I always wanted to know what best princess Celestia looked like with wet hair, so I ended up with this! :D
I’m mega proud of this, (mostly with the water and the mountains, especially the mountains because I usually take days on mountains lol )
I like to imagine Celestia being desperate to get out of the Royal life and have a break every now and then, even if it’s swimming in a lake away from Canterlot. I know I would, especially if I had wings and gave no fucks.

I’m definitely going to draw a Luna version to this! Might even start it tomorrow.

You can buy this as a print here at my Etsy store!


The fact that her sister was banished to the moon was no reason for Princess Celestia to give up the little tea parties the two of them often enjoyed together. Nightmare Moon was, of course, not allowed to have a cup, since this would have been a violation of the banishment rules… at least that’s what Celestia always said.