I wanted to make it look like a screenshot from an animated film, but I think its too detailed haha.  It was loads of fun though so I may do a few more of these…! There are plenty of cool scenes from FFVI that I can picture in this style so clearly. 


Kefka: And have you found your “joy” in this nearly dead world of ours?

Everyone: Yes!

Terra: I know what love is…!

Locke: And I have learned to celebrate life… and the living.

Celes: I’ve met someone who can accept me for what I am.

Edgar: It is my dream to build a kingdom in which I can guarantee freedom and dignity.

Gau: You my friends! Me uwaooo all of you!

Sabin: I have come to experience anew the love of my brother…

Shadow: I know what friendship is… and family…

Setzer: My friend’s airship… and her love!

Cyan: My family lives on inside of me.

Strago: I have a special little Granddaughter!

Relm: And I have a brave Grandpa who’ll stand by me through it all.

Mog: I have my friends here!