celeste cooper

fatkellyprice  asked:

what kind of music do your muses listen to

Celeste - Really see her being into jazz, probably more the instrumental stuff but I see her days being underscored by soft ballads or romantic jazz. Thinking Miles Davies/John Coltrane. (playlist)

Eillis - I picture Eillis as not really being all that into music back in Ireland, she just listens to whatever is being played at the dances but doesn’t really think much about it. When she goes to New York (and after she returns), I can see her being into the popular hits and not really branching too much into anything much broader. (playlist)

Marley - Acoustic/folksy stuff, loves cover versions of old hits. In WDYWFM she is obviously liking the originals of these 80s hits, but that’s where I see her main musical interests sitting. I think they are good inspiration for her songwriting also as they give her ideas to experiment with. (playlist, 2, 3

Madge - Classical, mostly piano music. I can definitely see her favourite musical era as the romantic period and she probably gets all technical about the devices used by the composers and the little stylistic flourishes that make it a romantic era piece. (playlist)

Polly - Pop music, girly classics. She probably keeps relatively up to date, but she’ll always love the old school hits from badass pop stars like Gaga and Katy Perry. (playlist

Quinn - Oldies, and I’m not talking 1990s throwbacks. Soft, 1960s classics; a mix of rhythm and blues, popular doo-wops and soul. (playlist)