celes is cosplaying


Now that it’s Christmas Eve, I can now finally post this. This was Mandy’s idea. Sorry for the terrible lighting of my room and that my timing is a bit off.

Merry Christmas Eve!

As you can see, when I was recording me doing some of the Gangnam style, and then  cut out some clips form the video, I tried to like…. brighten the video or something? IDK how to explain it. Simple put, I really messed up when trying to brighten up the clip. Gosh this looks so ugly, so don’t question it. No worries, the other upcoming GIFs of Oppa Gangnam Style Orion will be coming sooner or later and they will look much better than this. And yes I know Orion’s bangs are way off, because his bangs don’t even look like what it looks like in the GIF. If I had my own wig styling kit then I would have styled the bangs myself to make it look better >>

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Finally got the whole dress done lastnight. I was going to post pictures, but then my mom caught me up late. Anyhow, I took these just now. I’m not quite done with everything yet because I still don’t know what to do with Matin’s top and I still need to add something onto her gloves. Oh, and I might get my petticoat tomorrow. I need fake blue flowers too for her hair accessories.


My name is Elefseus, and I wanna jump on a trampoline.


I dunno which one looks better, so have both. Once again I wanted to try something out so yeah. And no I wasn’t actually playing the flute. Oh, and don’t mind the bangs >_>;

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So lastnight I finally managed to remake the top part of Matin’s dress to make it easier for me to move in. Uhhhhhhhh………… I took these just now. I’m still waiting for my petticoat to arrive. I think it’s going to arrive this Friday. I still need to make Matin’s shirt, and her flower clips. I’m trying to get my Matin cosplay done before my school’s talent show starts on March… 19, I think?

Lastnight I was trying to make Matin’s shirt, but oh god I messed up cutting it up. I cut the bottom front part of her shirt too short festghdfhgdf. And no the shirt I’m wearing it not suppose to be Matin’s shirt. It’s just my tank-top.


Oh look. My totally kawaii kosupurei face.

Redid my Matin dress. Got a few pokes from hand-sewing, but no bleeding, so all is good. I need to add the other part of her dress and I need to finish another part of her gloves to, but that’ll come later. Also I still need my petticoat and blue flower clips. I need to wash my wig too OTL I still need to make the shirt too.