Music Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Soph ( @allthebrighteststars ), thank you!

Since I don’t tend to keep things downloaded on my phone, here goes the last ten songs I’ve listened to:

Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray (the movie)
I won’t say I’m in love - Hercules Soundtrack
Run Run Run - Celeste Buckingham
Good Grief - Bastille
Gold Rush - Ed Sheeran
Believer - Imagine Dragons
Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton
All Star - SmashMouth
Hold Me Down - Halsey
Paris - The Chainsmokers

This was very fun!
I tag @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky
@lordmeowdemort and @manuelmiranduh .

study-by-the-moon  asked:

For the sleepover, I've got music recs - you should check out Bastille, Jon Bellion, Nicole Dollanganger, and Celeste Buckingham. I've also got a crush story - there's this girl that I seriously think I'm in love with. She's like the human equivalent of green tea and honey, and she's so funny and beautiful, and I actually wrote a sonnet about her for English ☺️☺️☺️ too bad she's not into girls, tho 😭😭

oh noo aw that sucks i’m so sorry <3 we’ve all been there. she sounds amazing, and i know how overwhelming being in love can be, but try to take care of yourself, okay? if she’s not homophobic, maybe you can talk to her about it. i’ve done it before and i honestly feel like it helped me get over her (for the most part lol). granted, she was my best friend, and she was into girls too, just,, not me. so it’s a bit of a different situation. but yeah, in general, talking about it instead of just bottling up your emotions can help you work through it and hopefully feel better in the long run. best of luck with everything, and if there r any new developments totally feel free to message me any time with updates or if you just want to talk about it.

also i’m putting all of these artists on my to-listen list!! the only one i kno even vaguely is bastille, and i think i’ve heard of nicole dollanganger before too. thanks for the rec!!

       She’s not a part of anyone’s crew but her own. And that’s what makes her so dangerous. 

                                            A GTA / FAHC MEG TURNEY PLAYLIST.

                                      LISTEN ON 8TRACKS.

RUNNIN’ by kehlani  ✕  7/11 by beyonce  ✕  TERRIBLE THINGS by april smith  ✕  I’M GONNA SHOW YOU CRAZY by bebe rexha  ✕  BO$$ by fifth harmony  ✕  BLANK SPACE by taylor swift  ✕  HIT AND RUN by lolo  ✕  HOW TO BE A HEARTBREAKER by marina and the diamonds  ✕  MISSED ME by the dresden dolls  ✕  NEW AMERICANA by halsey  ✕  EX’S AND OH’S by elle king  ✕  FLAWLESS by beyonce ft nicki minaj  ✕  APPLAUSE by lady gaga  ✕  RUN RUN RUN by celeste buckingham

Revamped in honor of the Season 4 Game of Thrones trailer! (listen here)

Settle Down– Kimbra; A Little Party Never Killed Nobody–Fergie ft. Q-Tip & Goon Rock; Toxic– Britney Spears; Family Jewels– Marina and the Diamonds; The Killing Type– Amanda Palmer; Que Sera, Sera– Pink Martini; Fear and Loathing– Marina and the Diamonds; Run Run Run– Celeste Buckingham; [*~withheld bc spoilers ;)~]Rose Red– Emilie Autumn; Irreplaceable– Beyoncé