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         fingers tighten into an uneasy fist at his side in
         direct correlation with the choke coming from
         the back of throat. did this kid just .. hit on him ?
         maybe he was just hearing things.

                              ❝                  what were you saying ? 

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Ѡ fuckin yolo

Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.

[ text; Wally » Sent ] I mean I’m not one to not accept this kind of stuff

[ text; Wally » Sent ] But seeing as how we just met last
                                   week I’ll assume this was meant
                                   for someone else?
[ text; Wally » Sent ] But I mean just going to say this now, /nice/.

alright alright alright alright alright alright alright


Shortly after arriving, he’s escorted straight to the throne room and given a brief tour of the massive hall and the surrounding areas before Cass is asked to leave so that Tim could meet Prince Bartholomew alone. Their guide, a cheerful looking blond with a clipboard and an earpiece who introduces himself as Preston, tells Tim that prince Bart requested that he himself be the one to take Tim on a tour of the rest of the palace right after lunch.

Cass gives him a questioning look, staying right where she is and Tim knows she wouldn’t leave unless he asks her to. Part of him wants her to stay, apprehensive. The youngest prince of Celeritate vis hardly looked threatening in any of the photos and occasional news clips Tim has seen over the years but still, the prince- his fiancé he mentally corrects himself, is someone he has never met and it’s more than a little daunting to think that he’s about to now, meet him, meet the guy he’s supposed to be spending the rest of his life with. God that is such a weird thought.

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is it reno?? cuz reno's totally trash (or kadaj maybe?)




  1. DBZ- Goku
  2. Sailor Moon- Usagi Tsukino
  3. Sailor Moon
  4. DC
  5. DC- Cassandra Cain
  6. FF7- Tifa Lockhart
  7. ATLA
  8. Sailor Moon- Makoto Kino
  9. DC
  10. FF7

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"You just don't seem like the kinda guy who likes Starbucks." Wally offered a sheepish smile. "Uncle Harrison doesn't exactly let me have caffeine, but uh. It can be our little secret."

        ❛  it has its pros and cons.  ❜   the brownies were good, the drinks were terrible. that’s about it, actually.   ❛  i can always use this as blackmail, then. until that becomes necessary, i won’t tell him.  ❜   not that he would go near harrison now, anyway — not unless he’s forced to, or it was part of a plan. so wally’s secret is definitely safe in hartley’s hands, at least.

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is it riku? is riku ur fave? or is it saix. i bet it's saix

           someone sounds unbelievably salty. pinches your words & puts em in my soup
           ( it riku tho god bless america )

1. kingdom hearts
2. final fantasy ii
3. devil may cry vergil
4. kingdom hearts
5. disney
6. crash bandicoot ( female, antagonist )
7. the evil within ( protagonist )
8. infamous delsin rowe
9. final fantasy xv
10. kingdom hearts riku

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