Candice Patton’s SDCC Essentials: 

1. Comfortable shoes, because last year I couldn’t find my driver, wound up lost on the streets of San Diego unable to get a cab and eventually stole Ian Somerhalder’s car. Sorry about that Ian. Hope you got to the airport OK!
2. Sense of humor, because nothing goes quite as planned and to be honest that’s really the fun of it. (Said my anxiety, never.)  
3. Deodorant because it is 50 shades of hell in San Diego this time of year.
4. Portable charger so I can fan girl over all the other celebs in attendance without my phone dying. (Do not deny me my selfie, Chris Evans!)
5. Gratitude and Humility. It’s always an honor to meet the fans. Comic-Con is about THEM and I’m thrilled to be even a small part of it!

anonymous asked:

Omg a celeb licked a donut it's not the end of the world, when ppl are famous they get so much hate for the littlest of things😂 everyone's done something like that in there life it's not that big of a deal

no offense but if u go around licking donuts ur not gonna buy thats really gross… but its more the fact that she was rude to the employee for no reason what so ever