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Bulag rin po ba pati kaming mga taga Davao?

Ang mga “bulag” na tinutukoy ko sa blog post ko tungkol kay Mayor Duterte, ay ang mga taong hindi kinukunsidara ang mga aksyon niya katulad ng pagbibiro tungkol sa rape bilang isa ring basehan na ang isang taong may moralidad ay hindi sa kahit ano mang sirkumstansya, lalo na’t isa siyang maimpluwensyang tao, gagawing biro ang mga ganong kasensitibong bagay sa pagpili ng pinuno ng bansa. Hindi ko sinasabing hindi siya karapatdapat pero sana’y gawing konsidirasyon ang mga ganitong pangyayari. Wala ‘yun sa kung saang lugar ka, nakatira, kung nasaskupan ka man ni Mayor o hindi.

Most of the websites I open daily would be social media sites, that’s why some of my friends tell me that I’m an online addict. So here are some of the sites I am talking about:

1. Tumblr - This site has always been my online diary. I treasure this site a lot because it helps me all the time.

2. Twitter - I love to be talkative in social media. People are telling me that I have so much in mind that I couldn’t tell personally. This may have a negative effect but this site helps me to spread out loud to people about all the random thoughts that come out to my mind.

3. Facebook - This is where I watch funny videos. This is also an easy way to communicate with my relatives and to my mom abroad. Most of the people I know in the real world have facebook.

4. Youtube - I watch videos in youtube related to the online games that I play. Gameplay, streaming, random lol moments etc. I also watch some music videos and criticize them. 

5. Google - For research and stuff lol

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In real life:

Celesica lives in the Pearl of the Orient, a country located somewhere in Asia. This 22-year old Cancerian is a phlegmatic-melancholic who’s in-love with videogames, fantasy novels and anime. Currently, she’s working as an internet marketing specialist and PR Account Executive for an international company. Half of her life she spends it online and when she’s not working or playing any game, she spends her time scribbling or watching stuff.

Celesica is a Guild Wars 2 aficionado and this blog is one of her testimonies. The game captured her heart after she read the novels, Ghosts of Ascalon and Edge of Destiny. Right now, she’s hoping that the last book will be released really soon.

Aside from running this Tumblr blog, Celesica also writes for Guild Wars Insider and handles its social media spaces. She’s an admin in GuildWars2Girls and contributes to GuildMag as well.

In Game:

Celesica, a Sylvari Elementalist who loves exploring and researching about Tyria’s lore. Her goal is to find the answers about the mystery of her identity being a Sylvari and the existence of the Elder Dragons, as well as the other continents outside Tyria. She’s the current Guild Herald of Imperial Blood guild [IMBA].


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