Talk Nerdy To Me Cover: King of the Nerds

Sarah and I did a thing

Probably one of my favorite photos I’ve ever had taken of me. 

** One thing I always wanted to try in life was a photo-shoot session. After I went through a rough patch in my life, I lost a lot of confidence and I actually was unhappy with how I looked! (Note: A bad breakup can leave you feeling very small and displeased with yourself, I’m sure a lot of you have been there). One day, I was approached by a sweet couple who wanted to do a shoot with me.  I hesitated but of course, you would be surprised how telling yourself, “Do it! You know you always wanted to try!  It’s your life, show everyone you can do it!”

The end result was beautiful, I’d have to mark doing a photoshoot as one of the hardest situations to be in! I was quite awkward and embarrassed! Haha, I remember the first thing I said to the couple was, “Um, I have no idea what I’m doing…” They laughed and replied, “Celeste, you are beautiful. Have fun with it and we will be here to support you.”

And as time went, I felt more comfortable. I started to have fun and at the end of the day when I looked back through it all, I said to myself, “I did it! I feel great!” - I started to have regular sessions with them.  I thought of it as a “confidence therapy session”.

Anyways, the point of the photos to me was to rebuild my confidence and set it as a reminder that I can do anything! Just like forcing myself to go out there and be a part of King of the Nerds.

You know, if I had known that fighting your fears would make you feel this happy, I would have done it ages ago. 

Start chasing after your goals and dreams, my friends!


Have I ever shown you guys my old Gaming Setup?


P.S. This was when I lived with my ex-boyfriend.  I’m planning to make an even better setup when I get my own apartment!  Need more plush toys XD