually made from real melted celestial bronze
  • Nico: Black with 'Nico "Don't Call Me Death Boy" Di Angelo' in silver
  • Will: Yellow with 'Will "There's A Way" Solace' in orange
  • Reyna: Silver with '"Reign of" Reyna Ramírez-Arellano' in gold (Nico gave it to her a little awkwardly and she refused to take it off for five weeks until it was finally too bloody to see the writing)