celeste and jessie

Things I have actually said playing Huniepop
  • Me: Hey porn star I am not your daddy.
  • Me: Oh yay an alien can't wait to fuck these dates up.
  • Me: Listen here you pink fairy I don't care if you're helping me get these dates stop breaking the fourth wall.
  • Me: Ooooh chola about to cut a bitch.
  • Me: Momo your occupation is not fucking kitty. Life doesn't work that way.
  • Me: Tiffany why can't you be easy like your mother!
  • Me: Aiko have you graded those papers yet.
  • Me: Beli I swear to god make this date work I've already given you a pinecone.
  • Me: Lola stop fucking leaving town. I get that you're a stewardess but stay the fuck in town I'm trying to get the pussy.
  • Me: Nikki stop wearing your damn pajamas to dates.
  • Me: *sees Venus* Oh hey Palutena.

Character: Cast of HuniePop

Series: HuniePop, but genderbent (HunkiePop)

Program: Easy Paint Tool SAI

Time Spent: idk lol I did these while working…10 minutes each???

I’ve wanted to genderbend Huniepop for a long time and I finally did after having a 3 week long nervous breakdown!  Please enjoy these awful doodles of mostly naked men, haha.  

It has been forever since I’ve posted, so I might post some old stuff…we’ll see.  I do have some monster men I’ve been working on, too!