celery salad

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Travel Tuesday: Tilth is one of James Beard Award-winner Maria Hines’s three restaurants. Maria’s food is organic, seasonal and sustainable cuisine that represents the Pacific Northwest such as coffee-roasted celery root salad, roasted vegetable hash and foraged wild mushrooms (photo). Check out more of the best gluten-free brunches in Seattle.

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You could do various cucumber wraps for a packed lunch, or pack hummus + carrots and celery, pb&j, salads, pita chips and veggie dips, salsa and chips, vegetable soup (if you have a thermos), vegan pasta salad, fruit cups, apple sauce, fruit salad, umm maybe some kind of smoothie, I've brought a full avocado and then used a butter knife to cut it open to eat during lunch with seasonings.

😍 You an MVP for this.

Rough Draft Grocery List

Lean chicken breast
Lean ground turkey
Canned tuna
Low sodium black beans

Cherry tomatoes
Bell pepper

Corn tortillas
Ezekiel sprouted grain bread
GF crackers

Almond butter
Organic peanut butter
Fruit preserves
Coconut milk
Part skim mozzarella
Laughing cow spreadable cheese
Low fat cottage cheese
Plain nonfat Greek yogurt
healthy choice frozen flavored Greek yogurt (aka froyo)

Unsalted Almonds
Dry roasted peanuts
Dried fruit
Almond honey flax granola
Bear naked energy bars
Lara bars

Flax seed
Chia seed
Coconut oil
Red pepper flake
Spicy mustard
Balsamic vinaigrette

With these groceries you can make SOooo many meals that I have on my blog:
Burgers, tacos, pesto chicken tostados, savory & sweet sandwiches, chicken salad, egg salad, parfaits, banana/egg pancakes, omelettes, avo tuna salad, spring salads, etc.

Celery & pb or almond bttr, Apple w pb or alm bttr, banana & almond butter bites, crackers & cheese, celery/carrot w hummus, cottage cheese w avo & cherry toms, avo toast w red pep flakes, fruit preserves on toast, froyo w fruit toppings or almond butter, trail mix w dried fruits, peanuts& almonds, energy bars, cereal, overnight chia pudding, etc

This is an extensive lift of groceries and I definitely don’t have all of this in my kitchen at once. Mostly bc I cook for myself and the food would go bad before I could eat it all. But you can definitely work from this list.

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Can you recommend some clean meals? Breakfast / lunch / dinner?

ya sure. i usually eat the same things all the time, you can see what’s normally on my grocery list here. i try to make 5/6 meals a day with those things, but here’s a few ideas for b + l + d.

breakfast; 1. i usually have shakeology (it’s a protein powder from beachbody which is the company that distributes insanity/p90x etc.) i’ve been drinking it for about three years and it’s definitely had a big hand in my weightloss/nutrition. most days i’ll put a banana + berries + a loooot of ice to give it the consistency of ice cream that way it feels like i’m eating more than just a drink. i put a tbsp of almond butter on a spoon and eat it like that, keeps me super full unlike any other protein shake/meal replacement drink i’ve ever tried. if you don’t want to use shakeology, just juicing fruit/making your own smoothie is a good bet. Garden of Vegan has a shit ton of delicious smoothie recipes/food in general by meal. 2. egg whites! if i have more time in the morning i make a lil egg white omelet with tons of veggies (broccoli/green peppers/onions/spinach) + one slice of whole wheat ezekial bread + fruit (kiwi/strawberries/pineapple.) 3. steel cut oats/ hemp granola/ flax seed are also stuff i keep lying around if i don’t have time to make the latter.

lunch; 1. tilapia + 3 cups carrots and broccoli (i often eat this for dinner also.) 2. almond butter + apple sandwich on whole grain bread + an orange 3. lemon tuna over a mixed greens + apples and celery 4. lil salad: spinach and baby lettuces, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes, sliced almonds, sesame seeds, + guilt free trader joe’s tortilla chips, and roasted garlic hummus. 5. seasoned brown rice, black bean, and kale “burrito” wrapped in iceberg lettuce with tomato + lime. grapes + almonds on the side.

dinner; 1. tilapia + 3 cups carrots and broccoli (sometimes i’ll add brown rice or quinoa) 2. brown rice + black beans 3. steamed broccoli, and tri-colour quinoa + sriracha. 4. salmon + sweet potato + steamed broccoli 5. gardenburger’s black bean chipotle veggie burger (actually heaven) with avo/tomato/lettuce on a whole wheat english muffin + veggies 

these are just what i tend to eat, even though most of the time i’ll eat the same exact things for a week. regardless, hope this helps :*