celemis's art

Oops, I did fanart today! I was trying to warm-up on my dip pens and inkwash as a means for cartooning my art project, so I randomly sketched an underdrawing of DesLay!

Now, to entitle this fanart - Puzzling Blood Brothers!
I wanted to bring these gentlemen back to their naked roots (hence why Desmond isn’t wearing his glasses or I was just lazy), but when I actually inked the drawing, they looked more badass, if not stylized LOL! (Ehhhh, back to my project now!)

Drawing mediums:
Speedball India ink, with a Speedball Calligraphy pen (102 Crow Quill)


Been meaning to upload these Laytonesque doodles! Each drawing is based on a class I’m taking this semester~

I kid you not, my professor wore that shirt!! Also, I’m most honored to learn Japanese, I can finally read AND say things properly, like レイトン教授! Generally, it’s cheers me up when I draw Layton doing school-related things~

Fullview for captions and curiosity!