celeste marshall



Shirtless Elijah

Shirtless Klaus

Rebekah and the hallucinations

Kol has been mentioned

While Rebekah and Klaus are suffering, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel have to solve a riddle

Marcel and Rebekah make out session in the middle of dead bodies

Rebekah send Genevieve and Celeste to death because she realized she made a mistake

Klaus: “Rebekah would not call my father, no matter how angry she was”

Klaus didn’t kill Genevieve

Hayley knocked out Celeste with a shovel

Klaus knows that Rebekah, Marcel and Genevieve lured Mikael to NOLA

Hide and seek the Mikaelsons’ way

Rebekah vs Klaus

Elijah stabbed Klaus so Rebekah and Marcel can run away