celes is cosplaying


Shots taken at the end of the Christmas meetup. u_u^

(( The bottom two photos were taken by the adorable Chihiro in the first  picture who’s blog can be found here! ( I highly suggest you follow! ) In the second photo I wanted to practice a shadow-moving technique; the harsh lighting was at a straight-upward angle from the floor, which gave me an opportunity to test an eerie doll-like effect in Sai. :D As if Celes wasn’t terrifying enough )


My name is Elefseus, and I wanna jump on a trampoline.

Done with the back. I just need to add those white lines to her uhhhh… blue top thing or whatever, which shouldn’t be hard to do. I think. Sayaka Maizono’s cosplay shouldn’t be too hard to make, right? Wait until I get to making the pleated skirt.

I’m glad that saved this white shirt. I was going to use it for my Aohigeko cosplay, but I’m sort of thinking of dropping my Aohigeko cosplay for this year due to being low on budget.


Gosh, I should not be working on cosplay late at night. So many errors dfbvghdhbygfj Not sure if I should fix it. I don’t think I can’t really fix it now since the threads are going to be a bit difficult to take off and it’ll take quite a while since I used a sewing machine for this. Well at least I’m almost done. I think.

What do you guys think of my Sayaka Maizono cosplay so far? Ugly? Cool? Terrible? Gorgeous? Beautiful? Dump? Shitty? No comment? No opinion?