celes is cosplaying

◾Celegiri is cute◾
Celestia: Me
Kirigiri: @kittenmycat
📸: @pansexualpuns


Shots taken at the end of the Christmas meetup. u_u^

(( The bottom two photos were taken by the adorable Chihiro in the first  picture who’s blog can be found here! ( I highly suggest you follow! ) In the second photo I wanted to practice a shadow-moving technique; the harsh lighting was at a straight-upward angle from the floor, which gave me an opportunity to test an eerie doll-like effect in Sai. :D As if Celes wasn’t terrifying enough )


Okay, with youmacon done, and a couple friends having posted theirs already, I thought I’d join the cosplay year in review thing again! And wow, 2014 was an insane year of costume making for me, and I’m only just now realizing it trying to compile these photos and talk about them all.

I tried to go in chronological order with these photos, but there are a few that aren’t pictured! Not shown above are: the Rico costume I made for Nina to go with my Petra cosplay for katsucon, my middle school satsuki outfit, which I never ended up wearing anywhere, Nina’s Nagisa Momoe costume, which I don’t have any nice photos of to share, and the Celes cosplay I made for Nemu, cause I don’t wanna share any photos she’s not okay with being on here even if I blurred out her face. So that makes…18…costumes…yikes. 

This year has just been wild. I can hardly believe all the different ways I’ve challenged myself. I made my first costume for someone other than nina or myself, I made panty and stocking’s angel outfits in less than 3 weeks (no way in hell I could’ve done that a year ago) and I made a freakin suit of armor as my first armor project ever, I’m still really proud of that haha! I’ve also dyed fabric for the first time, made tailored jackets for the first time, and just. all around I took on a lot of projects that I never dreamed I was actually capable of making. I’m thrilled with how much progress I’ve made over the last year. I just, wow. I don’t even know what else to say haha! 

I’m very much looking forward to next year, taking on new challenges, facing new fears, and practicing and perfecting the skills and techniques I’ve started to use while making these 18 costumes. 

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My name is Elefseus, and I wanna jump on a trampoline.

Done with the back. I just need to add those white lines to her uhhhh… blue top thing or whatever, which shouldn’t be hard to do. I think. Sayaka Maizono’s cosplay shouldn’t be too hard to make, right? Wait until I get to making the pleated skirt.

I’m glad that saved this white shirt. I was going to use it for my Aohigeko cosplay, but I’m sort of thinking of dropping my Aohigeko cosplay for this year due to being low on budget.