i still don’t know how tf i made it to 400 followers but i guess ??????? also we’re going to pretend that says ‘dakotamom’ bc i made it before i changed my url, and i’m WAY too lazy to change it now. i’m just throwing people down in the order they pop up on my follow list, so !!!! here we go my dudes. 

i love you all, even if i forgot to add you/you’re not on this list. like…. if we’re mutuals, i love u lots.

i love u losers too much wow ??? you’re all such good beans and i enjoy talking to you always !!!

@manaborn , @ivoryhearted , @cosmiclegatee , @ofbewitchment, @perzysdaria / @olympiclion , @warosey , @thedarkempath , @meddlingheels , @asterbatics,  @acsenal , @norust , @martianborn / @fatelassoed , @ethelo , @zehsvara , @captivusborn , @ppharaoh , @gothamcartel, @shirtclad, @atlantisking@notsupermxn, @culinarymatriarch / @yourhotaunt, @gutyou / @anabioun, @solarborne, @nightspride,  @gothamdad, @godschose, @justicetm, @allmistress, @hermaeth, @britishspy, @hartstrings, @leadingred, @fearguarded / @azureroar, @slayerones, @fashiioned, @kidncpped, @absoluteneed, @celerem, @heartian, @thrownsoul and i probably missed sb rip my life

*blows a kiss* for the people i love but never talk to

@crcsader , @vcspertiilio , @truthpiety , @alwcysachoice , @domigerium, @onyxminded, @jadedsight, @staticjolt, @techpaired, @flychild, @truthpiety, @blightbound, @hawkborn, @kolhearted,  @tireure, @fionahs, @riobeats, @inallsiriusness, @goldensaviour, @astralord, @lifecquation, @deathrisen, @miraclewings, @deathwalksamong, @celeritate, @astrochosen, @501di3r76, @ppharaoh aaaand anyone i forgot c:

It’s crazy. When I first started this blog I never dreamed that I would have this many people following me. This is amazing! The amount of support and love I have from you guys is what keeps my blog going and through all the good and bad you’ve all stuck by me. I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support this blog. You guys mean the world to me! I wish I could include everyone on my list but even if you’re not here just know that I love you very much and I am so grateful to have you here. 

Below the cut are blogs I love so much, whether mutuals, non, new friends and old! You guys are amazing and you make my day a lot brighter. <3 

                                                                                                                   – xoxoxo, Katrina.

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i can’t believe ??? i actually lasted this long ??? i’ve tried running this blog so many times in the past, and every time i end up chickening out because i worry that i’m not good enough, or that nobody wants to interact with a character that so few people actually KNOW about. can you BELIEVE i established this blog (on a different account) almost FIVE years ago ????  i was ridiculously shy, and this year i was finally able to break out of that and talk to people, and HOO BOY am i glad i did. i’ve met so many amazing people on here, and made so many new friends. 

while i know for a fact i can credit some of this to my beloved deltas and how much they’ve helped me grow this past year, there are many people here who also helped me and my blog grow into who it is/i am today. so thank you, so so SO much. i love you guys so much and i hope we continue to talk/interact in the future💙💙💙 i have a shit memory, so i might’ve forgotten some people, but know that i love you to pieces still !!!

this got so much longer than it was supposed to be i’m so sorry omf

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When I first started this blog I never thought I would ever make it to 100 followers, let alone 2K. That’s ridiculous for a blog thats in a VERY small rp fandom and I’m just overwhelmed? And a lot of you have been here with me since the beginning, through bouts of lost muse and feeling inadequate and yet I’m still here and I’m just so privileged to know each and every one of you. I suck at mushy words so I just wanted to say thank you and to let you all know that I love you dearly. I may have missed some people and if I did I’m sorry! I love you all so much so stay awesome. This blog would be nothing without you guys! – xoxo, katrina

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◣ F o l l o w F o r e v e r

dear followers,

one month——that’s all it took. one month to meet and befriend so, so many wonderful people all over the world that have the same hobby as me. now, 1000 followers later and i cannot express my gratitude enough. homestuck is something that’s truly open my eyes and changed a lot for me; truthfully, i’ve had previous bad experiences and yet, i came back and i don’t regret my decision. i made new friends, so many people that care for me like i care for them. who will pick me up when i’m down, hand a smile and maybe just want to roleplay. i’m making you all a promise——only if you make a promise to me back - don’t give up. We are all different yet the same in many ways, never feel as if you’re alone even on the most loneliest of days. it’s a bad day—not a bad life. you’re all the reason i still smile, i still wake up in the morning, still try to press through school. you make not know you’re the reason, but you are. you’re all so precious and beautiful in your own ways and i love watching you all interact.

Thank you. ♥


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gonna keep this short and sweet; i recently hit 650 followers.  thank you all very much for putting up with me! i'm so glad to know you all!

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i feel like i'm forgetting people so if i forgot you, i'm so sorry! i appreciate all of my followers and friends; you're all great,   and i enjoy seeing you all on my dash.